Chapter 81: Order (2)

Moments before the gunshot rang out from Carolines mansion

Two silhouettes, their faces hidden by masks, were loitering in front of the mansions window.

Thump, step

Are you alright?

These masked individuals were none other than Isaac Adler and Doctor Rachel Watson.

Just hurry up.

Trying to ignore her racing heart as she chewed on her lips, Watson whispered to Adler, standing before the window, with a feigned calmness in her voice.


A slight twinkle coloring his eyes, Adler extended his finger towards the glass of the window.


Smoke rose from the quartz as the glass was neatly cut in a circle, and Adler, with practiced ease, slipped his hand in to open the window.

Isnt there an alarm? Did you use magic?

No. Alice just disabled the security for this particular spot before we arrived, thats all.

Pardon, but it was that easy?

Watson, a voice crawling with incredulity, questioned his all-too-proficient actions, to which he responded in a calm, almost nonchalant, tone.

Everythings much harder to penetrate from the outside, but once youre in, its all too easy to break.

Finished with his speech filled with confidence, Adler stepped through the open window, beckoning for Watson to follow. However, her breathing only turned ragged and heavy at his gesture.

Miss Watson?

Are you alright?

Adlers voice came out softly, tinged with concern for Watson.

If youre too nervous, you can always come in later


However, the reason for Watsons quickened breath wasnt exactly due to fear as Adler might have suspected.

Badump, badump, badump

Standing in front of the window, which gaped like the maw of a frenzied beast, the initial fear in Watsons heart had cleanly vanished without a trace.

What she felt instead, was the slightest notes of thrill and excitement at the realization that she who had been a guardian of the law alongside Charlotte had now turned into a clear violator a criminal, so to speak.



A severe case of thrill addiction.

The disease shed acquired from her time at war had all but gone already, but faint traces of it still remained with her. The addiction erased any and all traces of guilt she might have felt, adding a gambling-esque excitement to the adventure.

The only flaw of the number one, elite Lady of London had now become an advantage for her, heightening all of her senses and filling up her veins with thrill and excitement.

Lets go in, together.

Why are you sweating so much though?

However, her appearance, drenched due to her excessively secreting adrenaline, unavoidably looked quite perverse to the eyes.

Its rude to talk like that to a lady, mind you.

Retorting back, Watson stepped into the mansion, her body, already damp from excessive sweat, pressing against Adlers in the process.



Playfully, Adler tapped on her lower abdomen and whispered in Watsons ears in a mischievous tone.

Youre officially a criminal now.

And then, holding her hand, Adler began to navigate through the darkness of Carolines mansion.


Her lower abdomen trembled with the vibration of the sigil and the physical touch; coupled with Adlers provocative words, delivered in a mischievous whisper, it caused a sense of depravity and guilt to wash over Watsons mind. Engulfed in the strange amalgam of feelings that were evoked by Adlers actions, Watson couldnt help but bow her head, trembling, a sense of thrilling depravity coursing through her, as she walked alongside the man.

Why is he so skilled?

Meanwhile, Adler moved through the thick darkness as though it were his own home.

Due to that, Doctor Rachel Watson found herself being utterly dragged around by the man.

By the time they reached a space filled with furniture, passing through a corridor faintly scented with cigar smoke, her hand had already been soaked with sweat.

Was it perhaps due to the extreme tension of relying solely on Adlers hand in the darkness?

The sensation of Adlers slender hand being enveloped, coated and mixed in sweat, with her own felt all too familiar to her.


The more she felt it, the more her mind activated, and by the time they reached the end of the corridor, she could even sense the slightest movements of his hand vividly.

Excuse me.


Due to her concentration, as Watson involuntarily began to flinch, quietly, Adler stopped walking at that very moment and gazed at her.

Please stop fiddling with my hand.

He murmured with half-closed eyes, and only then did Watson quietly release the hand she had been holding.

Do you like my hand that much?

Its familiar.

And then, staring back at Adler, she began mumbling in a low voice.

Like a hand I used to fiddle with for hours a long time ago.

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Adler, wearing a momentary blank expression, made a fluid excuse and moved forward.

Now, shall we get started?

Keep watch here.

As they moved forward, a secret vault covered in heavy security became visible to the duo.

What are you planning to do?

