311 Episode 217: Infiltrating and Encountering the Demon Race

The day came when Kozaki, a man-made creature (Homunculus), entered the demonic realm at dawn.

"It will be a pleasant day. I'm really glad it wasn't raining."

Yeah! That's a great day to fly!

Looking up at the cloudless sky, the human form Blue said happily.

I rode the dragon (Blue) to the Demon King, and when it rained, the tension dropped.

Of course, there are many ways to prevent rain, but flying in the rain is not very pleasant.

”... if it wasn't for the armor, I'd feel even better, but I can't help it.”

Since I am the Queen Knight Jean, I head to the Demon Realm, so I am wearing my dedicated armor, the "Holy Armor and Ultimate Mail", and the "Supreme Sacred Sword and Ultimate Mesaire" on my waist.

Both are masterpieces created by the blacksmith (Mimi), and the silver sword and armor have a wonderful sense of unity.

When slaying a demon king, I use the [Spirit Sword Jiyo], but I plan to spend it as a knight in a combination of holy sword and holy armor in a place where I can see it.

No matter how just-fit armor is, the wind is blocked in the part protected by the armor.

When you fly with all your strength, you get a slight deduction because you want to feel the wind all over your body.

A: Master, the siege operation team has completed the siege of the demonic realm, and the local heroes have entered the demonic realm.

Alta contacted us here.

A siege operation group is a group of nearly 1,000 subordinates, including four cherries.

After the demon king disappeared, in order to prevent the demons from escaping from the demon realm, we set up a large number of "portals" and continued to send personnel. Surveillance and combat readiness must be complete.

For the record, it was originally planned to have 500 people, but when I noticed it, it was increased to 1,000 people.

According to the maid general manager, Lucea, "many of the subordinates who do not have urgent plans are the result of adjusting their schedules."

The local heroes are a party of six, with Cynthia, Rico, and Asuka as the focus.

Travel by land through the Paschal Mountains between Erdia and the Devil's Lands to face the final challenge. We set out yesterday, and we were supposed to break into demon territory before we did.

For the record, Cynthia's party of four was a party of four, but it seemed that two more people had been added quickly. Some of her subordinates said they couldn't.

In addition, since there are no fixed parties in Rico and Asuka, the underlying elite was selected for the remaining five frames.

It looks like we're all set, and we should get going.

Right now, we're in the courtyard of the Kastal Royal Castle.

That said, as the Queen Knight of Kasthar, it is only natural to leave Kasthar Royal Castle because she acts under the orders of Sakya.

It should be noted that Sakya's life has paid for her, and only me, Maria, Tamo, Blue, Sakya and Sakya's maids (subordinates are on secondment) are here. I mean, you're inside.

"I think oniichan will be fine, but don't be too impatient." Maria-chan, keep an eye on oniichan. "

"Oh, I'm not going to be able to do that this time."

Yes, I'll take care of it.

Sakya didn't have to tell me, but my motto this time was safety first.

If you're anxious, it's not impossible, and you usually keep your playfulness under control. This was all to make sure that the Demon King was turned back into a human.

Blue, take the form of a dragon.


She takes off her sponge and turns naked into a dragon shape.

Dare I mention that just taking off the dress made me naked, meaning that Blue was originally a no-pan, no-bra.

I jump on a dragon-shaped blue saddle.

Next, Maria jumped behind me and made it transparent using [Unattribute Magic]. From the beginning, Tamo-san became transparent and stuck.

Well then, let's go.

"Come on in."

"Welcome" × 34

Sakya and many maids will see us off, and we'll leave Kastar Royal Castle behind.

The courtyard is paid for, but if you fly, you can see it in the castle and outside. This is an alibi for the public announcement of the Demon King's Crusade.

While flying, I receive a report from Alta about the Demonic Realm.

Until now, my subordinates weren't close enough to the demonic realm because I was interfering with the demon king.

Apparently, the area between the Demon Territory and the Paschal Mountains was finely divided. If I didn't enter the Paschal Mountains, I wouldn't know what was inside the Demon Territory even if I used the map.

To be precise, I can understand the situation of the demonic realm, but the villages of the demonic race are not near the Pasful Mountains, and the ecology of the demonic race is unknown.

This time, the subordinates entered the Pasful Mountains and surrounded the demon realm, revealing the situation of the demon village. Unfortunately, I didn't get the map to the Demon King's Castle...

