~: Postscript past and present

Postscript Past and Present

On February 20, 2018, the fifth day of the first lunar month, Xu Shiyan celebrated his sixty-sixth birthday.

Actually, Xu Shiyan's birthday is not at this time, he is on the eighth day of the tenth lunar month.

But everyone was busy at that time, and no one could ask for leave to come back to celebrate his birthday.

In addition, Su Anying asked someone to check, saying that Xu Shiyan can't live a normal life at 66, and it's better to advance.

The couple discussed it with the children, so let’s forget about the date of the first month.

The relatives and friends are all at home, and it happens to be lively and lively together.

In fact, in the past few years, most of Xu Shiyan and his wife have been away in winter and returned in summer.

In the autumn of 2007, the ninety-eight-year-old Chu Xuanhuai passed away in his sleep.

Chu Xuanhuai's two sons were sentenced to life in the first place. They performed well in it, and their sentences were commuted for meritorious service. In the end, the sentence was reduced to 20 years, so they failed to send Elder Chu on his last journey.

It was the younger generations of the Chu family who later learned from the principal of the high school that it was Xu Shiyan who sponsored them to go to college.

Chu Junyu called Xu Shiyan to express his gratitude, but Xu Shiyan only said that this was what Chu Xuanhuai meant.

If the younger generations still have a little conscience, just come and see the old man often.

After Chu Junyu and others found out, they rushed to the northeast to visit Chu Xuanhuai. The old man was very happy to finally see his grandchildren.

After that, the children came to visit the old man every year, and Chu Xuanhuai had no regrets.

Old Chu passed away suddenly, Xu Shiyan called to inform the Chu family, Chu Junyu and others rushed over, and at least gave Chu Xuanhuai a ride.

Logically, in Chu Xuanhuai's capacity, he should be sent to the capital after his death for a farewell party, and his ashes should be sent to the Revolutionary Cemetery.

But Chu Xuanhuai didn't want to go through too much trouble, and made a will long ago. After he left, he only had to follow the normal procedures for the funeral.

Burn as soon as possible, don't hold any farewell or memorial service.

Xu Shiyan specially chose a cemetery with excellent Fengshui for the old man according to his last wish.

On the way from Donggang to Southwest Chadajiang, there is a natural pine forest with beautiful mountains and clear waters and a very good environment, where Elder Chu was buried.

With the consent of the Chu family, the bones of Mrs. Chu's wife were moved from the provincial capital and buried with Mrs. Chu.

At the end of 2008, the 86-year-old Xu Chenghou also fell asleep without illness or pain. In 2009, Zhou Guilan also left.

In the previous life, Xu Chenghou died suddenly due to encephalopathy caused by high blood pressure. Zhou Guilan passed away in the autumn of 2008 due to space-occupying lesions of the bile duct, which caused liver cirrhosis, ascites, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

In this life, Xu Shiyan pays special attention to the physical condition of his parents, and treats him as soon as he feels a little uncomfortable.

Especially Zhou Guilan's liver and gallbladder problem, Xu Shiyan pays special attention to it and keeps an eye on it.

In addition, Zhou Guilan lived a smooth life in her later years, unlike her previous life, where she had a lot of troubles and suffered hardships.

So the old lady basically has no major problems, and her physique has always been good.

It’s just that I’m getting old, and my wife passed away suddenly. In the vernacular, it’s a flash, so not long after Xu Chenghou passed away, the old lady also left.

Xu Chenghou and Zhou Guilan were buried together. According to their requirements, the cemetery is very close to the cemetery of Chu Xuanhuai and his wife.

Su Weizhong and Han Cai'e also passed away in those few years.

Old people, as they get older, it is inevitable that this day will come.

As a child, I can’t accept it for a while, but how can ordinary people decide life, old age, sickness and death?

After finishing the funeral of the elders, Xu Shiyan and his wife were taken to the capital by their children to relax.

Shenye Company has in-depth cooperation with Shenyang College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which later became the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Xu Shiyan is a professor of the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The University of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a special experimental base and research institute in Changbai Mountain, specializing in the protection, development and utilization of various medicinal plants.

So in spring, summer and autumn, Xu Shiyan went back to Donggang to lead students to conduct experiments and research, and manage the company.

In winter, he and Su Anying went to the capital, Shenzhen stock market, Shanghai stock market and other places to investigate.

After so many years of hard work, Xu Shiyan is already the director of the Changbai Mountain Resources Institute and the Soil Research Institute of Jilin Agricultural University, the vice chairman of the Specialty Products Society of the Chinese Agricultural Society, the chairman of the Jilin Ginseng Technology Development Board, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It can be said that Xu Shiyan has achieved the ultimate in ginseng production, processing, utilization and protection in his life.

With Xu Shiyan's current status and the strength of Xu's descendants, Xu Shiyan is going to celebrate his sixty-sixth birthday. Can the battle be too small?

Xu Shiyan's brothers, the Xu family's nephews, all the relatives of the Zhou family and the Su family, the children and relatives of Xu Shiyan and his wife, all came.

Zhao Jianshe, Huang Shengli, Guo Shouye and others, those who should retire now, and those who should retire.

Just taking advantage of the opportunity, they all got together to have fun.

With so many people celebrating birthdays, the birthday banquet must be held in a hotel.

After years of development and construction, the original venue has long since changed its appearance, and all industrial plants have been moved to the industrial concentration area on the outer ring of Songjiang River.

The original participating area has become a prosperous resort integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping and leisure.

The birthday banquet was arranged in a five-star hotel, and Hershey's guests filled the huge banquet hall.

"Third Uncle, what do you think it would be if the participation company was reformed a few years later?

If that's the case, I guess with your strong support, Sanjiang City can be established, otherwise, Changbaishan Development Zone will be fine. "

Zhou Qingguo, who is one year younger than Xu Shiyan, retired from the province last winter, and rushed back when he learned that Xu Shiyan had passed his birthday.

