Chapter 3065: Going thousands of miles to die will definitely fulfill him


"A place I'm familiar with?!"

Lin Yu's expression changed, his eyes filled with vigilance and killing intent, and he said in a deep voice, "Could it be that he is also in Beijing?!"

If Li Qingshui came to Beijing again this time, he would never let him go out alive!

"That's not true!"

Shui Dongwei quickly waved his hands and said, "It's in Changbai Mountain!"

"Changbai Mountain?!"

Lin Yu was startled suddenly, his expression slightly astonished.

For a moment, countless pictures rushed out of my mind, and the scenes on Changbai Mountain kept flashing past!

Thinking of all the hardships they had experienced, and thinking of him killing Ling Xiao and being snatched away by Li Qingshui with the Scarlet Xiao Sword, his heart was agitated!

Especially thinking of the sacrifices of Ji Xun and Tan Kai, I feel extremely sad, and I can't help myself!

He didn't expect that Li Qingshui would appear in Changbai Mountain again, and he couldn't figure out why Li Qingshui wanted to lure him to Changbai Mountain!

but he knows about it

It's definitely not easy!

Since Wanxiu and Li Qingshui want to lure him out, they will definitely choose a place that is most suitable and sure to kill him!

So Li Qingshui chose Changbai Mountain as the venue, he must have some deep meaning!

"Uncle Shui, is your information accurate?!"

Lin Yu asked in a deep voice, "Until now, are they still on Changbai Mountain?!"

"The news is indeed true, but after all, it has been a day, and I don't know if they are still on the mountain..."

Shui Dongwei was a little uncertain, "Although our people can find their traces, they can't follow them, so now we don't know their specific whereabouts at all!"

If it was changed to other places, he could also send people to deploy defenses and patrols around to keep track of the movements of Li Qingshui and others, but how would they deploy defenses in such a huge Changbai Mountain? !

"Since he has shown up, it shouldn't be

Leave without permission! "

Lin Yu narrowed his eyes, and said leisurely, "At least wait until I say it!"

"Jia Rong, when do you plan to go there?!"

Shui Dongwei said in a deep voice, "Do you want to delay them? Wait until they lose their composure and expose their traces again?!"


Lin Yu shook his head, and said solemnly, "One more day He Erye is in their hands, the more dangerous he is!"

"So it's not too late, I want to rush there as soon as possible!"

He was so concerned about He Zizhen's safety in his heart that he wished he could kill him right now and rescue He Zizhen!

"okay then!"

Shui Dongwei nodded solemnly, and frowned, "However, our people did not find Captain He, so whether Captain He will be with them or not is temporarily uncertain..."

"It's okay, when I catch Li Qingshui, I'll find out!"

Lin Yu's eyes are cold

The light shines.

As he said that, his expression turned serious, and he rushed to Dongwei and said seriously, "Uncle Shui, please apply again for me with Mr. Cen, saying that I have already considered it and discussed it with my family. I am willing to accept this application." Task!"

"I want to rescue He Erye with my own hands, and I also want to eradicate the big devil Wanxiu with my own hands!"

Shui Dongwei's throat moved, his eyes were complicated, but his eyes were full of respect, he nodded solemnly and said, "Don't worry, I will tell Mr. Cen truthfully everything I said today!"

"Thank you very much!"

Lin Yu nodded.

At this moment, Shui Dongwei's cell phone rang suddenly. Seeing that it was a call from his subordinates, he didn't shy away from Lin Yu, and answered it directly in front of Lin Yu.

I don't know what the person on the other side of the phone said, but Shui Dongwei's face suddenly changed, and he was shocked, "What? Are you sure the information is true?!"

Shui Dongwei's complexion changed

After changing several times, he kept nodding his head, and then said in a deep voice, "Okay, I got it!"

"Uncle Shui, what happened?!"

Lin Yu asked anxiously.

"Jia Rong, our intelligence department has just obtained a crucial piece of information from **!"

Shui Dongwei said with a serious face, "We guessed right, the Du family and ** have indeed taken action!"

"But what we didn't expect was that they almost sent the entire special affairs department to Yanxia, ​​obviously aiming at you!"

"And the team leader is your old acquaintance Derek!"


Hearing this name, Lin Yu's eyes suddenly burst into a strange light, and with obvious excitement, he said leisurely, "That's really great! I didn't kill him with a single palm in Luocheng back then, and I always cited him Sorry!"

"This time he has traveled thousands of miles to die, and I will definitely fulfill him!"

(end of this chapter)