According to Alta, the Demon Village does not look like a normal village at first glance, but it is clear that its purpose is to stop (...) the legs (...) of a hero.

There are no fields or ranches around the village to get food. There are no shops in the village, and you can't even get necessities. However, weapons are stockpiled everywhere in the village.

The group of heroes was unwilling to give anything other than weapons, and although they were weak, they could see their souls repeatedly attacked by malicious demons, exhausting the heroes even a little.

The most troublesome thing is that you can't get human food in the demonic realm.

In the first place, as long as the demons were in the demonic realm, there was no need to eat. This is because the ferocity full of demonic realms is a source of nutrition for the demons.

Therefore, no food that might be used by a group of brave men has been placed in the village.

"The source of nourishment" means that when the demons gather in one place, they consume food intensively, so the demons do not form settlements larger than a village.

In addition, because of the foggy atmosphere around the Paschal Mountains, the villages of the demons do not exist around the Paschal Mountains. Demons don't want to live in places where food is scarce.

The question may arise as to whether the size of the village can exhaust the brave, but this has also been firmly addressed.

Simply put, there are a large number of semi-dormant demons in the demon village.

It is like frozen sleep (cold sleep), so it barely consumes the nutrient that is food. When a brave man comes nearby, he awakens and does a simple job of charging at the brave man.

Exactly, it is treated as an easy tool to change.... even so, I'm not sure it's only a matter of being stuck.

If you're thorough enough as a tool, even if you kill a shard, it won't feel guilty.

Alta's report came to an end, so it was time for a chat.

Could it be that it's a consideration for the brave? Although it is a demon tribe, some brave people will resist killing ordinary villagers.

I'm a brave man too, but I have no resistance. If it's Jin-sama's enemy, it will be annihilated.

Even though I'm treated like a tool, I can't kill a demon that only humans can see......

Dora said that you can't do it.

Dora is bad for education, so killing people is forbidden. The term "human" here refers to a human-type monster that does not have a human species, demon race, or magic stone (for example, dragon race (Dragon Newt)).

Furthermore, I don't accept the opinion that being near me is the worst for education.

For the record, it's okay to hit him until he's motionless, as long as he doesn't stop stabbing him.

I think Sakura-sama and Dora-san will be fine.

That's right, he's the right material. Let the master kill you! "

I'll take care of it!

What does Mio think I am?

Huh? But Master has the highest kill score, right?

Well, that's right......

Definitely, I'll be the top killer.

When the war broke out with Erdia, we destroyed the Erdia army, including the brave ones, and a great army of demons.

Since I'm going to kill demons on the road this time, my score will be even higher, so I'm sure you're in charge of killing them.


No matter what you think, there's nothing to deny the killer.

Nin-sama, should we destroy the demons instead?

"... no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Yes, sir.

Maria cared, but I (Jean) was at the center of the Demon King's strategy.

Like the local heroes, if you have a position as Jean's ally, it would not be good for Maria, who should not exist in public, to do it as a hidden guard.

A: Master, the final challenge status has been revealed.

We're in the middle of a chat, but here's an update from Alta.

As the local heroes moved around the area, information was revealed on the area where the final challenge existed. Apparently, the final trials were relatively close to the Paschal Mountains.

Which is the status of the final test of obeying the Demon King?

Beware! This is the status of the final trials under the control of the Demon King!

Musketeer Asura


Skill: Martial Arts LV10

Title: Demon King's Servant

Remarks: Beings out of the world's reason to master martial arts. One of the last trials imposed on mankind.

Martial Arts

A proprietary martial arts skill. Can be used with special martial arts.

Martial God Body LV10

Musketeer-exclusive skill. Integration skill that contains many skills suitable for Musketeers. Includes skills related to bare hands combat.

Meishin Flare


Ability: < Beauty LV10 > < Perfect Resistance LV- > < Beauty Lv- >

Title: Demon King's Servant

Remarks: Beings out of world reason to excel in beauty. One of the last trials imposed on mankind.

Beauty Magic

An exclusive skill for Beauty Gods. It allows you to use special magic that sows and releases charm. The performance changes depending on the parameters of "attractiveness".

Mikami Body

Beauty-exclusive skill. Integration skill that contains many skills suitable for Beauty. It also includes skills related to beauty.