Bringing up the events of that year, Zhou Qingguo also had various emotions.

In 1996, Changbai Mountain West Scenic Area was established and operated. After that, Shenye Company, under the leadership of Xu Shiyan, began to focus on developing the tourism business on the west **** of Changbai Mountain.

With the success of the Pearl Resort, the people above also saw the huge impact of tourism development on economic development.

Since 2002, the upper management has been thinking about how to develop tourism in Changbai Mountain.

The original idea was to merge Fusong, Antu, and Changbai into one city under the name of Sanjiang.

Unified integration of resources and unified development just happen to manage the three scenic spots in the north, west and south of Changbai Mountain in a unified manner.

As a result, the Hunjiang River, which was later Baishan, and the other end of Yanbian, disagreed, and it became a mess.

Afterwards, the higher-ups thought about dividing Fusong City, Songjianghe, and Donggang separately, and setting up a development zone directly under the province, located in Songjianghe.

As a result, the people in the county disagreed, and they were confused again.

Later it was said that combining Songjianghe and Donggang would not work, and the county refused to let go.

In the end, in 2005, only Donggang was drawn out, and Chixi District of Changbaishan Development Zone was established.

"Impossible, I can at most just propose a plan, I'm not capable of anything else." Xu Shiyan smiled and shook his head when he heard that.

In fact, he also heard some rumors at the beginning, and the higher-ups did have this meaning.

But at that time, the participation company had completed the joint-stock reform and was no longer a state-owned enterprise. Xu Shiyan was not the secretary of a state-owned enterprise, so it was impossible to be transferred to the system again.

Xu Shiyan has been running the company for so many years, and finally managed to grow the company. Could he leave the company and go to the city or the development zone?

At that time, he was fifty years old, why bother to come and worry about those leisurely things?

Besides, Xu Shiyan is too clear about some people's urination, and it is very difficult to deal with the interests of all parties.

He might as well guard the company safely and live his happy life.

"Oh, it's a pity. If a city or district was really established in the first place, it would be even more serious here." Zhou Qinguo still felt it was a pity.

At that time, he had just been transferred from the county to the city, and he hadn't established a firm foothold yet, and he didn't have enough voice to intervene.

Now, I can only sigh.

"It's pretty good now, you can see that ginseng companies have grown and grown, and tourism development is also booming.

We have built roads everywhere here, most of Donggang has been relocated, and the big guys have all lived in high-rise buildings. Aren’t they all living a good life? "

Xu Shiyan didn't think it was a pity or a pity, he couldn't worry about those things.

He is only responsible for the development and construction of the participation area, and he has no control over other aspects.

In recent years, Changbai Mountain has developed really well.

Changbaishan Airport opened to traffic in 2008, the expressway was also opened to traffic a few years ago, and the high-speed rail is also under construction. It is said that it will be opened to traffic in two or three years.

Chixi District is also actively attracting investment. First, roads were built, and then many hotels were built.

The mountain gate on the west **** was also moved down as a whole, and the Changbai Mountain Tourism Distribution Center was established to drive the development of local tourism economy.

The three villages of Dongcan, Donggang, and Xican were mostly demolished and rebuilt, and the people lived in buildings.

However, compared to the participants here, the construction is still not enough.

In Xu Shiyan's previous life, he stopped participating in the venue in 2003. Later, Chixi District was set up as part of the venue.

In this life, although the ginseng soil planned in the 33rd year is gone, the ginseng field is still there, and the ginseng company is still developing very well.

The main reason is that Xu Shiyan made a plan in advance and directly negotiated cooperation with the Black Province to establish a large-scale ginseng production base there.

Fusong is the most famous hometown of ginseng in the country. After so many years of development, there are very few woodlands where ginseng can be cultivated, only sporadic small plots and second stubble soil.

Second stubble soil refers to the ginseng soil that has been planted with a crop of ginseng.

The fertility of this kind of soil is not much, and there are many bacteria. Even after more than ten years of recuperation, it is difficult to recover.

So when ginseng is replanted in this kind of soil, the fertility is poor and the growth is not good, and it is particularly easy to rot.

Although Yunfeng Ginseng Compound Fertilizer Factory, after years of research, has successfully developed a fertilizer that can improve soil, sterilize and disinfect, and is suitable for second-crop land.

But this cost is not low, and it is not as worry-free as the first stubble.

With the lack of ginseng soil in Fusong area in recent years, ginseng farmers are also looking for other ways out.

At the beginning, they bought ginseng soil and planted ginseng in nearby Antu, Jingyu, Changbai and other places, and later developed to Huadian, Dunhua, Wangqing, Hunchun and other places.

In the end, they basically went out of the province and went straight to Hei Province.

Hei Province is too far away, and it is inconvenient for ordinary resident households to take care of them. In order to maximize profits, most of them adopt the method of on-demand four-year direct rooting, which has poor potency and low price.

Participating companies are different. It is equivalent to relocating the participating companies as a whole, so we still insist on the minimum six-year development method.

The output of ginseng is not low, and the quality can be perfectly controlled.

There is direct supply from the place of origin, and some high-quality ginseng is purchased from the market. These years, the ginseng companies have not only not declined, but have developed even better.

Xu Shiyan has already thought about it. If the development of the Black Province is not good in a few years, he might as well go abroad to Russia to build a field.

There is wild ginseng over there, and it can also develop garden ginseng.

With the participation company as the backer, the subordinate Changbaishan Tourism Development Company will definitely develop well.

What you want to build here does not need to be approved layer by layer, and you don't need to wait for the appropriation from the superior.

The management of the head office has passed the approval, and handed over the formalities, and then what to do.

In last year's year-end report, the tourism development company affiliated to the participating company had an annual revenue of nearly 500 million yuan and a net profit of more than 100 million yuan attributable to the parent.

The surrounding economic growth driven by various projects of tourism companies is not included.

"That's because third uncle is capable. If it were someone else, who would be able to develop the company?" Zhou Qingguo shook his head.

