Chapter 108:

The area that S base extends out has become bigger and bigger, and it's okay to manage living people, but zombies don't care what you think. The cost of building a protective wall on the periphery of each living area is still relatively small. If the entire area currently ruled by the S base is divided into the interior of the wall, this is an impossible project.

But this is another problem that needs to be solved urgently. After all, the flow of people at the fingertips of various regions is frequent, and many workers go back and forth inside and outside almost every day. Under this premise, how to ensure the safety of personnel inside the base has become a top priority.

Since April alone, there have been two people who were accidentally attacked by zombies while working outside, and there has been a lot of panic in the base.

To this end, a special patrol team was set up inside the base to strengthen the daily **** manpower. At the same time, the cleaning of zombies has been increased.

The cleaned zombies were sent to be burned into fertilizer without exception, for various planting in the base. Now that the population of the base has increased, the burden on Jicha's shoulders has also become heavier.

He must first ensure that the people in the base have enough rations, and second, he must ensure that the base can continue to develop. This is not just ordinary food that people eat in their mouths. There are already several factories cooperating with farms. Whether it is non-staple food processing or fabric production, all of them are inseparable from the raw materials provided by the farm.

For the base to develop steadily and healthily, reasonable planting and distribution methods are inevitable.

Many provinces in the south are originally rich in resources. Apart from anything else, farming is much simpler than in the north. Don't talk about what you plant and grow, but basically if you plant a seed in the soil, you will get a harvest. Coupled with experienced cooking, the results can be more abundant.

By the end of the third year of the apocalypse, the S base under the big concept has basically resumed production. At night, it can guarantee that the power will no longer be restricted, or the lights and sounds will be extinguished for fear of the existence of zombies.

Below the sphere of influence of the S base, there are not many active zombies, and most of the zombies have been sent for cremation and turned into fertilizer. There are also many new things inside the base.

First of all, after the marriage decree was promulgated, there was an endless stream of people getting married, including men, men, men and women, and even women and women.

Secondly, the base had a large number of births last year. Among the 650 babies, there were 340 girls and 310 boys. At this time, because of the imbalance in the ratio of male to female, baby girls are much more precious than boys.

Due to the lack of female population, there will be many restless single men. In order to prevent crimes, the base has also implemented strict laws and regulations. As long as there are crimes against women, they will be punished heavily. Either the base was driven out, or the other was shot directly.

Although driving out of the base is considered a light punishment, in the eyes of most people, this is the real torture. After all, in an environment like the end of the world, what can you do if you go out alone? Isn't it regarded as a ration for zombies? It would be better to die happily.

Under such laws and regulations, in the first one or two months, there were still people who were lucky enough to use their hands. After these people were really punished, the rest of the people knew the determination of the people above, and they didn't dare to make a mistake again.

Once again, many mining companies in T City have also been re-invested in mining, and the entire industrial chain has begun to gradually recover.

Finally, here on the farm. The soldiers outside discovered some orchards that were left in the past when they were clearing the zombies. There were many kinds of orchards in the orchards. Season tea has been transplanted back a lot, and he plans to find suitable land and opportunities to expand the planting area.

In addition, the livestock and poultry resources of the farm itself have also been steadily expanded. Milk resources are no longer rationed, and even on the basis of meeting the daily needs of the base people, they have been able to cooperate with dairy processing plants to produce products that can be stored for a long time, such as toffee and butter.

Meat resources such as pork, beef and chicken are no longer restricted.

The canteen is still the main place for people to eat, but many people are willing to buy their own vegetables and go home to cook. The farm has vegetable outlets in all areas of the base, and provides fresh vegetables and meat to the residents of the base every day.

In the fourth year of the apocalypse, after the base was further stabilized, Liang Jincheng sent an advance team to investigate the city full of tall buildings. The city used to be the main gathering place for zombies, but now it has been empty for many years.

After transporting back a few cars of zombies to be burned, the advance team brought back other news.

One is that there are still living people in the city, and the other is that there are many equipment and resources that can be used in the city.

The living people in the city do not have large organizations, and most of them barely live by using the resources left before. When the members of the advance team appeared in front of them, the neatly dressed and mental appearance was enough to scare them.

