Chapter 24 - 24: Dressing Up a Bit

Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Dressing Up a Bit

Chapter 24: Dressing Lightly

Between chatting and fooling around, it quickly became noon.

The group had eaten their fill and called the boss over to pay the bill.

To Jiang Qin's surprise, the other two guys weren't the same kind of big spenders as Qin Ziang. They only paid for their own milk tea.

Guo Zihang, on the other hand, was a bit of a fool. He tried to pay for everyone with his pocket money, but Jiang Qin stopped him.

He was already acting like a "loyal dog" before college even started, and he was being a loyal dog to several girls he didn't even know, plus two guys. Wasn't that pure madness?

In the end, everyone paid for their own share, except Jiang Qin, who locked eyes with the boss and asked him to round down the total.

"Classmate, this milk tea originally costs ten yuan, and there's no change to round down."

"Can I give you eight yuan then?"

"Uh... well, I suppose that's fine."

When others heard this conversation, they couldn't help but show disdainful glances.

Although college students didn't have much allowance, shouldn't they be able to afford a milk tea that cost around ten to twenty yuan?


With a crisp sound, Jiang Qin confidently slapped a brand new ten-yuan bill on the table.

"No need to look for change, the remaining two yuan is a tip."


The boss was dumbfounded, the students from Lincuan University were dumbfounded, but Jiang Qin just smiled. noVε.lB)In

What is the meaning of life? Of course, it's to dress lightly anytime and anywhere to comfort oneself during these long and boring years.

Seeing this scene, Hong Yan, sitting across from him, couldn't help but seriously size up Jiang Qin. She thought this guy was quite interesting. Not only did he speak with a certain charm, but he also didn't follow the usual rules. He seemed different from most of the guys she had met.

While the three guys next to them seemed to be contemplating, thinking, "Can I also try to act clever and not spend money like this in the future?"

It was a little after 1:00 in the afternoon, and the weather was hot. They began discussing where to have lunch.

Jiang Qin patted Guo Zihang on the shoulder, indicating that he wasn't going. He wasn't a student at Lincuan University and had no reason to stay longer.

"You guys enjoy your meal. I need to head back to school."

Guo Zihang suddenly panicked, "Father, I can't manage without you. I can't even talk to the people I just met."

Jiang Qin scolded him, "You coward, you're really embarrassing your father. I can understand helping you with socializing, but do I have to help you with dating in the future?"

"But... tomorrow is the official start of school. Do you have something to do this afternoon?"

"Feng Nanshu is coming to campus this afternoon. I have to take her around. That girl has a poor sense of familiarity with new environments." Jiang Qin took out his phone and checked the time.

"Jiang Ge, why do I feel like you've adopted a daughter?"

Jiang Qin was momentarily stunned after hearing that and realized that it wasn't entirely inaccurate. Feng Nanshu was a socially awkward and naturally naive girl, and he, a man in his forties, was essentially taking care of a young girl. There was nothing wrong with calling it adopting a daughter.

So Jiang Qin said his goodbyes to the others and took a bus towards Lincuan University.

Upon arriving at the station, Jiang Qin immediately spotted the familiar university gate. It was more like a building with an irregular quadrilateral shape, entirely white, with the words "Lincuan University" written on it. Whether you described it as majestic or artistically inclined, it worked.

Because it was the beginning of the school year, there was a crowd of people at the school gate, creating a chaotic scene. There was all sorts of noise, shouting, and car horns, including new students arriving with their families, returning students, and nearby vendors selling pots, cups, clothes, and various daily necessities.

In short, it was chaotic.

Jiang Qin didn't want to squeeze through the crowd, so he squatted at the bus stop, watching the female university students coming and going, admiring their beautiful slender legs and shapely hips and waists.

But in the next moment, his peripheral vision caught sight of a familiar girl, and that girl was also looking at him in astonishment.

"Jiang... Classmate Jiang Qin?"

"Hong Yan, what brings you to Lincuan University?"

Two questions were exchanged, and they looked at each other, and then everything became clear.

