Chapter 77: A New Face

Chapter 77: A New Face

A New Face

The next day, Yoomyeong came down to Suwon with Hansung.

Hansung was initially reluctant, but he couldnt refuse when Yoomyeong affectionately addressed him as Hyung (Brother).

Asking someone who had lived that way for seven years to move immediately was unreasonable.

However, having them spend some time away from that space and letting them see the problem being resolved might change their mind.

Above all, seeing Hansungs kitchen, which seemed unused for a long time, made Yoomyeong want to share a warm meal with him.


Its really Mr. Yoon Hansung. Oh my!

Yoomyeongs mother, Mrs. Park Mi-hye, jumped excitedly like a young girl.

Hello, maam. I apologize for the intrusion.

Dont apologize, its an honor. Please come in. Have you had lunch?

Hansung awkwardly took off his shoes and scratched his head while Yoomyeong carried his suitcase to his room.

I felt indebted

Hansung insisted on bringing something. He held a bottle of whiskey and a set of health supplements in his hands, offering them to her with a bow.

Please take care of me.

Yoomyeong said he brought you here by force for acting studies. Our child is the one whos indebted to you, so why bring gifts? What kind of food do you like?

I eat anything.

Youre too thin. You should gain at least 2kg before you leave our house!N♡vεlB¡n: Unleashing Imagination, One Read at a Time.

Mrs. Parks enthusiastic attitude made Hansung smile slightly. It was a warm atmosphere he hadnt felt in a long time.

A sunny, warm home that explained Yoomyeongs stable personality. His frozen heart felt a bit relaxed.



A little while later, Hansung was amazed as he sat at the dining table.

The table, which was prepared in a hurry after receiving a call in the morning, was filled with steaming soybean paste stew, spicy pork stir-fry with chewy fat, various side dishes, and a thick rolled omelet.

You prepared all this in the time it took us to get here?

These were all at home, haha. Its been a long time since Ive had a reaction like this, so Im excited~ Please eat a lot.

Hansung scooped up a spoonful of stew. The soft tofu and ripe yellow squash glistened, bathed in savory broth. He stared at it for a moment before taking a bite.

Ah, its hot.

The hot soup stung his mouth, the resilient tofu mashed against his cheeks, and biting into the squash released a burst of absorbed broth.

Feeling Mrs. Parks expectant gaze as if asking how it tasted made Hansungs heart grow heavy. It was a taste and atmosphere he hadnt experienced in a long time.

Its really delicious. Your mother seems to be very good at cooking.

Hoho, what are you saying? Its just passable.

Wow youre usually so proud of your cooking, but in front of guests

Shin Yoomyeong!

Hansung scooped a full bowl of rice while watching the playful bickering between mother and son. His throat felt unexpectedly tight.


That evening, Jiyeons jaw dropped when she returned home.

Yoon Yoon Hansung is in my house!


Wounds left unprobed healed at a surprisingly fast pace.

Hansung had feared that leaving that house would cause Bo-eun to fade from his heart, but that was not the case.

Her face still came to mind several times a day, but he could end the feeling with longing before it turned to sadness. Warm homemade meals and smiling faces prevented him from sinking into himself.

Hyung, have some snacks.

Ah. Thank you, Yoomyeong.

It was French toast soaked in egg and fried until golden, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Yoomyeongs mother was clearly determined to fatten him up. Hansung thought that it lucky that the role of Jeong Mong-ju didnt require him to be thin.

Hahaha, youre the best, hyung.


Their lives recently revolved around delicious meals, a compatible colleague, and acting, acting, and more acting.

After eating a hearty meal from the fridge full of side dishes packed by Yoomyeongs mother, they sat down at the dining table with their scripts.

However, they didnt open them. The scripts were now more for jotting down ideas that came up during practice since they had memorized them.

Should we try Scene 48?

Sounds good.

Yoomyeong thoroughly enjoyed his time with Hansung, a colleague committed to acting and a warm, human-like older brother. Living as long as he had, Yoomyeong even sometimes felt that Hansung was more like a friend.

Compared to his past life of forming passive relationships, he now had a real friend in Hansung, someone he could give and take with, challenge, and collaborate with.


A month later, Yoomyeong was in Hansungs car, heading to the film studio.

Today was the main and supporting casts reading for <The Late Goryeo Dynasty & the Early Joseon Dynasty>. It was also the first time the actors would see each other.

The director didnt say anything, but I think he plans to retire after this film.


Director Son Chi-wook had apparently always intended this to be his last film. That was why he was so meticulous in choosing actors and filming intensely, which unfortunately led to the projects downfall in Yoomyeongs past life.

The thought of not being able to finish his last film properly must have filled his final years with regret.

Yeah. All the actors cast are known as part of the Son Chi-wook faction. Even the senior actors, usually in lead roles, accepted supporting or cameo roles. Everyone seems to be anticipating it.

The Son Chi-wook faction.

Director Son, now a more relaxed figure, was said to have been a fierce tiger director in his youth. He created scenes with strict discipline and sometimes scolded the actors if their acting wasnt up to par. But unlike many common directors of the 80s and 90s, he didnt mix personal feelings or insult the actors dignity, earning him much respect.

As a result, those who had worked with him on multiple projects were called the Son Chi-wook faction.

So, does that mean that everyone knows each other and Im the only new face?

Reading Yoomyeongs slightly anxious mind, Hansung smiled mischievously.

Youll get a lot of attention, sure. But theyre all good people, so they wont give you a hard time. Oh, theres one more new face.


They asked me to keep it a secret, so itll be a surprise. Haha, youll see when we get there.

As Hansung playfully dodged the question and Yoomyeong prodded curiously, the car entered the parking lot.


Entering the meeting room, Yoomyeong bowed and greeted everyone loudly.

Hello! Im the rookie actor Shin Yoomyeong. Ill do my best!

Uh-huh. Nice to meet you. Im Kim Jin-Beom. I enjoyed the drama.

Thank you, senior.

Watching the disciplined rookie actor, the senior actors chuckled.

Youre the hottest actor here right now, arent you? My daughter went crazy when she heard wed be in the same project.

Oh no, Im not. Please teach me a lot.

Can I get an autograph later?

Actor Kim Jin-Beom, playing the role of Byun Jung-ryang, and actor Min Gyeong-Guk, playing the role of Jeong Do-jeon, greeted him with a smile. Hansung started engaging in warm conversations with the actors of similar age.

Yoomyeong sat in his designated seat, observing the empty chairs with name tags. The role of Lee Seong-gye was assigned to actor Bae Geohyeong, renowned for his solid build and charismatic acting. Yoomyeong admired him and was thrilled to learn he would be playing Lee Seong-gye.

Then, who could be the last person Hansung kept a secret?

As Yoomyeong was about to shift his gaze to the name tag of another empty seat, the door to the meeting room opened.


A reassuring, warm smile.

The owner of this gentle presence, who seemed to bring the spring sunshine into the room through the open door, was

Ah, hello

Hi, Yoomyeong~

Lee Seon-ha.

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