When the team members bring them back to the base, the prosperity of the base makes them think that they are back before the end of the world.

In the fifth year of the last days, the city was gradually emptied. However, the focus of the S base is still in the original suburbs. After all, the current transportation is far less convenient than before the end of the world, and the people who live in the base now have long forgotten the way of life before the end of the world.

The existing high-rise buildings are just a memory of life before the end of the world.

In the sixth year of the end of the world, the S base expanded by 50 kilometers to the neighboring province to the west, and at the same time gained more contact with the outside world.

According to Jicha’s estimate, there should be bases similar to the development of base S, but I did not expect that although there are bases with similar populations in the surrounding provinces and cities, the overall level of development is comparable to base S. not a single one.

Most of the bases are still at the standard of living in the second year of the S base after the end of the last five years.

S base took advantage of this life gap to further strengthen the cooperation with each base and also established its dominant position. The strong naturally have no shortage of dependents. Just like returning to the T base, in the eighth year of the apocalypse, the S base gradually included the three provinces in the northwest and south that originally surrounded itself, and popularized all its newly formulated laws and regulations. Go down.

After this step is completed, the S base will have jurisdiction over most of the land in the southeast of the original country C.

In the ninth year of the apocalypse, the S base and the northern base also made contact.

The base in the north is much more difficult than the base in the south. First of all, because the weather in the north is cold, and although there is also land suitable for planting, the time for planting cannot be compared with that in the south, which is destined to be delayed in the pace of development.

After the S base got in touch with the northern base, Liang Jincheng had no plans to absorb it. One is that the scope is too large. Today's communications are not complete and difficult to manage. Second, there are differences between the north and south bases, and even the evolutionary direction of zombies is different. The third is that the northern base is also huge, and the development is difficult but not Too much behind the S base, they are naturally unwilling to be the younger brother of the S base.

In the tenth year of the apocalypse, the two major bases in the north and south completed the alliance.

But for ten years, everyone's sense of identity with country C is still there, and the alliance is not difficult. For the North-South base, strengthening exchanges is even better. This can not only promote the development of both sides, but also help both sides deal with more unknown situations.

In the eleventh year of the apocalypse, Ji Cha has already been established, but neither he nor Liang Jincheng seem to be too old.

If everyone in the base knew that Field Captain Ji and Captain Liang were husbands, the men and women chasing after them would have to queue up.

In the twelfth year of the last days, the zombie problem has been basically controlled. It's just that people who die naturally will still mutate. But most people's lives are back on track.

The vast majority of children born after the end of the world have neither witnessed the prosperity before the end of the world, nor have they experienced the panic and fear under the claws of the zombies. They grow up freely, go to school, and play together at home before dark.

In July, Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng finally had some time after handling the affairs in the base. They simply went to the beach, which is a popular way of vacation in the base over the past two years.

Although the current vacation is not as relaxed and comfortable as before the end of the world, at least the mutant fish in the sea are not easy to mess with.

"I heard that a protective net was added to this part of the shallow sea last month." Ji Cha turned his back to Liang Jincheng to change his swimming trunks, and his **** was pinched.

The two have been together for more than ten years. Liang Jincheng's problem that he wanted to touch after seeing Ji Cha has not changed.

"It's added." Liang Jincheng said.

Ji Cha turned his head to look at him. Liang Jincheng's muscles were very strong. Compared with him, Ji Cha's own muscles were much smaller, but they looked tight and material. After all, Liang Jincheng, a supernatural person with all aspects of quality against the sky, is not comparable to anyone.

The two held hands and walked side by side to the beach. The sand on the beach was very fine, and the blue water rushed to the shore and rolled back with foam.

Ji Cha heard a loud noise. He turned his head and saw a young mother running into the sea from a distance with a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. The little yellow duck swimming ring supported two children floating up and down on the pure sea water.

There was a smile on his mouth unconsciously, the sun was shining, and there were no more beach chairs on the beach.

Ji Cha didn't feel discouraged. He immersed his feet in the sea water, turned his head and paddled his feet and kissed Liang Jincheng on the lips.

"Everything will get better and better."