Chapter 201 [Bonus chapter] Wedding & Honeymoon

Name:Call Of The Dark Author:MishaK
Chapter 201  [Bonus chapter] Wedding & Honeymoon

Emma's throat choked with emotions and she felt wobbly on her knees. Bernice clutched her by her waist and kissed her on her cheek. Emma looked at Lazarus softly as she tried to blink her tears away. This was a big announcement and was a complete surprise. Lazarus had quickly made this decision without asking her, but she knew that he wanted to seal the deal before anyone protested.

"You are a lucky girl," Bernice whispered.

Emma chuckled. "Yes, I know." She remembered how they both met and how he had a hard time accepting her. But they crossed all the hurdles together and came to this point.

Lazarus's gaze met hers as the whole court erupted in cheering both of them. He smiled and called her on the dais. When she walked there, Bernice refused to let her go. "Not now, Emma," she said. "Once you are the queen."

Emma signed and cried, but she agreed to her mother's demand.

With the crown on his head, Lazarus looked regal. He stood there like a tall leader. The rebellion was crushed completely with Drogo's arrest. He was such a fool into thinking that it was Maeve who would lead to his ascension, but it was Emma who was a catapult in his ascension.

They all went to his room and this was the first time Bernice and King Titus along with the rest of the dragon riders went into the palace. Every guard, every servant and every minister were out there waiting for them. They all bowed to their king and to their would-be queen.


Since there was very little time left for the preparation of the wedding, the whole palace became extremely busy with it. The wedding was announced to all the villages but because it was a huge affair, Lazarus decided not to call anyone other than those blushed a crimson, he didn't know, but she sure smelled like honey and roses.

"But what about the villagers?" she reminded him.

who were in palace for the wedding for Emma's safety.

"But they wouldn't like it," Emma pointed as she walked down the corridor in a crimson gown with a crimson veil on her head. She had red roses over the veil. Bernice and King Titus walked behind her along with Yul, Magnus, Olya and Jasper. They were all going to the throne hall where the High Priest would perform the ceremony and hand-to-hand declare Emma the queen of Wilyra.

"And you look lovely," he breathed, unable to take his eyes off her.

She giggled. "And you too." He was wearing a black tunic with black trousers. His gold necklace was showing from the two buttons that he had left open.

He leaned over to her and whispered, "I can't wait to take that veil off of you." If she blushed a crimson, he didn't know, but she sure smelled like honey and roses.

"But what about the villagers?" she reminded him.

"I want this to be done peacefully, Emma. But I promise that I will take you to them tomorrow. I have already arranged for that."

They reached the throne hall and as soon as they entered, the courtiers showered rose petals on them. They walked down the red carpet to reach the High Priest. The others remained a few feet away from them. The doors of the throne hall closed and the priest started the ceremony. Once again, the ceremony wasn't long. Yul and Magnus had instructed the priest to keep it short. In the end, the priest said, "According to the laws of Wilyra, you are now husband and wife." He addressed Lazarus, "You may kiss the bride."

Lazarus lifted his bride's veil, cupped her cheeks and crashed his lips on hers. His bride opened herself for him and he delved his tongue inside. The world around them faded. The kiss went on and on, until Yul coughed a little to bring them back to earth. However, he was ignored. Yul coughed again. This time louder. When Lazarus didn't leave his bride, he coughed harder and Magnus joined him. The royals in the hall burst out laughing.

"You will get her again soon, Lord Lazarus," King Titus said a little loudly. "I swear I will take her back to Yizinia if you don't stop!"

Reluctantly, Lazarus left his bride whose lips were now swollen up. "I love you, my queen," he said in a low voice.

"And I love you too, my king," she replied with a smile.

The High Priest seemed relieved after the hot kiss. He took their hands in his and lifted them up. "I present you the King and Queen of Wilyra."

There were loud cheers amongst the whole crowd. Everyone was murmuring about the much-needed change. They were happy to note that the dais, where only the king's throne was kept for a long time, now had two thrones.

As soon as Emma was declared the queen, the High Priest conducted the ceremony to crown her. As soon as she was crowned, the crowd erupted excitedly into cheering them both.

The wedding was followed by dinner and dancing and this time Lazarus didn't stop himself. He danced for the whole night with Emma as he drank and had fun with his brothers and friends. King Titus and Bernice went back to their rooms for rest, leaving the young ones to celebrate.

By the time it was morning, Lazarus picked up his wife and traced to his room. He was drunk and his voice was slurry. "Emmalyn," he said as he sat her on the bed and sat down in front of her. "I don't have patience to remove those clothes and I want to get inside you so badly. What should I do?"

She chuckled. She started opening her laces and buttons as he watched her with eyes at half-mast. When she sat naked in front of him, he licked his lips. "Can I take you?" He asked for her permission.

She nodded softly. Lazarus took out his clothes as she watched him. His erection sprung free and he crawled over her. "I've been dying to make you my queen because I wanted to come home every day after work."

"Then come home, my lord," she said.

And Lazarus drove home.


The village looked like a star-studded sky on earth the next evening. Lazarus and Emma went to attend the elaborate function that the villagers had arranged for them. The rebellion was crushed and no rebel leader was seen. They all knew that Drogo was in jail. Emma enquired about Avice, but she was told that when the soldiers were looking for Drogo, she misguided them. They came to know about her tricks and they were about to catch her when she ran away. No one knew where she was.

Emma felt bad because she didn't know what she would tell Angus, but she resolved that she would find Avice and send her to Yizinia to meet him.

Lazarus got down from the dais and joined the villagers in their dance. He laughed and had fun with them for the whole night. Emma was overwhelmed. It was a new beginning and seeing how much Lazarus had changed brought a smile on her face.

Next day, in the morning, Bernice said, "We have to leave Emma. King Titus has ordered us all to go back."

"Ohhh!" Emma whined. "Can't you stay for two more days?"

Bernice chuckled and hugged her. "I wish I could, but now that you and Lazarus are the king's relatives, you can come down any time to Yizinia. Besides, I have to take care of Angus. He will be so happy to learn that you are married."

"What about Nephie? Isn't she with eggs?"

"Yes, she is. I have this feeling that she will be laying them on our way back. She can't hold them back."

"You mean in this realm?" Emma asked with surprise.

"Yes," Bernice smiled. "Yesterday she was talking about some Fulshire forest."

"Oh!" Emma was stunned. Then she hugged her mother. "I am going to visit you soon!"

"I look forward, dear," Bernice said and hugged her daughter tightly. "It was so nice to meet you, Emma."

Lazarus watched them with a smile. With Emma, he had gotten a family so powerful that no one would be able to defeat him. He bade his goodbyes to King Titus and his dragon riders after thanking him for all his help. When the dragons were just a little speck in the sky, Lazarus said, "I was thinking of Magnus and Olya's wedding in a week's time." He knew that Emma would be sad now. When Emma squealed and jumped at him, locking her arms around his neck, he knew he had done the right thing. He grabbed her by her waist and kissed her as he walked back with her to their room. He had instructed his people that he was going on an extended vacation for his honeymoon to an unknown location.

Lazarus traced Emma to the cabin in the north mountains of Wilyra for his week-long honeymoon before taking up his duties as the King of Wilyra.