Well, they were both acting, weren't they?

They were both students of Lincuan University, but they coincidentally met at the Science and Technology University's gathering and pretended to be from the same university. As it turned out, they really were from the same university.

"Let's reintroduce ourselves. I'm from the Law School of Lincuan University, Hong Yan."

"I'm from the Finance School of Lincuan University, Jiang Qin."

Hong Yan was surprised that she guessed correctly and couldn't help but smile. "Why didn't you say that earlier? You even said you were from the Computer Science Department of the Science and Technology University, and you acted so convincingly!"

Jiang Qin gave a slight smile. "I'm just too handsome; people might not believe I'm a top student."


"Of course, but mainly it was to accompany my friend. He's the real star; I don't need to appear superior."

"Actually, I thought the same way."

Hong Yan's eyes twinkled, and suddenly she felt a curious fondness for this person. Since childhood, she had a higher emotional intelligence than her peers and was good at taking care of people's emotions. This had earned her many friendships but also made her feel quite troubled.


Because with her high emotional intelligence, she found the actions of those around her to be childish, especially since she had a high level of attractiveness due to her looks and figure. This led to many boys in high school making a fuss around her to catch her attention.

Once, when she passed by the basketball court, someone intentionally performed a slam dunk in front of her and then pretended to accidentally throw the ball in her direction.

She thought those people were silly but couldn't say it outright, so she just spoke less and smiled more.

She felt lonely in that way.

But this time, she met someone who made her feel comfortable with both his words and actions, which was truly rare.

Imagine if someone else had been in the tea shop earlier. They would have wanted to show off their superiority, boasting about being from Lincuan University and seeking praise from others.

Hong Yan didn't dislike such people, but she preferred to be friends with someone more mature. People have their own preferences, and Jiang Qin's decision to conceal his identity happened to align with Hong Yan's preference.

However, she had to hurry back to her dormitory to tidy up her bed, so she didn't have much time for idle chat. She took the initiative to add Jiang Qin's QQ.

"This is the first time I've actively added a boy's QQ, I've never done it before."

"It's a coincidence; it's my first time being added by a girl on QQ too."

Hong Yan smiled gently and relaxedly. "I should get going; there's a lot to do in the dormitory. How about we meet up for a chat sometime?"

Jiang Qin nodded slightly. "Sure, let's do that when we have time."


Hong Yan waved to him and then turned and entered the East Campus gate.

Jiang Qin crossed the footbridge and walked all the way to his own school department. He had to squeeze his way in with great effort, only to find out that it was even more crowded inside.

There was a guy who seemed to have lost his girlfriend in the crowd, frantically shouting, "Qi Jiayi! Qi Jiayi!" Jiang Qin got annoyed listening to this, so he kindly squeezed over and told him, "Hey, buddy, Qi Jiayi equals eight. We're all in college; how can you still not know addition and subtraction?"

Then, following the map included with his admission notice, Jiang Qin pushed forward until he finally found his dormitory building, which was equally crowded with students.

As soon as he entered the room, there were already three people chatting. Jiang Qin felt a bit irritable from the crowd, so he sat on a chair, took a breather, and listened to their conversation, gradually getting to know the three of them.

Zhou Chao, from the southern city of Longcheng, had dark skin and a relatively small stature.

Ren Ziqiang, from Dongshan, was tall and thin, with a few pimples on his face, but he spoke very politely.

Cao Guangyu, from Hangcheng, dressed in branded clothes and had a high and mighty attitude. When introducing himself, he even emphasized that his dad was in business.

"So, what about you?"

"I'm Jiang Qin, from Jeju. I enjoy doing business."

"Damn, are you taking advantage of me?!" Cao Guangyu nearly twisted his mouth. "Are you trying to force me to call you 'dad'?". Ren Ziqiang and Zhou Chao burst into laughter beside him, thinking to themselves, "You deserve it for acting pretentious without knowing anything!"

Jiang Qin thought, "I didn't say anything wrong, did I? I just like doing business. If you don't like it, bite me."

(End of this chapter)