[Attack From the Dark]

The girls—now clad in pale pink light—slowly walked over to us.

“Ability-sharing skill…? What does it…”

The moment I tilted my head, Seele and Korin vanished from my vision.

A chill ran down my spine. Before I knew it, the two were already slashing at me from my sides at exactly the same time–!


“On it!”

I didn’t even have time to give detailed orders. Believing in our bond, I threw out my fist at Korin to my right.

My fist collided with the blade of her short sword. At the same instant, my skill activated.


・‘God-slaying Fist’ activates! Hands become ‘Invincible’ for 1 second when punching! Nullifies all damage, impact, and effects!


Thanks to it, I managed to avoid taking any damage. Furthermore, my knockback-boosting skill ‘Demon King’s Surge’ got triggered, sending Korin flying far away, though it didn’t inflict any damage.

And Seele to my left had been taken care of by Maa-kun. He’d reflexively used ‘Flickering’ to close the distance and just before her blade could hit me, he’d served a flying kick.

Seele clicked her tongue while sliding backward. Her ‘Necklace of Sacrifice’—the same as Korin’s—turned into power, falling from her neck.

“You saved me, Maa-kun. Seems like our hearts really are connected.”

“It is only natural. Putting that aside, have you figured it out?”


I stared at my fist that had struck the short sword.

The impact from the blow had been completely nullified—or so it should have been, yet my fist was still trembling, even if a little.

“The power behind Korin’s slash was off the charts. Seele, meanwhile, attacked at the same speed as Korin when she should be specialized in power, which can only mean…”

“Indeed, when they say ability sharing, it must mean sharing each other’s skills.”

As a result, both of them became able to use two ‘specific stat tripling’ skills, when ordinarily a player could only use one.

I glared at the girls—at the little monsters with both extreme speed and insane attack power.

“As impressive as always, Yuri-san. You dealt with our super-high-speed surprise attack without even breaking a sweat.”

“A normal player would have died without knowing what happened to them. Then again, Demon King is someone with the feat of killing the pope despite his monstrous stats and when he was hiding inside a literal impregnable castle under her belt. This is nothing in comparison.”

“Yes, that was absurd… But be that as it may, the pope was alone while there are two of us. And…!”

The girls raised their free hands. When they did, two blades emerged from the empty space.

They were a huge greatsword and a sharp dagger. As I looked on in shock, Korin grasped the handle of the greatsword and Seele the dagger and then they brandished them…!

“Hey… You normally can use only one type of weapon, which you choose at the start here in BSO. So how… no way…?!”

“Yes, it is as you guessed. ‘Ultimate Engagement Ring: Love Blooms After Death’ also lets us share the type of weapon we are able to wield. –Now we can attack four times!”

At the same time as the shout rang out, the two disappeared.

This time they weren’t pulling a simple surprise attack. They began to flit about the surrounding buildings, circling me and Maa-kun.

They left pink afterglows and a cage of light was forming around us.

As it got smaller and smaller, Maa-kun groaned. “This is bad, Master… They are so fast I can’t follow them with my eyes and now they may dish out four attacks at once. They may come at any time. I’m not sure I can handle them.”

“Yeah. I literally don’t have enough hands to defend myself with ‘God-slaying Fist’, either…”

Well, we could try to duel-wield giant shields, though I wouldn’t put all my bet on it, considering their ridiculous strength. These girls sure made a fiendish team.

As I smiled wryly, the girls’ voices echoed.

“Get ready, Yuri-san, for we’re going to kill you soon! After that, I’ll kill Seele and then I’ll be the strongest player in the game!”

“I’ve gotten used to this super-high-speed. Your copy isn’t gonna hit me twice. I’ll offer Korin’s head to your spirit, so you can die in peace.”

…Here I thought you guys have put your differences aside. You want to kill each other but teamed up for the sole reason of killing me? That’s a bizarre team if I’ve ever heard one.

In comparison, Maa-kun and I were so close we could even tell what each other had in mind without speaking—our teams couldn’t be further apart…

“Haa… Guess this bow isn’t going to see any use. In the time it took me to pull the string, the girls would finish me off.”

So—in this dire situation, I decided to not use the bow.

I threw my bow aside. Up until a while ago, I had been planning to try to be a proper archer for once while leaving the front to Maa-kun, but well, whatever.

“Ehh?!” Maa-kun screamed seeing what I did, “H-has your bad habit of throwing away your bow relapsed?! M-M-Master, this is not the best time to be playing around…”

“No, I’m not. But this sure put into perspective why they call the bow the worst weapon. Now that we’re getting into endgame, enemies with supersonic speed start to pop out. The trouble of pulling the string is really bottlenecking the bow. Even if you have the ability to shoot homing arrows, that isn’t even close enough to offset the con. But those dastardly devs don’t take that into consideration nor do they set a speed limit… they really are a piece of shit…”


My partner panicked, eyes teary. Casting a sidelong glance at him, I hit my fist against my palm.

I never said I had given up on fighting, didn’t I?

“Alright, now I’ve gotten all that off my chest, I feel light. Don’t worry, Maa-kun. I didn’t throw away the bow because I’d give in to despair, but because this way, I can use ‘God-slaying Fist’ with both hands.”

“I-I see…!”


“Maa-kun. You just focus on watching my back. I’ve come up with a plan to beat their strategy!”

As I declared, a summoning formation appeared beneath my feet. It was of an ominous design, which was different from normal.

Inside the pale pink cage, it glowed with evil-looking dark magical light.

“Korin, Seele! You may be extremely fast, but you are only at 1 HP now! All I need to do is send out a familiar that can keep up with your speed!”


I could hear the two of them gasping.

They surely knew about it since I used it quite often. That is, the ‘Chimeratic Lightning Wolf’, my chimera monster with extreme speed which specialized in kamikaze attacks!

“I’m ending this! ‘Forbidden Summon’! Come forth, Chimeratic–!”

““Not on our watch!””

And so, in the next moment, the dual-wielding girls charged toward me from the front and above at supersonic speed.

I couldn’t finish the summoning in time, putting up a defense was out of the question.

The average reaction time for humans was 0.2 seconds… and that was too slow compared to the girls’ attack.

In the time it took me to register their attack and then made a defensive maneuver, I would definitely be torn to pieces.



By then, I was actually already throwing out my fists.

Yup, you guessed it. My summoning ‘Chimeratic Lightning Wolf’ was nothing but bait to make them attack me. The moment the summoning formation had appeared, I had been ready and raring to punch.

But of course, I didn’t where they would be coming from, so I just stuck out both of my fists randomly at once—cutting a stupid figure in the process, I know—but…


…the important thing was I hit something, nothing else mattered.

Seele, charging in from front of me, grunted.

I missed her body. But, I did hit her greatsword with my right fist. With that, ‘God-slaying Fist’ and ‘Demon King’s Surge’ activated, sending her flying without the chance to swing her dagger.

“You got me… but!”

However, just before she was sent flying, she shot me a triumphant look.

Well, I could guess why she did. I was pretty sure she was just a diversion.

Korin was the real killing blow. After all, in the field of super-high-speed battle, she was the expert. Hence, she took charge of my blind spot, which was above me.

“But too bad.”


Seele’s eyes opened widely as she flew backward.

Because… Korin, above me, was dying.

–On a closer look, there was a ‘bow’ sticking in her petite body from the side.