Han Feng waited in the car and lit a cigarette. He was a little excited.

He has even imagined what happened at night and summer light cold!


This summer is cold and unkind. It seems that we should have taken some tough measures long ago!

Why haven't you brought a cigarette to yourself when you've finished smoking?

Han Feng frowned. When he was about to open the door, the glass of the window made a loud noise. The fragments directly cut Han Feng's face. With a powerful hand, he directly pulled Han Feng out through the glass. The glass fragments were scratched all over by Han Feng.

Han Feng is still a little confused up to now. He is furious and said, "you're fucking crazy! Dare you beat me? Catch the wrong person? Release it quickly!"

Until Han Feng was dragged to the main road, Han Feng could see that all his bodyguards were lying on the ground, wailing bitterly.

The man who pulls himself out is a young man he doesn't know.

The young man looked down contemptuously at Han Feng, turned to Xia QingHan and said, "is this boy bullying you?"

After a week's recuperation and the pill given by Nangong mountain, although my strength is not as high as before, I have also recovered a lot.

It's easy to deal with ordinary people like Han Feng.

Han Feng said angrily to me, "are you him? Who is it? Loosen me!"

I kicked Han Feng in the stomach. He screamed in pain. I said, "it's not your turn to talk. Shut up!"

At the moment, Xia QingHan was already sobbing. He shouted to me on the eleventh day: "uncle! That's him!"

"Fuck!" Han Feng bared his teeth: "do you know who I am? My father is the boss of sk. You offend me. Are you going to die?"

I said faintly, "I said, it's not your turn to speak. I'm not afraid of killing so many people in Xianmen, not to mention your smelly fish and rotten shrimp!"

Han Feng was confused. I smiled and said to Xia QingHan, "I can't stand a woman crying. All right, stop crying and go home with me!"

"In the future, I don't want my woman to cry again!"

After taking Xia QingHan home, she was embarrassed to get along with Ye Qingcheng. However, this is also a reasonable thing for me.

But a few days later, they talked happily like sisters, and I was relieved.

That day, an uninvited guest came to my house.

It's white!

However, his breath is very weak, but at least he is still alive.

I came to a remote place with him. I was surprised and said, "Bai, you're really alive!"

Pale, he said to me, "of course, I'm still alive. I even saw your wedding with my own eyes. However, it's just my disability. You can't see me without the valley of death. This time, I'm also disabled."

I said, "what about him? Is he dead? How did he die?"

Bai Dao: "many years ago, I set up a mechanism in the valley of death, which was specially used to target him. I cheated him there and destroyed his soul!"

I said, "he deserves to die!"

"All right! Give you something!"

Bai took out several exquisite pills. My pupils suddenly shrunk and said, "Changsheng pill?"

Bai scratched his head: "this is a failed product. It can't live long, but it can prolong life and keep youth forever. I saw that your two wives are very beautiful! They must need them very much!"

"Ha ha!" I scratched my head with some embarrassment.

White light way: "in our time, it was a shame to marry two wives."

I raised my eyebrows and said, "how many wives do you have?"

Bai Zi thought carefully: "I forgot..."

I was speechless: "do you have descendants? I'm not sure I can help you find them."

Bai shook his head: "no need! I have no descendants for a long time. That year, all of them were killed by the Qin Emperor..."

White look down, he is a man who came from the dark ages. When I mention this, he naturally has a bad feeling in his heart.

I said, "sorry, I thought..."

Bai chuckled: "thousands of years have passed, and I have long lost the sadness of that year. Well, the current situation has greatly damaged my vitality. I have to go back!"

Although Bai is immortal, he still needs the aura of the valley of death. If he leaves, he will not live long.

Is he a real elder?

I think He is at best an immortal and lonely soul!

I left and returned to Dongyang City alone.

In fact, I don't know why, but I suddenly miss this place.

Zhang Rui has brought earth shaking changes to Dongyang City over the years. Many familiar places have become memories.

I went to the oil tea shop. The boss told me that Chen Ya came only in the morning.

I went to my adoptive mother. She just told me that she believed that Xiaoya would come back.

Later, I went to the prince. He and Tong Xin were very happy, and their wedding date was coming.

It seems to be aware of my emotional sadness. Tong Xin asked me to stay at night and have a drink with the prince!

That night, I drank too much. I don't know why. I had to take the prince to the previous high school.

My head was dizzy. All the way to the playground, my legs softened and I directly lay on the lawn in a big font.

Tonight is particularly beautiful. The stars are shining overhead and the breeze is blowing. I murmured, "crown prince, you know? There are many memories of me here. I can allow any changes outside, but here, absolutely not!"

"You are getting married soon. It's very good! Treat others Tong Xin well!"

The prince hiccupped with wine, blushed and said, "I see. Don't just talk about me, mom. I really don't know how many good things you did in your last life. Xia QingHan is willing to do with you, and ye Qingcheng doesn't reject it! Grass, I feel very angry!"

I smiled bitterly: "you can't experience the troubles of two women!"

"But I really want to experience it! That night you..."

"Shut up!" I scolded, "mind your own business."

The prince got up angrily: "hum, if you don't tell me, I don't want to listen. You have to pull me to this place in the middle of the night. Are you sick? All right, stay here! I'll go home with my wife. What do you mean for the wedding in two days?"

I was drunk and said, "the big gift is ready! Make sure you are satisfied!"

The prince patted his ass: "that's OK! Well, don't think about it. Some things, some people... The past is over. Don't miss it so much!"

I said impatiently, "go home and accompany your Tong Xin. If you have a daughter-in-law, forget your mother."

The prince left soon.

I was the only one left on the playground. It was cool with a breeze.

At this moment, I don't want to do anything or think about anything. I just look at the stars.

Sleepiness hit, I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep

I don't know how long it took. When I opened my eyes again, a burst of fragrance came.

I saw a familiar face and she smiled.

At that moment, I could no longer restrain the rolling emotion in my heart, and my eyes were red.

Finally, I burst into tears.


Although she tried to smile, her eyes were filled with tears.

"Can I call you that?"

She tried carefully.

She is the same as before.

Washed some white jeans, canvas shoes, white shirts, a pair of ponytails, a non powdered face is also smooth and delicate, highlighting youth and beauty.

At that moment, I seemed to be in a sunny afternoon many years ago.

She and I lay quietly on the lawn, feeling each other's heartbeat and the passage of time.

However, compared with that year, I have lost my initial confusion.

I just looked at her quietly, letting tears flow down my cheeks.

I don't know how long later, I choked and said, "come home with me, will you?"

Instead of hastily answering, she lay in my arms and looked up at the stars.

After a long time, she looked at the white moon and smiled like flowers: "OK! Let's go home!"

(end of the book!)