At the beginning, there were so many state-run participants in the county, where did they go in the end?

Three ginseng, three ginseng, and four ginseng have been in recession since 2,000 years ago, and went bankrupt in 2003.

The same is the participation, those are all yellow, only the first participation in the past, and now the participation company is booming, who has the most credit for it?

And if Xu Shiyan could really be transferred to take charge of the overall situation at the beginning, I believe that the development of Changbai Mountain is not limited to this, it should be much more brilliant than it is now.

"Qingguo, we are all old, why worry about those anymore? It's good to live our little life in peace.

Look, the four in our family are all successful, married and harmonious, and have both children.

Let me tell you, no matter how ambitious you are, you can’t catch up with your grandchildren and grandchildren who come and call you grandpa, and grandchildren and granddaughters call you grandpa.

I don’t think about anything now, it’s serious to be with the children. "

Xu Shiyan shook his head and looked at the children playing not far away. That was the greatest achievement in his life.

"That's right, what the third brother said is reasonable, what's the use of caring so much? Let's live our own life well.

In these years, we have also been **** and stormy, overcoming obstacles all the way.

It's not easy to be stable, don't think about anything, just enjoy peace of mind. "Huang Shengli echoed in unison.

The development of domestic ginseng processing industry, especially the development and growth of Dongfang Ginseng Industry Company, has attracted the attention of foreign capital.

Those foreign capital initially wanted to win over through cooperation, and later wanted to use capital power to acquire.

After all kinds of methods were useless, these people repeated their tricks and joined forces to suppress the price of domestic ginseng.

In the autumn of 2008, the domestic ginseng market fell again, and it was even worse than that in 1990. The price of a one-stop water ginseng was even as low as six yuan a catty.

Everyone said that it was cheaper than a big turnip.

The price of raw materials has been reduced, and the price of ginseng products has also been reduced across the board.

Dongfang Ginseng Company is the largest processing and exporting enterprise of ginseng products in China. If this wave of blows fails, it will really lose everything.

At that time, it will inevitably end up being acquired by foreign capital.

Especially at this time, participating companies are no longer state-owned enterprises and are facing the most difficult situation.

At that time, Xu Shiyan and Su Anying used all the funds of the two companies, and even mortgaged all the real estate and real estate in the capital, Shenzhen stock market, Shanghai stock market, and Yangcheng.

Even the antiques and luminous pearls that Xu Shiyan got back then were all auctioned off by him.

Xu Shiqin, Xu Shian, Guo Shouye, Guo Fenghua, Yang Junxian, Huang Shengli and others also tried their best to help.

Coupled with the assistance of the provincial leaders, they provided a large amount of interest-free loans and used all their strength to help.

Xu Shiyan took advantage of the low price of ginseng, bought all the ginseng on the market, and hoarded it without selling it.

At that time, everyone had one idea, fought hard, and fought with their backs.

They came from such a poor life back then, and at worst they would return to the old days.

The poorest is begging for food, and if you don't die, you will eventually come out. With a burst of spirit, he gritted his teeth and survived.

The 2008 year was not over, and the ginseng market rose in a straight line. By 2009, the ginseng market had risen several times.

Especially with the promulgation of relevant policies to restrict land use for deforestation, the planting area of ​​ginseng has been reduced again and again, and the market of ginseng has been rising all the way.

Although there have been some fluctuations in recent years, the overall impact is not significant, and it is still showing an upward trend.

The ginseng company also directly made a lot of money because of this one-handed operation, and everyone who gave up their wealth to help at the beginning also made a lot of money.

Now Huang Shengli and others are old and don't have the energy to do anything else, so they don't mix anything, just pay dividends for the elderly with peace of mind.

As for the children of each family, the promising ones go out to study, or enter the reference company to work.

Those who have no skills can do business and farm at home. With the background laid down by their parents, coupled with the development of Chixi, they can live well no matter what they do.

Zhou Qingguo was right when he thought about it, "It's because I'm short-sighted, it's better for you, follow the three uncles and three aunts, and each one earns a lot, with a net worth of tens of millions."

Zhou Qingguo looked at Huang Shengli and the others and said with emotion.

"Hey, this is not the same, each has its own future.

We are local rich people, you are a great leader, don’t you think you are doing well now? "Everyone laughed.

Sixty-sixth birthday, the traditional item that must be kept is dumplings.

My daughter paid for it, and bought six taels of meat and six taels of noodles, and made sixty-eight dumplings.

This work must be done by Xu Jinping and Xu Jinhui. The two of them prepared it in advance and asked the hotel to set aside a separate pot for cooking dumplings.

In addition, Xu Haiyuan and the others prepared a three-tiered cake with candles on it.

Chu Sihan took his younger brothers and sisters, together with Xu Haibo and Xu Haitao's children, a total of twenty or so, sang birthday songs together, and then followed Xu Shiyan to blow out candles and share the cake.

The dumplings happened to be cooked over there, one for heaven and one for earth, and Xu Shiyan ate two more symbolically.

That's all, save the rest and eat slowly at home.

Before the banquet officially started, Xu Haibo, Xu Haiyuan and others ranked according to age, stood upright and saluted, and paid homage to Xu Shiyan's birthday.

"I wish the third uncle, the third uncle, father, and grandpa, be as blessed as Donghai Shoubi Nanshan."

Xu Shiyan was beautiful, with a smile all over his face, "Okay, okay, let me borrow your good words."

Five-star hotel banquets naturally have no specifications, and all kinds of high-end ingredients are made with good taste.

It’s been a long time since everyone got together to have fun. It doesn’t matter to eat. The main thing is to take the opportunity to chat and connect with each other.

"Brother, try this fish, it's very good, and it doesn't have any spines."

Sitting on Xu Shiyan's left was Guo Shouye, and the two brothers hadn't seen each other for some time.

Guo Shouye is a bit older than Xu Shiyan, and is now in his seventies, but he is in good health and spirit.