Prisoner of Beauty

A proprietary skill for Beauty Gods. It uses the "Charm" parameter to make the opponent "captive" with a special status anomaly. [Captive] status is not unlocked unless it is unlocked by the skill owner.

Although it was based on the temple of the final trial, it was a skill structure that had the characteristics appropriate to the names of Musketeer and Beauty God. That said, the effect has not greatly exceeded the prior information.

Simple combat might be enough for the local heroes. I'm relieved.

Beauty God has a condition abnormality that I've never seen before, but is this valid for my men?

A: No. Since it is classified as a mental system, it will be disabled if it is protected by.

Even though my level was high, it seemed like I was going to use a strange range of magic attacks. However, if I sealed the most powerful weapon with my Mind Defense, the threat level would be considerably lower.

For the record, if the local heroes are defeated, Hidden Tamo-san will have to retrieve them.

And the final test of victory is to let them act freely. At least I'm not going to take him down.

... by the way, is there no Evil God Beast Hel?

A: We haven't been able to capture it yet. It may be in the vicinity of the Demon King's Castle.

If I was a watchdog at the Demon King's Castle, I would have to be near the Demon King's Castle. No, I didn't decide to be a watchdog.

Master, Hel, the evil god beast of the Mofu Mofu factor, is the one that bothers you the most.

A new fuzzy kame!

But you don't tame me if I don't have a good personality...?

Oh, I'd be glad if it was a good one, but it seems unlikely.

According to Nakhalti's memory, the Evil God Beast Hel is more likely to be sexually evil.

If you have an unacceptably bad personality, unfortunately, you will receive a bonus for your defeat.

What do you mean, Alta, this' out of the world '? You haven't written anything like this about the final trials you've seen so far, have you?

A: As a prerequisite, the final trial has an innate and acquired existence. This notation is awarded to those who have become the final test in the future.

Alta answered Mio's question, but a new question arose here.

In the first place, how does the final trial come into being?

It is a question that is more important now.

I know that if you defeat a final challenge that cannot be defeated by ordinary people, you will get the title of the transcendent, but I don't know how the final challenge will be born.

If you say so, you know that the gods of Izumo are the artificial final trials.

A: The final test refers to a monster with unusually strong power. By exceeding the abnormal strength with the normal strength, you become called the transcendent. The reason for the power is unclear, but the lack of information is likely to involve the goddess.

As you can see, "Alta can't get information" itself is also important information.

When you hear about the goddess's [unusually strong power], the blessing (gift) of a hero comes to mind.

I'm sure it's similar, so it might have something to do with it.

A: From the body of Asra, Mikami Flare, there is a reaction from the remains of the blessing (garbage). It seems certain that both names have ingested the remains of the blessing (garbage) into their bodies in the past.

It doesn't matter what I think.

There must be.


I think so.

When a hero dies, the blessing (gift) becomes the remnant of the blessing (garbage), which is taken away from the hero's body and taken by other heroes.

Maybe the monster that captured the remains of the blessing (garbage) in some way is the true nature of the [Acquired Final Trial].

In other words, Musketeer Asra and Meishin Flair were likely to have witnessed the death of a hero. More to the point, it's a good chance they're killing the brave.

Could it be that the calf god beast fell into the darkness and evolved into an evil god beast...?

You know what? The final trials have begun to advance towards the local heroes.

After listening to Mio's remarks and confirming them, Asra, the Vulcan god who had been stationed in all the villages of the demon tribe, and Flare, the beauty god, were leaving the village and heading towards the local hero group.

It's headed straight for the local heroes, so there's no mistaking it.

When I checked, I found that the Wushu Divine Body contained just the right skill. Probably a bad one.


If the owner has a worthy opponent nearby, they can recognize it. Judgment cannot be made on the basis of grade, equivalence, or subgrade.

With this skill near the Paschal Mountains, you'll be able to spot the arrival of a hero in no time. The hero is too weak to react.

Cynthia and Asca's party, against the local heroes, are also moving forward, so they will clash head-on in the near future.

In addition, Rico Party, thought to be in charge of the Evil God Beast Hel, was waiting behind it.

I finished talking and waited while flying.

A: Soon, we will meet the local heroes for the final challenge.

After hearing Alta's report, I shared my vision with one of the local heroes.

This time, we decided to have one assistant in the local heroes party.