Crack this safe open. According to Alices testimony, its highly likely that the letter is inside the safe.

Thats reckless.

If were talking about recklessness, then breaking into this mansion was already far more reckless.

Watson, gazing at the huge vault with dark eyes, muttered; to which Adler retorted with a smirk on his face.

Even if we crack it open, theres no guarantee the letter is inside, right?


Do you realize the trouble youll be in if you kill me now?

However, seeing the gun pointed at her once more, her voice grew more desperate as she tried to dissuade them.

The servants of the mansion would have sounded the alarm by now. And the London Metropolitan Police Department must have received the distress signal. The only way for you to escape would be to run without looking back.


And, the letters arent here. Specifically, if I dont give the order in person, by next week, every journalist in Britain will be reading the letters Ive collected over the

Bluffing wont work on us.

However, as the assailant with a dark gleam in their eye whispered those words, Caroline couldnt help but trail off.

The servants have been deep asleep from the sleeping drugs mixed in with their dinner for some time already, and someone like you wouldnt entrust such vital letters to anyone else.

What do you want?

One of your legs.

As she began to sob and plead, the owner of the frigid voice continued continued.

If its money you need, I can give you many times more than your employer. So please


The assailant with their finger on the trigger murmured in a calm voice.

What I can gain by neutralizing you far outweighs something as trivial as money.


At those words, Carolines eyes were filled with despair.


Suddenly, another gun, loaded and ready to fire, popped out from behind her.

Because of bastards like you, I never carry just one!



In a panic, Caroline pointed her handgun forward haphazardly to shoot the assailant, while the said assailant swiftly pulled the trigger of the long gun they were holding.



Two shots were fired, just fractions of a second apart.

This is troublesome.


At that very instant, the blond-haired boy abruptly appeared at the scene; calmly, almost nonchalantly, he positioned himself between the duo who had shot each other.



The dazed assailant reached out their hand as they dashed forward, but the body of the boy was already brutally punctured by the impact of the two shots colliding against him, leaving gaping holes in his frail frame.


As the boy slumped sideways and fell, the assailant knelt to the ground and caught him mid-fall, taking off her veil to examine the boy.

Uh, ugh

Similarly, the companion of the assailant, similarly disguised, quickly took off her veil and wrapped it around the boys chest, desperately trying to stop the bleeding.


However, the boys blood rapidly stained the veil in its blood-red hue despite her best efforts to stop the blood flow.

It cant be Master

Beside the sobbing companion, the small girl who had fired the shot wore a blank expression as she looked on at the boy in her arms.

Look at this.

A voice tinged with frigid ice began leaking out of the boys pale and shivering lips.

See what happens when you only fight each other.


Their eyes shook at the clear but pale voice.

If you had gotten along with each other, none of this would have happened

Adler murmured to them in a voice tinged with sorrow.


His eyes soon became dim and unfocused.


Instead of Charlotte Holmes and Jane Moriarty, as he had expected, the boy saw the scene of the petite and cute Celestia Moran and Silver Blaze with ears drooping low in sorrow, looking down at him with tears welling up in their eyes.

I, I

Morans voice tinged with deep sorrow soon reached Adlers ears as he looked on blankly.

I heard that Mr. Adler had been kidnapped, so

I tried so hard because I wanted to get you back

Before him, Moran knelt blankly, her face soon twisting in overwhelming grief as tears dropped incessantly from her eyes.

Uh, uh-huh.



And then, she buried her face in Adlers chest and burst into wailing tears, showcasing the despair and sorrow overwhelming her mind.

Dont die

I was sure Id been informed that they wouldnt be here?



Adlers eyes, which were colored in confusion due to the situation veering far from his expectations, started trembling violently.


It was due to the scene of Silver Blaze holding a gun against her temple with crazed eyes that seemed to have lost all reason and desire for living.

Have you gone insane?

Watching this horrific scene, Adler immediately got up and snatched the gun away from her before she could do something irreversible.


Immediately, the girls stopped crying, their eyes blinking rapidly as they watched Adler looking remarkably intact and healthy even though there were literal holes in his chest.

Oughh, arghh.

However, Adlers eyes rolled over once more, his mouth leaking awkward groans and wails of misery, as he lay down on the floor again. A heavy silence settled in the room as everyone looked at Adler with unfocused and blank eyes.