Fenglin Flooring Factory was originally co-organized by Shenchang and the Forestry Bureau. When the first batch of enterprises in the Forestry Bureau were transformed, Guo Shouye contracted the flooring factory with Xu Shiyan's support.

In recent years, Fenglin Flooring Factory has branch factories in Songjianghe, counties, Dalian, Nanxun, and Russia. Although it has experienced many setbacks and troubles, it is generally not bad.

Now, the floor factory is in the hands of Guo Shouye's two daughters, especially the youngest daughter, Guo Fengxia, who is as smart and capable as her brother.

Xu Shiyan has 30% of the shares in the flooring factory, but he does not participate in the management and only pays dividends every year.

Quanyang Mineral Water Beverage Factory and Bingshan Mineral Water Factory were originally contracted by Guo Fenghua, and they are developing well now.

Like the flooring factory, Xu Shiyan also holds 30% of the shares, and only receives dividends every year and does not interfere with the management and operation of the factory.

"Well, it's pretty good, but it's still not as delicious as the thin scales you gave me back then."

The fish on the table is golden trout, which is also a famous cold-water fish, artificially raised.

The tourism company has a special cold-water fish base that breeds all kinds of cold-water fish. The golden trout used in today's banquet was transported from the cold-water fish base.

Mentioning the thin scale fish, I remembered how the two met in the first place.

Xu Shiyan laughed, "Yeah, I also think that no fish is as delicious as the wild fine scales in the big river.

It's a pity, when the Xijiang Power Station was built, the river ran out of water, and the fish disappeared. "

Lepidopteris is already a second-class protected animal in the country, and there are very few wild ones, so fishing is prohibited.

This kind of fish breeding technology is very difficult, and the fry are not easy to find. The cold-water fish base has just introduced some, and it has not been cultivated yet.

"Brother, in a blink of an eye, we have known each other for more than forty years."

Guo Shouye, who I met in 1977, only wanted to contact a regular client. Who would have thought that the two would become close friends, and Guo Shouye was also Xu Haiyuan's godfather.

"Yes, we were all young back then, but now we are all old men." Guo Shouye also expressed various emotions.

"Brother, you are my elder brother's nobleman, without you, my elder brother will at most be retired as a director in this life, how can I have a good life today?

Fenghua and the others, if it weren't for you to take care of them, they would definitely not have the future they are today. "

When people get old, they always like to think about the past, and Guo Shouye is no exception.

Every time I think about the past, I feel lucky that I went to the market on a whim and got to know Xu Shiyan.

"Look at what you said, brother is my noble man. I might not have been able to move out of Jiangyan'er's big house without my brother's help back then."

Xu Shiyan laughed and clinked glasses with Guo Shouye. The glass was not wine, but blueberry juice from a beverage factory.

Xu Shiyan celebrated his birthday, everyone took turns to toast and chat with Xu Shiyan for a while.

So the time for this banquet was not short, and when it finally ended, it was almost three o'clock.

The banquet was over, the outsiders took their leave and left, only the Xu family was left, and they all went back to the second floor of Xu Shiyan's house.

This small building occupies a large area. The first floor is a quite large living room, and there is a yard outside.

Xu Shiyan asked Chu Sihan to take the children of the younger generation out to play, while the others were in the house.

"Big Brother, Second Brother, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, Shiqin, I have to trouble you to help me bear witness today. I have to explain the family affairs clearly."

Xu Shiyan brothers were sitting on the sofa, and Xu Haibo, Xu Haitao, Xu Haiyuan and others were sitting on the opposite chairs.

In the following years, Xu Shixian was promoted from a deputy to a full-time job in the Propaganda Department, and retired after working for a few years.

Now that I have nothing to do, I just read books, practice calligraphy, go for a walk, etc., which is very good.

Xue Xiulin has also retired, and the pensions of the old couple are not low. In addition, with Xu Shiyan's guidance a few years ago, they made a lot of money by planting sticks, so they lived a happy life.

Xu Shi'an later expanded the farms further, building a total of more than ten farms in various places.

Now there are 60,000 to 70,000 sika deer and forest musk deer in stock, and there is also a special deer product store.

When the Forestry Bureau was in a downturn, Wei Mingrong was not in class, so he came down to manage the farm with Xu Shian.

Later Wei Mingrong also retired, with a pension of less than 2,000 yuan a month, he lived a good life.

Xu Shide worked in Beigang for many years, from mayor to secretary, and finally retired after being transferred to the county within a few years. Now his retirement salary is four to five thousand.

Going from a private teacher to a deputy county is already very good.

Xu Shixiang can develop in the next few years. After working as a deputy in the Municipal Finance Bureau for a few years, because of his excellent work, the leader intends to reuse him, so he arranged for Jingyu to be the second in command, and later became the first in command.

Jingyu is considered a poverty-stricken area. Xu Shixiang has done a lot of things in the past, and after achieving results, he was transferred to the city.

Xu Shixiang is also in his sixties, and he is expected to retire this year. It is not bad to be able to retire in this position.

Needless to say, Xu Shiqin opened a clothing company with his own clothing brand and many clothing factories under his umbrella.

Han Liwei has been in Yangcheng for many years, and was later transferred to the capital. Now he has retired.

Before retiring, I carried one flower and two stars on my shoulders.

When Xu Shiyan said this, everyone was stunned for a moment, not knowing what else to arrange at home.

Before the parents passed away, the demolition of the old house earned 1.4 million yuan.

Back then, Xu Chenghou sold the house to Xu Shiyan for 20,000 yuan.

In the following years, Xu Shiyan was mostly responsible for the daily life of the two elders, and the other brothers came back to give money and things.

The old couple has always been in good health, and they didn't spend much money, but they saved some.

After Zhou Guilan left, the Xu family brothers collected the property left by their parents, which was about 1.5 million.

If the old couple had followed their intentions, all the money would have been left to Xu Shiyan.

