Chapter 2983: Open your eyes and see who dies first

Hearing that several other countries chose to trust them unconditionally, the expressions of Woods and Logan softened a bit.

"At critical moments, we still have to rely on our hard-core allies with the same values!"

Logan couldn't help sighing, "It's much stronger than Zinder's gang of grasses that fell with the wind!"


Woods also echoed, "Mr. Kane, please thank them for us!"

"It's easy to say thank you, the important thing is that the more these allies trust us, the less we can live up to their trust!"

Kane said earnestly, "So you must do your best to treat the patients in their country!"

He said in a low voice, "I know that in such a sudden situation, medical resources may not be able to take care of everyone, so you should give priority to the treatment of Mr. Ben Lison and the patients of these hard-core allies!"

What he means is that if the World Medical Association cannot treat so many at the same time

Patients, in addition to Ben Lison and the patients of these important allies, the lives of patients in other countries that are a little farther away can be given up!

When Logan and Woods heard this, their backs were like thorns, their faces turned blue and white, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads, and they felt guilty.

Also priority!

First shit!

Here, everyone is treated the same!

Live if you can bear it!

If you can't resist, you will die!

However, the two of them continued to agree, nodding their heads to say yes.

"In a while, staff from allied countries such as Great Britain and Toyo will also come to visit patients in their countries. Please accept them!"

Kane said, "If anything happens, report it to me at any time!"


Logan agreed, then hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

"After a while, the staff from Daying, Dongyang and other countries come over, you are responsible for dealing with them, let them take a look in the monitoring room and immediately withdraw!"

Woods whispered

He ordered, "Remember, let them take turns to come in, just take a look, absolutely no more than one minute!"

He was worried that if these people stayed too long, they would see the patient's body twitching!

Once there is a discerning person connected to the abnormality of Hoggum's twitching before death, it will be in trouble!

I am afraid that these most iron allies will immediately turn against each other and take people away!

"Don't worry, I understand!"

Logan nodded.

Then Woods instructed to let all the patients from the five countries to be transported by his subordinates change their clothes.

Because these patients are highly contagious, they must be protected.

After Zinder and others entered the headquarters of the World Medical Association, they had been waiting in the docking area outside.

At the same time, staff from Great Britain, East Asia, West France and other countries also rushed over.

"Zinder, are you so eager for your compatriots to die?!"

a British Foreign Service

The staff sneered as soon as they entered the door.

"That's right, I didn't expect you to be so clueless!"

"This kind of decision-making ability is simply disgrace to our Western countries!"

"Totally stupid!"

Staff from other countries followed suit.

"Damn bastards, what are you talking about!"

The staff of other countries behind Zinder were immediately annoyed and tried to come forward to reason.

However, Zinder hurriedly stopped them, and said coldly to the staff opposite, "You are the ones who want to kill your compatriots, and we are just saving our compatriots!"

"Joke! Leaving the World Medical Association will only accelerate their death rate!"

A staff member of the Oriental Foreign Affairs Department sneered, then straightened his chest and said proudly, "The World Medical Association represents the highest medical level in the world today, so this is also the place with the most hope of survival in the world!"

"It's a coincidence that Hogham used to be

Think so! "

Zinder sneered.

His words were like a pot of cold water, pouring a chill on the staff on the opposite side!

Toyo, Dae-young and other staff members looked stiff and unsightly.

"It was just an accident!"

The Toyo staff gritted his teeth.

"I don't want this accident to happen to my compatriots, so I have to transport them away!"

Zinder said coldly, "Since you want your compatriots to stay here to die, then you just wait!"

While speaking, Zinder's subordinates ran to report that all the patients in the five countries had been transferred to the negative pressure medical vehicle, ready to be sent to the airport.

"let's go!"

Zinder was too lazy to talk nonsense with these people, and immediately walked out with his accomplices.

Toyo and other national staff members who couldn't be angry at the back shouted angrily, "Okay, Zinder, don't regret it!"

"Let's keep our eyes open to see who dies first!"

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