Su Qinghe was also dumbfounded. Why did her mother suddenly change her tune? Didn’t she agree to just say that they1The godfather family (which actually didn’t exist in the first place) moved away, why did it become like this?

Mother, don’t lie to others, this is all your own son…

“Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you clearly. They moved away. It’s not convenient to come and go anymore.” Su Qinghe said bravely.

Gao Xiulan was heartbroken, “Qing’er, you are still young and don’t understand. They just say that because if the relatives have moved away, they will stop seeing each other. This is because they dislike our family and drag you down. If you are alone,  of course, there is nothing to say. But this big family, who can always provide for it? If you don’t believe me, ask your brothers and sisters-in-law, if you ask them if they are happy to raise a big family, they will be unhappy if they raise you alone. Even you are their own sister!”

“Mom, I’m not unhappy, I’m happy.” Su Aidang yelled loudly. He can’t be doubted about his heart for his sister. He can’t wait to dig out his heart.

Su Aiguo said guiltily, “Mom, it’s me who is useless as a big brother. I didn’t help my sister, and I was holding her back. I will go to the forest with Ai Dang and the others to hunt game. In the future, we will support our sister. Even without that godfather, we can also let her eat meat and fine grain.”

Su Aihua also wiped his eyes, “Mom, we will treat my sister well in the future. I knew a long time ago that I can’t do that, and it will definitely drag my sister down. I used to depend on the godfather in the city, but it also thanks to our sister’s own struggle to find them.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also had red eyes and did not speak, feeling very sad in their hearts.

On the one hand, there will be less family support in the future. On the other hand, they also felt that Su Qinghe was dragged down. Originally, Su Qinghe had a good life with a godfather to take care of her. Later, when she will go to the home of the county magistrate, the county magistrate also looked up to her. What will happen now?

And what makes them feel worse than their own husbands is that they really didn’t like this sister-in-law before. Still thinking of separating the family to live alone.

The children were afraid to speak. But both Dabao and Daya understood what their Grandma meant. They ate too much, so their aunt’s rich godfather ran away…

Su Qinghe has winded up in a mess. Her mother’s mouth is too powerful. Eloquent and emotional, well-founded…

This is not playing cards according to common sense!

Gao Xiulan looked at her daughter, then pointed at Su Qinghe and said, “Look at how sad your sister is, it’s all caused by you bastards!”

“…” Su Qinghe showed a smile that was uglier than crying, “I’m very happy. It’s okay, it’s okay. Isn’t it just a godfather? It’s just a matter of reciprocating affection for each other. There is not much affection left.”

Everyone looked at her, and they were even sadder. Their sister is pretending to be happy. Their sister was so kind, in order to comfort them, she even forced herself to laugh. She has lost her godfather. How can anyone be happy about such a big event?

Su Qinghe was expressionless, she feels that she is not suitable for any expression at this time.

Gao Xiulan is very satisfied with the reactions of her sons and daughters-in-law. In the future, her sons and daughters-in-law will definitely take better care of her daughter. As the saying goes, a good man has three helpers. Her daughter must be carried by her mother’s family. Otherwise, why go to the county magistrate’s house and compare with his two daughters-in-law in the city?

She patted the table again, and said with a straight face, “Okay, don’t go out and mention this matter to others in the future. It’s shameful! Don’t tell the county magistrate’s house. Don’t let people know that their family’s poor relatives forced the big cadres to break off their relationship with us. It’s so humiliating.”

The sons and daughters-in-law nodded one after another, and even the children followed suit.

This matter is too distressing, and no one wants to mention it anymore. They don’t want to drag down their sister either. If the county magistrate’s family knew about this, they would probably be worried that their old Su’s family would be a drag on their family.

When cooking at night, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua refused to let Su Qinghe go to work in the kitchen and let her go into the house to rest and just wait for the ready-made food.

They also asked Da Ya to set up a brazier for her aunt to keep warm.

“Aunt, take a good rest and warm yourself by the fire. Just call me if you want anything, and I’ll get it for you. We have a lot of family members, so you don’t need to do anything.” Daya told Su Qinghe with a face like a little adult.

Gao Xiulan said with satisfaction, “That’s good to hear, your aunt did not love you in vain. From now on, you all should be filial to your aunt.”

The children nodded, “Be filial to aunt!” They ate away their aunt’s godfather so they have to be filial to their aunt.

Su Qinghe sat obediently by the side and warmed herself by the fire, and then shared the roasted sweet potatoes with the children. Forget it, she doesn’t care anymore. She’ll give more supplies to the family in the future. The family still needs this.

After eating, Su Aiguo took Su Aihua, Su Aidang, and the others out to catch a game.

“Brother, don’t go this late at night. It’s too late.” Su Qinghe was a little worried. At this time, they are not allowed to engage in these things, and they have to hand in things even if they hunt them.

