Chapter 175 - 175 175. What is Love? (END)

175 175. What is Love? (END)

A tense atmosphere enveloped the faces of the people in the VIP room of the Frederick family’s restaurant.

“So you’re the man who changed my daughter’s mind recently?” Linda asked Samuel. The woman observed Samuel’s appearance from head to toe.

A few days ago, Samuel was determined to meet Clara’s mom. However, she was reluctant to introduce him because she felt the time was not right. Unfortunately, he insisted on meeting her mom, to ask for permission to marry her. They were engaged and wanted to get married soon. At least, he wanted to do it properly despite the problems.

Clara already had the blessing of his parents, why couldn’t he meet Clara’s mom?

Clara was afraid that Samuel would just waste his time. However, she finally agreed. She then brought him to meet Linda and the old Frederick couple. Unfortunately, not only Linda’s family came. The woman had invited Patrick too because, after all, that man was Clara’s father.

Patrick, with a cold face, said, “I don’t know you, but I know enough about your father and uncle. Sigh, anyway, I have to thank you for accepting Clara though—”

“She’s perfect. She is so perfect to me. You don’t need to say thank you,” interrupted Samuel annoyed as he hugged Clara closer to him. He didn’t like it because Patrick spoke as if Clara was an imperfect woman so he needed to thank Samuel for taking her as a wife.

Clara’s throat constricted. Her eyes widened. She didn’t expect that Samuel would dare to defend her in front of Patrick.

“Patrick! You promised to keep your attitude, that’s why I invited you here,” Linda warned the person she was going to divorce soon. She turned around, looked at Samuel and Clara, and said, “… I apologize for the inconvenience.”


“It’s okay, Mrs. Frederick. I accept Clara as she is. Including the fact that she has a father who never cherished her,” said Samuel, holding back his anger. If no one else was around, maybe a duel between the two men would be inevitable.

Linda’s tears fell. At first, she wasn’t sure that Samuel was the right man for Clara because they had just met recently. However, seeing the way Samuel treated Clara made her believe that Samuel was the man Clara was destined for.

Linda smiled, shedding tears. “You’re right. As a parent, I should be proud of my daughter. You remind me of what I should do with my daughter.”

“You are a good mom, Mrs. Frederick. Anyone would agree with me,” said Samuel, smiling sarcastically at Patrick.

Feeling unappreciated, Patrick stood up, “This arrogant useless man is an eyesore. Did he think he was one of royal blood? What are you good at? Hitting the piano keys? Are you even making money with that?”

Patrick got up and left the room. At first, he wanted to look up to Linda so that she did not divorce him. However, Samuel’s arrogance made him feel annoyed.

“I only recognize a businessman as a son-in-law, not a kid who can only play the piano all day and thinks he is working,” he said as he left the room.

Linda’s face was red with embarrassment. So did her parents.

“I’m sorry, Sam, Clara. I shouldn’t have invited Patrick here,” Linda said, feeling uncomfortable with Patrick’s behavior toward them.

“It’s okay, mom!” said Clara. “He is always like that.”

“That’s enough! This is an important day for our Clara. Forget him! We should celebrate Clara and Samuel’s happiness, right?” Clara’s grandmother said, trying to lighten the mood. Everyone agreed and continued to enjoy their meal. The Frederick family also requested an official meeting with Samuel’s family so they could immediately discuss the wedding plans.

Before leaving, Clara hugged Linda and said, “Mom, thank you for doing so much to stand up for me in front of Patrick.”

Linda shook her head, “I thought he’d change. However—”

“Mom, come on. I do not care anymore. Even if you come back to him, I won’t be angry,” Clara said quietly, making Linda amazed.

“Clara?” Linda whispered.

“I’m with Samuel now. Patrick can’t hurt me anymore,” Clara said, glancing at Samuel who was talking to her grandparents. “I know, you still love Patrick.”

Linda could not answer Clara’s words. Clara just patted her mother’s shoulder and said goodbye when Samuel took her home.

“Oh! Don’t forget to come to Dave and Lea’s wedding,” Clara reminded her mother before she walked out of the restaurant.

Linda nodded, then waved at her daughter. Her heart felt peaceful because Clara met Samuel and chose to live happily instead of thinking about revenge.

Now, Linda was relieved that she didn’t have to worry about Clara anymore. All she needed to worry about was Noel. The last news she heard, the Johnson and Decker family partnership was continuing even though Dave had told his family about Patrick’s bad attitude towards Clara. They still have another couple: Clara’s brother and Dave’s sister. Noel and Ava.


The weekend came. Everyone was attending Dave and Lea’s wedding party.

Samuel was stunned, looking at Clara and Lea, again and again, taking turns. He didn’t expect that the Lea that she had been talking about all this time was that “Lea”.

“This world is so small,” commented Samuel to Clara.

“Why?” Clara asked again.

Samuel just shook his head. He didn’t want to spoil today’s sacredness. He also didn’t want to spoil Clara’s good mood. After all, Clara had prepared this morning with great enthusiasm. She was so beautiful in her royal blue mermaid long dress. It complemented her cheerful expression well.

“Ah, William and Paula have arrived,” exclaimed Samuel with a happy face to welcome his cousin and his cousin-in-law.

It was then that Clara remembered that William’s last name was Montgomery. While his wife was Paula. So, Paula was the woman William and Samuel fought over? The woman was blonde and curvy with a round chest that had grown one size because she was pregnant.

Suddenly, jealousy crept into Clara’s mind. She was annoyed to see Samuel’s happy face when greeting his cousin’s wife.

“You look delighted, don’t you?” Clara asked in a curt voice, putting her finger to Samuel’s ear, ready to take a jab at him.

Samuel felt the danger threatened. “Honey, you are my love. What makes you so unhappy?”

Clara pursed her lips as Samuel introduced her to William and Paula. Although it was awkward knowing that Clara was the former bride-to-be who was supposed to be standing beside Dave, William and Paula behaved enough to keep their mouths shut from bringing up the past.

Knowing Clara’s anxiety, Samuel took action. He grabbed her hand and placed it between his palms.

“Hey, you know what love is?” he asked, whispering in her ear.

“Don’t ask such stupid questions.”

“Love is what makes you the most beautiful woman in the world,” whispered Samuel while kissing Clara on the cheek.

Clara’s face flushed. She could no longer focus on the ceremony. Samuel’s cringy action made her embarrassed. Moreover, the gasps of other guests behind them made her unconsciously pinch his waist. Of course, he screamed and broke the sacred atmosphere of the wedding.

Everyone thought that was good revenge from Clara for the bride and her ex-lover. However, the bride and the groom didn’t think so. They romanticized it as a scream of happiness, a present for everyone.