Those girls all followed her instructions, revealing their round buttocks, their figures becoming even more obvious, causing Old Hu to be unable to resist gulping.

These little girls had all developed too well!

Afraid of being found out, but also unwilling to leave, Old Hu waited outside the door for a long time.

Zhao Yali was very serious in her practice, the teachers also valued her more, so they would often guide her and praise her in front of the whole class.

Their movements were different from those of the dance floor. Each action was extremely graceful and exuded a sense of nobility.

The yoga teacher was called Xie Fang. She was in her thirties and had only been married for a few years. She had the kind of feminine shyness that didn't lose out to young girls. It was a good time.

Her figure was famous in school, and her skin was so white and tender that she didn't look like she was in her thirties.

Although Xie Fang's facial features were quite ordinary, she had good skin and a good figure, especially her buttocks, which were especially plump and well-shaped. She was currently the most popular peaches in the world.

It was said that many male teachers had chased after her in school before they got married.

However, her family seemed to be quite rich and ordinary people didn't even look up to them. In the end, she found a large sum of money to do business and married into a wealthy family.

She was from a scholarly family, and her education since childhood had been different. She had a special temperament, and even though she wasn't beautiful, one could tell with a glance from the crowd that she had an indescribable charm.

However, this kind of woman was usually difficult to deal with. Furthermore, they had heard that since their marriage, this kind of woman had become even more difficult to deal with. Even now, they had not given birth to any children.

She was usually more aloof, spoke in a soft voice, and was a bit like Chen Bing, but she was even more otherworldly.

It was perfect for her to take yoga lessons.

Xie Fang was very serious and meticulous in her classes, rarely smiling. Most of the time, she would keep a straight face, as she was the same in most of her days, so it was rare to see her in contact with other teachers.

Just as Old Hu was full of energy watching, Xie Fang suddenly turned around, causing Old Hu to be unable to hide in time, and he was suddenly exposed under Xie Fang's gaze.

She immediately frowned. She had always felt that someone was looking at her, but now, she had finally caught someone!

Xie Fang ordered the class rep to watch the students train as she walked out the door. When the Old Hu saw that she was rushing towards him, he immediately turned to leave, but it was already too late.

"Stop right there!" Xie Fang shouted from behind them, giving Old Hu a shock.

"Alright, even a security guard dares to peek!" "You're too despicable!" Xie Fang's voice was loud and could be heard in several classrooms. If it were not for the fact that they were in a corner, many people would have come to watch the show.

Seeing that she was so rude, Old Hu turned around and did not have any good attitude, "Thank you Teacher, what did you say? When did you see me peek?! You better not frame anyone! "

Old Hu was afraid that his own reputation would be ruined if he was heard by the students, so he tried to argue.

"Oh, it's the Old Hu watching the door! Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you received a few awards. "Still not admitting it!" Xie Fang's words were harsh and sarcastic.

She crossed her arms, looking at Old Hu with contempt.

At this moment, Old Hu was still wearing his security uniform, comparing the two, they were basically comparing the two. Xie Fang lifted her head high, afraid that others would not know that she was different from the others.

"Teacher Xie, aren't you being too disrespectful when you speak? What's wrong with the gatekeeper?" I'm also a regular worker at this school! It's not some random cat or dog! " Old Hu was very unhappy to hear Xie Fang's words. Even if he really did peek, and he admitted his wrongs, being humiliated like this was really infuriating.

Xie Fang used to know that she had an arrogant temperament, but she never thought that she would look down on people this much.

"What a joke! You want respect from someone like you? This is so funny! " Xie Fang covered her mouth, purposely exaggerating.

Her current appearance was that of a woman in the market, without the slightest trace of nobility.

Old Hu was speechless. He did not know what to refute, because he had already peeked at them and felt a little guilty.

When Xie Fang saw how honest Old Hu was, she was even more sure that he was peeking at his. "Alright then, you're just tacitly admitting it! I really don't understand why a bunch of students attending class like you would want to peek at them. You must have seen a lot of things! "

"Oh, right. You still don't have a wife, do you? Then I'll have to make my students careful so that they don't get killed by you! It seems like you are not a good person! " Xie Fang spoke aggressively and impolitely.

Old Hu's head was drenched in dog blood from being scolded. His face was flushed and he wanted to turn around and leave, but his feet felt like lead was poured on them and he could not even take a single step.

Perhaps it was Xie Fang's voice that was too loud. Many girls in the room looked outside and whispered to each other.

Originally, Zhao Yali did not know what was happening outside, but when she heard that a classmate said that it was Guard Elder Hu, she immediately ran over to the window to take a look. She really saw Old Hu with his head lowered, fists being scolded by Xie Fang.

After hearing what happened, Zhao Yali immediately rushed to Xie Fang's side, "Teacher, this is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!"

"What do you mean? Do you know each other? " Xie Fang lifted her eyelids and glanced at her. Her tone was still full of disdain.

Seeing that Zhao Yali had actually come out, the Old Hu was at a loss of what to do.

"Yes, Grandpa Hu is looking for me!" Zhao Yali started lying casually, staring straight at Xie Fang, as if she was not lying at all.

"Looking for you?" How is this possible!? He's been lurking outside for a long time, so he's here to peek! " Xie Fang was sure that the Old Hu was here to peek, her attitude was still as vicious as before.

"No, no, no, I lost a purse earlier and hung up my Security Office. Coincidentally, Grandpa Hu is on duty, so I asked him to help me look for it. If he finds it, just let me know." Zhao Yali helped to explain, what she said was really true.

Xie Fang went silent for a moment, then looked at Old Hu in disdain, "Then what are you looking for her for?"

"A classmate picked up a purse and sent it over to the Security Office. I'll inform her and have her go and see if it's okay." The Old Hu coordinated well, why didn't he think of this reason just now.

"Really?" Xie Fang asked again, her tone hostile.

"It's true. Teacher, you are blaming Uncle Hu." Zhao Yali couldn't help but seek justice for the Old Hu.

"Alright, I understand. Hurry back to class." How could Xie Fang admit that she was wrong? She just gave a perfunctory reply and told Zhao Yali to hurry back.