Su Aiguo waved his hand, “It’s nothing, we’ll just go to the woods. We will go to the other places, and see if there is anything tomorrow night. This is how our father supported our family when he was here. Today I heard people muttering about going to do it. We will be careful, it’s okay.”

“Will you be caught? Don’t you have to hand in these things now? What if you are caught?”

Gao Xiulan said on the sidelines, “What are you afraid of, hand it in if you catch it, and say that there is no meat in the team during the Chinese New Year. If you catch it, you will share it. If you don’t catch it, you can eat it yourself. It’s okay.” As a veteran, Gao Xiulan has a way of dealing with these things.

Su Qinghe admired.

After the three went out, Su Qinghe entered the room. Gao Xiulan was outside discussing with her two daughters-in-law about finding someone for Su Aidang.

She was not keen on this matter before. After all, she has a grandson at home, and she is not in a hurry when Su Aidang gets married.

However, now that the little girl is engaged, and there is an unmarried brother, this is not very good. People will say that the girl is too anxious to get married.

So the marriage of the third son must be done quickly.

“You casually look around. She must have a clean family, don’t bring me back someone with a bad disposition. Our family can’t drag down your sister. It’s better to find someone with better conditions. Anyway, we will marry into the county magistrate’s family. It’s not okay to find a family that is too poor.”

Ding Guihua’s face twitched, their family is poor…

“It’s best to find someone that is able to help our family, don’t always rely on your sister.” She has made up her mind. Yes, in the future when Dagen sends things, she will take most of them to her daughter. She won’t take it home anymore.

Both Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua nodded obediently.

“Mom, then, why did you ask for such a temper? People with good conditions are somewhat stubborn…” Lin Shuhong worried.

If she finds a bad sister-in-law, the whole family will blame her.

Ding Guihua also looked at her mother-in-law. Anyway, she didn’t dare to do such a thankless thing.

Gao Xiulan chuckled, “Whatever your temperament is, you’ll be good in front of me. Just keep an eye on it for me. I will find someone to help with the matchmaker tomorrow. Let’s see whose daughter is suitable. We’d better get the marriage done in the new year.” The family can still earn work points, so do not wait for the future to eat food and then come home to eat our family.

When Su Aiguo and the others came back at night, they brought back a pheasant. The traps for catching a wild game are all done. This pheasant was found on the road, and it was picked up by the way after a little injury. The three brothers were very happy. Finally did not come back empty-handed.

Gao Xiulan grabbed it and put it in her room.

The next day Su Qinghe found that there was an extra pheasant in the house, and she admired her three elder brothers.

They really didn’t come back empty-handed after going out.

“Mom, what do you do with this pheasant?” Su Qinghe began to think about some recipes for pheasants in her head.

Regarding the meat, she has to personally handle it.

Gao Xiulan said, “What are you doing? Keep it. When it gets fatter, you will eat half of it later, and then take half for your in-laws, so that your in-laws can try it out.

“Mom, my brothers got it back. Let’s try some for the family.”Su Qinghe said.

Gao Xiulan said, “Taste what ah, it doesn’t matter if they can’t eat it. You can give it to your in-laws to taste, so they will treat you well in the future.”

“…” Su Qinghe’s nose was sore, “Mom, forget about others. This pheasant can’t be taken away, Chang’an’s father is very impartial and selfless. When he knows that we catch a pheasant and do not eat it, he will not be happy. We can just eat it ourselves. When we have something good, I’ll take it to them.” Anyway, after making it, she can still get one.

Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, Gao Xiulan froze for a moment, “Yo, I really didn’t think of this. You say that your father-in-law is ……That’s good, all officials are like this, the blessings of our common people. Okay, let’s eat it at home.”

At noon, Su Qinghe cooked a pot of spicy pheasant. All kinds of wild vegetables and the like are mixed together and cooked in a large pot. Gao Xiulan left half of it for Su Qinghe and asked her to warm it up slowly. The rest are eaten by the family.

The family ate with their mouths full of oil. The smell is everywhere in the house.

Now the old Su family eats meat without worrying about being discovered. After all, there is a county magistrate in-law; who dare speak anything?

Su Qinghe looked at her family eating happily and hoped that the coming year would be better.

In the next two nights, Su Aiguo and the others caught some wild game. Gao Xiulan refused to eat it, and smoked it directly, preparing to save it for the Chinese New Year. By the way, take some to the black market for some money.

At night, when Su Qinghe was sleeping, there was a ding sound in her head, “The training of military partner has exceeded the limit, and the reward is a 1-star coin.”

Su Qinghe opened her eyes.

“Changan is training at this time? He should have only arrived there for a day.”

Seeing the darkness in the room and hearing the cold wind outside, Su Qinghe began to feel sorry for her partner. Although she really hopes that Chang’an will work hard to support her.

But this is too hard.

In the future, she must give Chang’an good food and drink!

In the Frontier Corps, Gu Changan just returned to the dormitory from the training ground, sweating profusely, lying on the bed with his eyes closed thinking about his partner.

Work hard and work harder!

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

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