Chapter 611 Unnamed

Chapter 611 Unnamed

"Only the doctors in charge, Chris, Gideon, Kyle, Josephine and Finley are aware that I have regained consciousness. Nobody else in the palace is aware of this..."

"I heard no incidents that happen in the palace is a secret. News in the palace travels like wildfire..."

"The people I mentioned are my most trusted persons. They would never disclose the news to anyone except I permit them to," Kayden said confidently. Joanna had nothing more to say about the incident after Kayden assured her that his secret was safe with the people whose names he mentioned.

"Do you have to leave now? Can't we stay a bit longer?" Joanna who was reluctant to leave Kayden's side voiced her inner feelings.

"You should know there are no two ways to this. Everything I have worked hard to achieve will go down the drain if the news that I have woken up circulates," Kayden replied. He stopped caressing her hair afterwards.

"Joan, right now I am doing everything for both of us. Just give me a little more time and I promise you that not only will you enter the palace as my legitimate Queen but also I will make sure nothing or no one poses a threat to our happiness and safety in the future," Kayden pleaded. He reached out his hand and hugged her tightly.

"After this is concluded you and I will be together and nothing or no one will say otherwise, trust me, Joan," Kayden murmured.

They continued to embrace each other for a few more minutes before the time for them to really part ways was reached. The source of this content can be connected to n0v3lb!n★

Although he was the one who said he had to return to the palace, it wasn't easy for him to part ways with the woman he yearned to be with every hour of the day.

"Yes. Maybe something similar to the beings we battled with on that fateful night we ran into Kayden and his men on the street," Audrey explained.

[If what Drey said is true then does this mean that the recent killings in the pack are the demon's doing or is there another mysterious being in the pack that is responsible for this?]

Joanna was lost in thought as she tried to analyze the situation through the little information Audrey gave her.

"Why aren't you saying anything hmm?" Audrey touched Joanna's hand after she noticed that she was in a daze.

"I remembered Jocelyn said that they have been investigating the disappearance of her brother and the killings. Do you know if they have any leads about his whereabouts or witnesses and evidence about the killings?" Joanna asked after she was able to sort out her thoughts a bit.

"Despite that they have investigating the cases and searching for Alpha Benjamin for so long nothing tangible has come out of it. In fact, from what I have learned so far it feels as if that they haven't been investigating at all," Audrey replied without hiding a single detail from her.

"If Rachel who is not a seer couldn't help out in the investigation at all I wonder what is gonna happen to us," Audrey couldn't help but voice out her concerns.

"Are you saying Rachel is a seer just like her grandma?" Joanna asked, a bit surprised to hear Audrey's revelation.

"From what I remembered she didn't possess such abilities when we visited last time or did we miss something back then," She added.

"We didn't miss anything back then. Rachel told me she only started manifesting such abilities about a month before her grandma's death," Audrey replied in a calm tone.

"The Great Seer is dead?" Joanna half yelled with widened eyeballs.