To view the local situation in real time by using and sharing the vision of the assistant.

Corner, it's too bad you can't see the final challenge against a brave man.

For the record, the object of shared vision is an auxiliary role in order to grasp the overall situation.

In terms of shared vision, the local group of heroes was opposed to one group of men and women.

......?... oh, I see, that's it.

"Hmm, if you think of it as a brave person because it shows signs of a strong man, it doesn't look like a brave person anyway." There are no other species of heroes from other worlds. "

"Well, then, even though these daughters aren't brave, they've come this far beyond the Paschal Mountains?" It's amazing how strong Asura-chan can notice that, isn't it? "

The final challenge, Musketeer Asra and Meishin Flare, looked almost the same as humans. He is as tall as he looks, and has the same physical characteristics as men and women.

Neither the part that is lacking as a person nor the organ that is not supposed to exist as a person exists. And if you ask me why I know so much...

"... why are you two naked?"

Cynthia asked to speak for everyone.

Yes, the two finalists were completely naked, so called naked. I don't even wear shoes.

"Oh, it's decided." Because there are no unbeautiful parts of me that we need to hide. And it's a loss to the world to hide the beautiful figure of Watashi without having to resort to the whole body. World, see as much of this beautiful eagle as you want! ”

"Beauty is as good as ever." Of course, I have a different reason than Meishin. I don't wear anything because I'm in the way of battle. Because my flesh is stronger, my armor is useless and will interfere with my movement. In addition, it is more natural to break clothes in battle with the strong. Then it would be best not to wear it from the beginning. "

It only bears the names of Flowing Stone, Beauty God, and Wujing. The stance is easy to understand.

"So, why did you guys come here?" You know this is called Demon Realm, and it's not a place for anyone but heroes to come? "

"I see. From the looks of it, it's well-armed, and I don't think it's worth a visit to the mountains." Could it be an adventurer who came to defeat the demon king without a hero? "

"No, because the equipment color is unified, it is more natural to think of it as a soldier of a country." However, some countries were stupid enough not to take a brave man and to set foot in the demonic realm with only soldiers. "

The local Heroes are under Queen Knight Jean's command, so they're equipped to do just that.

No one wears full-body armor in a combat style, but the light armor that protects the main points all have the same design, so you can see at a glance that they are a team.

"Cynthia and the others are both advance parties and exposed." After this...... the main force (...) will come, so while gathering information, we will eliminate the disturbing Demon King's army. "

"Hmm, I see. If you're strong enough to be sensed by me, you deserve to be a director." You're trying to reduce the drain on the heroes who are the main fighting force a little bit. "

"... what are you talking about? The brave ones are Cynthia, right?"

"You're a brave man?"... the race seems human, but the brave one doesn't have purple hair. "

If you don't add "local" or "alien" before "brave", you won't be able to talk.

"No matter what anyone says, Cynthia and the others are heroes." Why are the two of you in this place? Could they be the Demon King's army? "

You need to talk about what you know, but not what you don't know.

Honestly, the surprise was that Cynthia was acting normally.

"Yes, that's right. I serve the demon king with a beauty flare." It's the ultimate test of beauty. "

"Likewise, I am Asra, the martial god." It was the final test of martial arts. If I wanted to avenge the demon king, I didn't want to let him go any further. Be my opponent, be prepared! ”

Asura's body releases an intimidating sensation of tingling and shaking air.

The local heroes were also under a strong sense of intimidation, and they put up their weapons and took up combat positions.

"I understand." If you are a Demon King, you will fight. "

"After all, is there anyone who would be scared to such an extent?" It was the first time in a long time that it seemed like a worthwhile opponent to fight. You guys should all come together! "

Asra's sense of intimidation swelled as she saw a group of local heroes who weren't frightened at all.

"Oh, Asura-chan is going to deal with everyone?" I want to exercise lightly for the first time in a long time

"If you're exercising, you'd better run around there. If it's a struggle, it's a promise to put me first."

"I can't help it anymore." Then I'll spread the beauty of the eagle around you. "


Cynthia stopped the flare as she ran naked.


"The purpose of Cynthia and the others is to expose themselves." I won't let anyone get in the way. ”

"Hmmm... do you think I'm going to imitate you like that?" That's a bit of an unforgivable insult. "

I don't think she intended to do that, but Cynthia's remarks seemed to be a provocation to flare, and the atmosphere of flare obviously changed.

