Fu Anan looked at them, then she heard someone shouting from behind.

“Why are you still standing there foolishly? Hurry up and come aboard!” The square-faced man at the boarding ramp shouted, “Being slow and procrastinating. If it weren’t for your father giving me money and begging me, I wouldn’t have brought you along on this ship.”

At the boarding ramp, there was a group of people getting ready to board the ship.

Upon hearing the square-faced man’s words, several of them instinctively looked at Fu Anan.

Seeing the square-faced man still cursing, a red-haired woman who was among them shook her head, “She shouldn’t be.”

Then, the group casually averted their gazes as if nothing had happened.


The cargo ship was after all a cargo ship. Despite its enormous size, most of the space was used for loading cargo. Only the lower deck was designated for their activities.

Fu Anan’s job was to do housekeeping.

With a total of forty-six crew members, including her. She only needed to clean a portion of the public areas each day, which left her with plenty of free time.

Fu Anan preferred not to engage in conversation with others. She would rather retreat to her room after completing her work.

In this way, four days passed peacefully, with calm seas.

However, Fu Anan had no idea about the rules or gameplay of this game. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of uncertainty lingering in her mind.

As she idled away in her room, the waiting time felt even more prolonged.

“Fu Anan, you’re just sitting around doing nothing. From now on, go to the canteen and help out.”

Ask and you shall receive.

Just when she was feeling idle, she was assigned a new task by the square-faced man, who was also her pseudo-uncle, “Xiao Li, the assistant cook, is feeling unwell today. Go and take over his job for her in the meantime.”

“Oh, I got it.”

Fu Anan nodded her head. This pseudo-uncle seemed to have a lot of opinions about his imaginary brother, to the extent that he didn’t hold much regard for her, the “Little Brother’s” daughter.

The kitchen of the cargo ship was located at the far-end of the deck.

Fu Anan pushed the door open and entered during lunchtime when the cafeteria was bustling with activity. The Head Chef, Master Zhu, glanced at her and said, “How come you arrived so late? The food carts inside need to be pushed out.”

“Oh, okay!”

Fu Anan walked over, but her attention was suddenly drawn towards a particular person.

There were obviously many chefs around. That person stood there without saying a word, yet he managed to capture everyone’s attention.

With a handsome straight nose and drooping eyelashes, his profile formed an aesthetically pleasing contour where his forehead met his nose bridge under the backlight. His slender fingers were carving a carrot into the shape of a flower.

Although his carving skills were average, his hands were truly beautiful. The distinct joints and the fair, slender appearance made them resemble an art piece more than the carrot flower.

This chef had a great appearance, but his culinary skills were lacking. It was a pity to have such beautiful hands.

She shifted her gaze away and placed the food from the table onto the small push cart.

“Xiao Fu ah, a storm is coming soon. The sailors will be working on the upper deck today. Take the meals up there.” Master Zhu skillfully stir-fried while instructing, “Also, Little Li’s health has been deteriorating. Bring him some food first.”

“Oh, okay.”

Fu Anan nodded and exerted a lot of effort to lift the large barrel onto the small push cart.

Then as if pretending that it wasn’t a big deal, she asked, “By the way, Master Zhu, when will the storm arrive? Will it be severe?”

Could it be that this survival game has a shipwreck scenario?

“It’s going to be quite strong, but there’s no need to worry.” Master Zhu waved his hand, “Our cargo ship is over 200 meters long with a displacement of several hundred thousand tons. The chances of an accident happening are even lower than when traveling by car.”

The most fearful thing was this kind of jinxing.

The corners of her mouth twitched when she heard these words. She felt that a shipwreck happening was highly likely.


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