When Xu Shiyan came back from rebirth, he was full of resentment, and he was also dissatisfied with his brothers.

But after so many years, the little resentment has long since disappeared.

So Xu Shiyan didn't keep all the money left by the old man, but divided it into six shares, including Xu Shiqin.

So Xu Shixian and the others wondered, if the family affairs were already understood, what would this matter?

"Third brother, what are you going to do?" Xu Shixian asked puzzled.

"Brother, it's okay, I'm already at this age, and I should retire to enjoy the blessings in the future.

I have to explain these things at home, lest I be gone one day, and the people below will make a fuss. "

Xu Shiyan smiled, "Before I'm too confused, I'll share it with them quickly, so you don't have to worry."

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of everyone in the room changed.

Today is Xu Shiyan's sixty-sixth birthday. It is unlucky to separate the children at this time.

"Nonsense, third child, how old are you? Sixty years old, my eldest brother and I are still there, why do you think so much?"

Xu Shian was so angry that he turned cold and scolded his younger brother.

"Second brother, you see that you have a quick temper, I just made preparations in advance. Everyone will grow old one day, so why are you avoiding this thing?"

Xu Shiyan waved at his second brother and laughed. "It's nothing, I've seen it for a long time, and I don't care about it."

In his previous life, he was **** off before he could wait for sixty-six. How can there be an accurate number for this thing?

With Xu Shiyan's wealth, it is quite normal to make a will in advance.

"Dad, we don't agree, what are you doing? Why do you think about dividing the family property?"

Xu Haiyuan and the four are not happy anymore, and always feel that this is not a good thing.

"You and my mother are better than anything else. We don't care about how many people there are in the family. Don't."

Xu Jinping got angry and glared at her father.

"Well, I don't want it either.

In recent years, our parents have tried their best to train us. We all have jobs to earn money, and I am not greedy for anything at home. "Xu Jinhui followed suit.

"Yes, yes, give it all to my brother, give it all to him, and I don't want it either.

Dad, don't worry, no matter what time it is, I won't argue with my brother.

Let’s not talk about this today, it’s your birthday, let’s talk about having fun. "

Xu Haiyuan also quickly expressed his opinion, he is too lazy to ask for those companies, factories and so on, and he doesn't care.

Xu Shiyan looked at the four children in front of him, dumbfounded.

Other families want to break their heads in order to fight for the family property, but to them, this huge family property has become a burden instead, and no one wants it.

Can you not do it? This must be given.

"It's up to you not to want this matter. Your mother and I have worked hard all our lives to leave these family properties. Who will you give them to? None of them can escape, they all exist."

Xu Shiyan didn't care about that, just took out a thick stack of documents and patted them on the coffee table.

"The specific distribution is all here, and you can confirm and sign after a while.

Let me just say briefly, Jishengyuan and Jixing Pharmaceutical, as well as Shenye Company, except for the travel company, are all given to Haiyuan.

In this, don't forget that there is a part of the Chu family. "

Although the ginseng company has already belonged to Xu Shiyan, the Dongfang ginseng company and Ji Shengyuan have not merged together. They are still doing their own things, and the focus is fundamentally different.

The ginseng company mainly exports, and the Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Factory also produces more Chinese patent medicines.

While Jishengyuan is mainly sold domestically, what Jixing Pharmaceuticals is doing is some specific medicines.

Although Xu Haiyuan's main clinical practice is cardiothoracic surgery, don't forget that he is also a Chinese medicine doctor, and Chinese medicine is not divided into disciplines.

After taking over Jixing Hospital, Xu Haiyuan gradually developed into general practice.

He has made great achievements in the treatment of various difficult and miscellaneous diseases, especially tumors, with the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and some achievements have been recognized by the international medical community.

Xu Haiyuan is now a Distinguished Professor of Capital University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chairman of the National Cardiovascular Disease Expert Committee, Deputy Director of the Key Research Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Vice President of the Society of Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.

Xu Haiyuan and Jiang Xintian, one doctor and one medicine, are a perfect match.

So it's absolutely fine to hand over the medical part to the two of them.

Back then, the pharmaceutical factory and the health care product factory used the secret recipe of the Chu family. According to the agreement, 10% of the Chu family was involved, so we must not forget it.

"Second and third, the street developed by our family in the capital belongs to you two.

The job of the third child is different, so the second child will take care of these, and it is enough to distribute the dividends to the third child every year. "Xu Shiyan looked at Xu Jinping and Xu Jinhui again.

Ever since Yang Haoyu became the Xu family's son-in-law, he was removed from the ranking.

Xu Jinping and the others are also quite old, so it’s not easy to call them Pingping and Huihui anymore, they can only be called the second and third.

Xu Jinping is now a professor at Peking University, a doctoral supervisor, and she still runs a company, earning a lot of money a year.

Xu Jinhui has a special job. She worked abroad for a few years before, and her position is not low now.

She has a special job and can no longer do business, but the property given by her family is not counted.

That's why Xu Shiyan said, let the eldest daughter take care of it, and give Xu Jinhui annual dividends.

The Xu family developed that street, and the profit for a year is not low, which is just right for the two daughters.

"Fourth, the tourism development company under the participation company will be independent and handed over to you to manage.

Your acting job, if you can do it, you can do it, if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. It’s good to come back and take over the family business. "

Xu Shiyan glanced at his youngest son, Xu Haiqing.

Xu Shiyan is no ordinary old man, he also knows a little about the Internet.

Among the majority of netizens, when mentioning military art, one has to think of several school grassroots, as well as the magic spell of military art school grass.

When Xu Haiqing was studying, he was at the school level.

Looking at it now, the figure is still good, and I don’t know if it will be the same as those few in a few years.

It doesn't matter what the figure is, the main thing is character and virtue.

Now the circle is in chaos, and various problems emerge one after another. Xu Shiyan thinks that it is better to let his son come back to take over the family business.

"Don't, Dad, how can I have the ability to take over the family business? You are not afraid that I will give you pornography?