"I've made up my mind. Now that I've been denied the beauty of Watashi, I have no choice but to kill them all." Asra-chan, I'm sorry, but I'll let you fight too. "

"... there's no other way. Beauty comes first when it comes to beauty."

"You guys, I'm not running, hiding, hiding." I'll wait five kilometers south of here, so if you want me to kill your daughter instead of Asura-chan, come after me. "

I see, if you say you're going to wait, that doesn't mean you're running away.

Without looking back, Flair dashed naked toward the south. It's fast. It's scary.

"Those who want to fight the flare should go after it." Those who remain will be my opponents. "

Why don't you two fight together?

"Both me and the god of beauty are specialized in fighting alone." Fighting others is only a shackle. Therefore, if we are to fight, we need to distance ourselves from each other. "

Both of them may not be good at fighting with others because of the nature of the skills they possess.

In the first place, there is no reason to get used to it or become good at it, because there is no need or opportunity to fight together for a powerful existence in an individual like the final trial.

I only remembered the Wind God and the Thunder God as much as I remembered the final challenge of fighting together. The attack method did not interfere with each other by the wind and lightning, and since it was naturally like a set, it must have been fighting together.

"I understand." Then Cynthia will stay here. ”

"I'll fight the flare over there. I'll take care of it."

"I'll take care of it! I'll take care of it!"

It looked like Cynthia's team was dealing with Musketeers and Asuka's team was dealing with Mikami.

Six Asuka team members followed the flare and left Asura.

"To be divided in half, did you estimate our threat level to be equal?" Hmm, let's look at my looks and praise you for not underestimating me. I am a small person in the final trials, so many people underestimate my strength without seeing it. "

"It's quite small by human standards." No matter how you look at it, you're a young girl. "

As a further explanation, Asra, a Musketeer, looked like a girl under the age of 10.

Since the final challenge is categorized as a monster, it doesn't matter what age it looks like, but there's no doubt that it looks like a young girl.

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm completely naked. Musketeer Asura was a naked girl who exudes a tremendous sense of intimidation.

For the record, Asra's strength was not reflected in her appearance at all. The abdominal muscles are not cracked, and the muscles of the arms and legs are not molten. Looks like a very ordinary puni-puni girl.

I have one unfortunate announcement to make.

The final test is "a pair of men and women". Musketeer Asura was a woman... the Mikami Flare was a man. He looks like a thin man in his early 20s.

Certainly, although [beauty] has nothing to do with gender, it was impossible to imagine a mane-tone male in his 20s when he was said to be a beauty god.

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm completely naked. Mikami Flair was a naked, narcissistic young man.

For the record, there was no doubt that the flare was in good shape. It is not surprising that it remains as a painting or sculpture. "I can't put it in my textbook because I'm completely naked..."

When I first saw the Asura and Meishin flares, the impression of the name did not match the appearance, so my head became lightly confused. I think the fact that both of them were naked also spurred confusion.

"Are you talking about me?" Unlike me, who has nothing to do with appearance and age, are you really of the right age? "

"Cynthia and the others are just as old as they look."...... ah, Kate is half elf, but she's still just as old as she looks. "

Cynthia supplemented it with good information.

Cynthia Party's brain, Kate, is a half-elve, and half-elves usually have less of a change in appearance when they're over 10.

At present, it is still "a little slow to grow", but in a few years, the difference between appearance and age will be large.

Cynthia, don't give the enemy any extra information. Besides, it's an unnecessary blessing.

I'm sorry.

Cynthia apologizes instantly after being scolded by Kate. You must be used to it. And what about that?

"At that age, are you strong enough to get caught in my senses?" I'm curious about what kind of training you did. "

"It's, it's... it's a secret!"

Cynthia, who obviously gave her extra information, managed to get herself down on her own.

"Well, what I really want to know is not the secret of your strength, but strength itself." Now, your people are far enough apart. It's time to start fighting, but do you mind? "

“No matter what time it is!”


Seeing Cynthia hold her fist, Asra takes a deep breath.

An aura rose from Asura's body and enveloped her body. This is the fighting spirit described in. It seems to have many interesting properties.

"I hope it's not too easy to die. Musketeer Asra, come!"

At that point, Asura disappeared and in the next moment there was a crater about 10 meters in diameter on the ground where Cynthia and the others stood... It would have looked like it. For ordinary people.

Of course, I can see what was happening in my eyes. Simply put, Asra jumped high-speed directly over Cynthia and the others, and from there, she wielded her fists, releasing her fighting energy.

The emitted fighting Qi collided with the ground and exploded (...). Fighting Qi was an explosive. Moreover, as you can see, it's powerful enough to make a crater.

"Hmm, instead of saying hello, have you completely avoided the current blow?" At the very least, you seem to have the ability to stand before me. "

Cynthia and the others stood outside the crater without a single scratch.

Cynthia is not a regular person, so she can recognize Asra's high-speed movement and avoid the emitted fighting energy.

"Of course!" There's no way I'm going to hit you with such a big attack! "

Asra's attack was as big as Cynthia said.

If I had a high level of martial arts skills, I could affirm that I would not make such a move, so I am convinced that [instead of greeting].

"If not, it's not funny. Well then, let's keep going."

This way, too!

Asra releases her fighting energy from her fist again at an unstoppable speed. This time, there was no useless jumping or grunting, and the martial arts skills were also convincingly beautiful.

The emitted fighting Qi progressed faster than before and attacked Cynthia and the others. The power is higher than before, and if you hit them directly, they will leave no trace. Poor people.

The movement of Cynthia and the others was clearly different from the previous one.

At the time of [instead of greeting], Cynthia and the others were gathered in one place, avoiding the attack. However, this time, everyone is moving in pieces.

Our commander (Cynthia) moved forward. I dodged the thrill of fighting and headed straight for Asra. Cynthia who doesn't have a Special Attack is not Cynthia.

Karen and Soula's twins split left and right before approaching Asra. With a series of breath-taking blows, Cynthia's cover and Asra's containment will come true.

Kate and the extraordinary party jumped diagonally behind each other.

Kate's basic style is the control of low-level magic battles. She specializes in blocking opponents with timing and compatibility, rather than attacking.

The remaining two were recoverers and escorts. The bodyguard is a full rear guard, a defensive stance to protect the two men. The healer used, as the name suggests, "Heal Magic" and so on.

Thus, while avoiding the battles, I was able to secure a position suitable for my role.

For the record, I'm sharing the vision of a healer. It's easiest to see the whole thing with less movement.

Let's go!

On the front line, Cynthia jumps at Asra as she runs.

After an instant of exhaustion, Asra took Cynthia's fist with her arm, but she could not kill the impact and retreated 3 meters while scoring the ground with her feet.

However, it wasn't that Asra was damaged. Because Asra's fighting spirit is a long-range attack when released, but it is also an armor that reduces the impact from the outside when tied to her body. Of course, the premise is that the defense of the element is high.


Asra unleashes a kick at Cynthia. A leaping posture, or Cynthia in the air, is an attack that cannot be avoided by nature.

Cynthia built a scaffold in the air and avoided an inevitable kick with a two-step jump.

is a skill that can be learned by raising to LV6, and is Cynthia's favorite skill with a high level of application.

Cynthia's < Hero > climbed to the LV8 after accompanying her to the Dragon Crusade.

I remembered with the Kusanagi Sword and with the Hachiman Mirror, but Cynthia's combat style probably made it easiest to use.

Cynthia jumped two steps over Asra's head, aiming at her head and thrusting it.

Catching up with Karen, she slashed her spear from the left and Soula slashed with her sword from the right. From the front, Kate's "Windjavelin" attacked.

In response to an impending attack from four directions, Asra's choice was to "intercept".


- Don't!!! -

Along with her temper, Asra unleashed her fighting energy around her.

To be more precise, it exploded the outer part of the fighting Qi. The explosions were all on the outside, so there was no damage to Asra, who was inside the Qi.

The blast spread to a circumference of about 3 meters, but its power was significantly weaker than when it emitted a fighting aura with the thrust. Perhaps this wasn't the way I was supposed to use my fighting energy.

The approaching three people were involved in the explosion, and the impending "wind javelin" was overturned.

But our Cynthia doesn't stop there.

The explosion was surpassed by a thick junction, and Asra's back was taken and beaten again.

Judging that it was bad to turn her back on Cynthia, Asra turned around and fisted.

Then Cynthia and Asra's fist hit.

- Shit!!!

The fighting energy in Asura's fist exploded, and both of them were played out loud.

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