Besides, I am doing well in acting, and my development is so good. When Xu Haiqing heard this, he quickly protested.

Xu Haiqing's development is indeed not bad. The response to TV shows these years has been good, and he has won many awards.

starring movie, the box office is also quite good. The show he hosts is humorous and very popular with the audience.

Now this kid wants to develop into film and television editing and directing, and he is studying further.

"What's so good? There are all kinds of messy things every day. It's a big dye vat. No matter how good people go in, they can't learn well." Xu Shiyan snorted.

"Those who follow the right path, endure hardships and suffer from filming, and earn such a little money.

Whoever wants to make a lot of money has to do crooked ways.

You, come back as soon as possible, our family does not lack the eighty cents you earned. "

The most irritating thing is this kid. If he knew that he could get so many points in the test, why would he not be able to pass the art test.

He should be asked to learn something about economic management. Taking over the family business is better than anything else.

At that time, I just watched the brat kid struggling to learn military arts for three years. If he didn’t follow his wishes to learn military arts, this brat would definitely quit, so there was no way for him to play for a few years.

Now it’s time to have enough fun, and it’s just right to calm down and come back to take over the company.

Xu Haiqing was speechless by his father, "Dad, not everyone is like that, but most of them stick to the right path.

You said that I have been filming all these years, managing the company, I really don’t know how. "

"What can't you do? At the tourism development company, besides eating and playing, it's your strong point.

That's it, this one is for you, take good care of it. "

Xu Shiyan glared at his younger son a few times. For this kid, eating, drinking and having fun are his specialties, so he is the most suitable one.

"That's it for the big ones. In other respects, your mother and I bought those houses and so on, and they will be divided among you.

You are all in the capital, don’t deal with those over there. As for those in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yangcheng and other places, you can stay if you like, and get rid of if you don’t want to. "

Xu Shiyan waved his hand, the conversation was over, and it was useless for anyone to object.

"Don't think I'm partial to your eldest brother, he is the eldest son, and the burden on his shoulders is heavy, so he must give more benefits.

Besides, you don’t understand those pharmaceutical and health product factories. "

"Come on, all four of you, come and have a look. After signing, I will go through the procedure with a lawyer."

Xu Shiyan pointed to the four documents in front of him, and motioned for the children to take them to sign.

As a result, none of the four children moved, and Xu Shiyan raised his voice angrily.

"What's wrong? I'm still here, so it's hard to speak?"

Over there, Su Anying quickly winked at her daughter and son, telling them not to mess with Xu Shiyan.

"Hurry up, do you have to mess with your dad? He

Now the blood pressure is high, if you really get angry at him, what should I do? "

The couple sang together, and they cooperated tacitly.

Xu Haiyuan rolled his eyes, his mother has learned to open her eyes and tell nonsense now. When did his dad have high blood pressure?

"Forget it, sign it, the property left by our parents after working hard all their lives, if we don't sign it, can we still give it to outsiders?

Just take care of everything. If you don't understand anything in the future, ask me. "

Xu Haiyuan showed the momentum of the elder brother, called the three to come forward, took his own share, without even looking at it, directly wrote his name in the signature place.

Seeing that the children had signed, Xu Shiyan was relieved this time.

The documents are handed over to Su Anying for safekeeping. When the vacation is over, I will find the company's legal affairs and a lawyer to go through the formalities quickly. These things are troublesome.

"Okay, that's it for the time being. The other factories where I have shares will be easy. When the time comes, the four of you can just share the money."

Everything that needs to be explained has been explained, and Xu Shiyan is relaxed.

Xu Shixian and others came back yesterday. The brothers had been having fun together for two days, and each family still had something to do.

Since Xu Shiyan had taken care of everything here, there was nothing to do, so they each took their wives, children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and grandsons and grandchildren and left for their own homes.

Zhang Luo's birthday banquet was also very tiring, so Xu Shiyan said he was tired and went upstairs to rest for a while.

Xu Haiyuan and the others didn't care, after all, people in their 60s have been busy for a long time, so it's normal to be tired.

Su Anying accompanied Xu Shiyan upstairs, settled him down, and then came down to chat with his daughter and daughter-in-law, and helped Fang Xueying, the youngest daughter-in-law, to coax the child.

Xu Haiqing's two children, the eldest, Xu Sichen, was born in 14th year, and now they are five years old.

The second child, Xu Yiwei, was born last year, less than one year old, and it was the most fun time.

Xu Haiyuan has four brothers and sisters, ten children in total.

Chu Sihan is the oldest, she is thirteen this year, she looks very similar to Xu Haiyuan when she was a child, not in appearance, but in temperament and temperament.

Now the four families are all in the capital, and these children often see each other, just like their own biological ones. They play together all day long, and it doesn’t matter if they fight, it will be fine after a while.

Downstairs, the children were running, jumping, playing and laughing, but upstairs, Xu Shiyan quickly fell asleep, and then began to have strange dreams.

In the dream, Xu Haiyuan, the eldest son of his family, turned out to be the one who was chosen to travel through time and space to do missions after his accidental death.

In one world, he was born in a very poor peasant family. Seeing that the family was too poor, this guy gave up directly.

Later he completed the task and got a chance to be reborn.

I originally thought that I could be reborn back to the original world and live again.

Unexpectedly, he returned to the time and space he gave up, and became the eldest son of the peasant family.

The little guy has no chance to give up again, so he can only accept his fate and grow up.

At first, the little guy has no previous memories, but as he grows up, some sporadic memory fragments will appear.

Affected by those memory fragments, the little guy grew up very fast, and later found the house he once lived in in a certain life.

As soon as the screen turned, the dream changed again.

Xu Shiyan returned to a very familiar place, which was his home in his previous life, the building that was demolished and returned, and the funeral was going on downstairs.

After the funeral was over, the eldest daughter of his family called her younger brothers, sisters, and uncles and aunts together.

In the previous life, the Xu family’s old house was the one in front of the martyr’s tomb.

The old house has adobe walls and linoleum paper roofs, and it has been in disrepair for a long time.

Later, Xu Jinping paid for the refurbishment. There were four main rooms, and the second floor was built, and five wing rooms were built.

In the east, there are warehouses and warehouses for goods processing, and in the west, a bath and hair salon are built, and people are hired to work.

The yard has also been tidied up and set up with a steel-frame glass shed, where various machines for processing ginseng have been installed, and the license and procedures of the processing factory have also been completed.

So when it was demolished, the house was worth a fortune.

There are so many houses in front and back, as well as stores and processing plants. Excluding a building of about 70 square meters, there are still more than 1.2 million left.

It was this money that killed Xu Shiyan.

In the dream, Xu Jinping called the shots and gave Xu Shixian and other four families 50,000 yuan each.

"Uncle, Uncle Fourth, Uncle Fifth, my mother is gone these years, and Uncle and Uncle take care of our family a lot.

The old house did have a share of my milk, but my milk is gone, this share should be divided among five people including my father.

My dad is gone now, and his share belongs to us, and this is all the rest. "

Xu Shixian and others did not expect that the third child would disappear because of the house demolition funds.

How can I ask for this money at this time? So one by one shirked not to.

Xu Jinping insisted on giving it, and in the end these few companies also took it.

For the remaining one million, Xu Jinping kept 400,000 and the house for herself, and 600,000 was divided between Xu Jinmei and Xu Haichao.

Xu Haichao's daughter-in-law was not too happy about it. She wanted to get more points, but Xu Jinping gave her a stare and scared her back.

"That's it, do you like it or not.

Xu Haichao, remember, take the money and get out of here, and don’t appear in front of me from now on.

My father and mother never gave birth to a son like you, and I don’t have a brother like you either. "

During the few days of the funeral, Xu Jinping cried countless times, and now she decided to sever ties with her younger brother.

"Sister, don't do this, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong. I don't want this money, I don't want a penny."

Xu Haichao knelt in front of his sister and wept bitterly.

But Xu Jinping refused to forgive his younger brother no matter what, so he divided up the money and gave it to his younger brother and daughter-in-law, and then drove the younger brother and his wife away with a big broom.

The scene in the dream changed again, and Xu Shiyan saw a man proposing to his eldest daughter.

Look carefully, the face is very familiar, it seems to be Yang Haoyu.

"I have called you sister since the first grade of elementary school, and I have called you sister for thirty years.

From now on, I don't want to call you sister anymore, I want to call you daughter-in-law.

Jin Ping, I was stupid at the time, we missed it for so many years.

Now, give me a chance, I will accompany and protect you for the rest of my life, and we will grow old together, okay? "

That man said so.

"Hao Guo, stop talking, I can't promise you.

I am doing well now. I am rich and have a daughter. My mother and I can live a good life.

You should hurry up and find a girl of similar family and younger age to get married. Aunt Yang is still hoping that you will marry a wife and have children soon. "

That man's name is not Yang Haoyu, but Yang Haoguo, but he looks clearly Yang Haoyu.

Xu Jinping and Yang Haoguo are elementary school classmates, and they have been at the same table since the first day of the first grade.

Yang Haoguo was born with dystocia and was weak. He almost had no support. When he got older, his health was not good. He was thinner than his peers and was always bullied at school.

Xu Jinping, who has been aggressive since she was a child, has always protected her deskmate and beat up those boys who bullied him.

One day, Yang Haoguo was bullied and cried. Xu Jinping came back to help revenge, coaxed Yang Haoguo, patted his chest and said, from now on, my sister will help you. Whoever bullies you, my sister will beat him.

Then, Yang Haoguo, who was crying, really called her sister.

In the dream, every scene is like a movie.

Xu Shiyan saw his daughter and the boy named Yang Haoguo. The two had been sitting at the same table since elementary school, and they got along very well.

Although they were not in the same class in the first two years of junior high school, they participated in competition training and went to competitions together.

During the high school entrance examination, Xu Jinping came first and Yang Haoguo came second.

The two went to high school together, one was in class one and the other was in class two, and they got along so well.

Until something happened to the Xu family, Xu Jinping had to drop out of school, while Yang Haoguo was admitted to the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Yang Haoguo still often wrote back letters, but Xu Jinping was busy at home at that time and couldn't attend to reply letters, so the two gradually lost contact.

Later, I heard people say that Xu Jinping got married, and Yang Haoguo was lost for a long time.

Later, when I got older, my family urged me to get married, but I met one after another, and I couldn't get along.

It's been delayed year after year, and it's thirty-seven or eight.

I heard from my classmates that Xu Jinping's father passed away, and Yang Haoguo rushed back from other places to help.

After the funeral, he proposed to Xu Jinping, but was rejected.

Later, Xu Jinping's ex-husband came to pester her again and wanted to remarry, knowing that she was rich.

At the critical moment, Yang Haoguo appeared, beat that guy away, and protected Xu Jinping.

"Sister, give me a chance. From now on, I will protect you and Xiaoxue."

In his dream, Xu Shiyan saw the eldest daughter wearing a wedding dress and marrying that Yang Haoguo.

After marriage, Xu Jinping took her daughter to live in Jilin with Yang Haoguo, and the eldest daughter also changed her name to Yang Xue.

A year later, Xu Jinping, an elderly mother, gave birth to a girl named Yang Xiran.

Yang Xue likes this little sister very much, she hugs her all day and refuses to let go.

"Dad, Dad, Dad, wake up, wake up quickly."

Xu Shiyan was still immersed in his dream, but in reality, the whole family was anxious.

"Haiyuan, what's going on?

Your dad hasn't woken up since he fell asleep yesterday afternoon. He has never slept so deeply. Why can't he wake up? "

Su Anying burst into tears anxiously, people who were fine yesterday can't wake up today.

"Mom, I don't know what's going on now.

My dad's pulse is stable, he doesn't seem to be sick, but he just can't wake up. "

Xu Haiyuan was also dumbfounded, he had never encountered such a thing.

"My dad didn't eat anything messy yesterday, did he take sleeping pills before going to bed?"

"No, your dad always sleeps very well and doesn't need sleeping pills, and our family never had those things."

Su Anying shook her head. She watched her husband lie down yesterday afternoon, without eating anything.

"This is strange, why does my dad sleep so deeply?"

Xu Haiyuan frowned. He had seen so many illnesses, but he was helpless at the moment.

"Otherwise, let's find someone who can read things to see, is my dad aiming at something?"

Xu Haiqing tentatively proposed.

"Nonsense, how can you still believe this? Nonsense."

As soon as he said it, Xu Jinping gave him a hard look.

"Aren't I also in a hurry? Our eldest brother can't do anything, which means that our father is not sick.

It's not that I can't wake up because I'm sick, it's because I rushed to something, or I just scared my soul out of it.

Find someone to take a look, maybe it will be fine? "

Xu Haiqing was so frightened by the second sister's stare that she shrank her neck and muttered in a low voice.

When Su Anying heard that, her eyes widened immediately, "Yes, yes, I'll find someone." As she said that, she was about to go downstairs.

At this moment, Su Anying's phone rang.

Su Anying picked it up in a hurry, and found that it was the cleaner who cleaned his villa in the Pearl Resort.

"President Su, your fox is back.

But I don’t know what’s going on, I’m very irritable, I’m demolishing the house, the leather sofa downstairs has already been crushed by it. "

When Su Anying answered the phone just now, she accidentally pressed the speakerphone. Everyone heard what the other party said.

"Xu Haiqing, hurry up, hurry up and go to the mountain and bring the rascal back."

Xu Haiyuan heard the content of the phone call and hurriedly shouted.

Xu Haiqing was shocked, rushed downstairs without saying a word, and drove away.

In less than forty minutes, Xu Haiqing came back with a fiery red fox in his arms. It was the rascal.

People say that the lifespan of ordinary foxes is seven or eight years, while those in captivity can live up to fifteen or sixteen years.

But it has been 41 years since Lai Pigui met Xu Shiyan in 1977, and he has always been healthy and healthy.

With the development of Donggang, the population is increasing, and rascals don't like to stay at home anymore.

Especially after Xu's family moved to the small building here, Laipigui became very irritable.

Later, when Xu Shiyan saw the situation, he sent the rascal to the villa in the resort area and arranged for someone to take care of it.

The resort area is surrounded by mountains, and the environment is good. There is also a lake there, and there is a small island in the middle of the lake.

Xu Shiyan asked people to specially raise a lot of pheasants, rabbits and so on on the island. The rascal liked the environment there, so he lived there and never came back.

As soon as Xu Haiqing entered the door with Lai Pigui in his arms, Lai Pigui jumped out of Xu Haiqing's arms and went straight to Xu Shiyan's bedroom on the second floor.

When I got to the bedroom, I jumped onto the bed, lay down next to Xu Shiyan, swept away the mania before, and lay there obediently.

"Brother, haven't you seen that this little guy is still a good house demolisher.

The leather sofa in our house is ruined, it has been chewed and torn, and it is beyond recognition. "

Xu Haiqing was amazed when he saw the quiet rascal at the moment.

It wasn't like that when he went to pick it up. This guy was trying to bite someone.

"Leave it alone, let it stay with our dad for a while, let's go, let's go downstairs first."

Xu Haiyuan felt his father's pulse, it was very stable, nothing happened, so he led everyone downstairs.

Everyone didn't have any thoughts, didn't even eat lunch, just sat in the living room downstairs.

It wasn't until late in the evening that I suddenly heard movement upstairs, so I rushed up to the second floor. Sure enough, Xu Shiyan woke up.

Xu Shiyan, who had just woken up, was still immersed in a dream, a little unable to react.

After recovering for a long time, I saw the rascal.

"Hey? Why did you come back? Who brought you back?" Xu Shiyan rubbed Lai Pigui's head in surprise.

Lai Pigui opened his eyes and looked at Xu Shiyan, then called out to him.

"It's weird, it's started again, right?" Xu Shiyan laughed and got up from the bed.

Xu Shiyan was about to go downstairs when he saw his son and daughter Hula rushing up, everyone was very nervous.

"What's the matter with you? What's the matter?" Xu Shiyan was quite puzzled, what is this for?

"Dad, you scared us to death. You slept all day and all night, and we didn't wake you up no matter what.

My elder brother is pinching someone and giving you an injection, but he can’t wake you up. "

Xu Jinping and Xu Jinhui stepped forward and saved Xu Shiyan. This day, they were terrified.

"I slept all day and all night, no wonder, no wonder I had such a long dream."

Xu Shiyan looked at Xu Haiyuan, and then at Yang Haoyu standing outside the door.

Suddenly, he remembered something, "Daughter-in-law, do you still remember Xiaoyu's name? Why is he called Yang Haoyu?"

Xu Shiyan asked Su Anying who came up last.

"Why? It's not that the in-laws want to name the child Yang Haoguo, you say that name is not nice, why not call it Haoyu?"

Su Anying rolled her husband's eyes, "You've been acting like a monster every day, and I don't know what's going on with you, but you can still sleep so dead."

Xu Shiyan smiled, "That's because I still have some things to do in my dream. After I'm done, won't I just wake up?"

Well, I finally rushed to finish writing. Some people said before that why it ended so suddenly, the key is that I suffered from insomnia in those few days, my heart was not good, and I felt flustered when I lay down. I didn't know what was going on that night, and as I wrote it, I wrote it to the end. With these few episodes and postscripts, it can be regarded as making up for some shortcomings.

In fact, there is still something left to write, about the Zhou family, forget it, it’s all **** plot, don’t write it, just leave it at that.

(end of this chapter)