Chapter 19: It’s just that your damn ears are good, huh?

Chapter 19: It's just that your damn ears are good, huh?

"Congratulations, you have successfully entered the Ghost Apartment instance!"

"This time, you are invited to enter as a guest, with no time limit, no main quest, no final reward, and you can return at any time after leaving the dangerous situation.

"A special reminder, the Ghost Apartment is extremely dangerous. For the sake of guests' safety, please do not walk around randomly. If you, who has no identity, leave the room, you will encounter terrible things."

Damn it!

Looking at the information that emerged in his mind, Alexander almost cursed out loud.

There's even a special reminder, it seems that this Ghost Apartment is not as safe as imagined!

What's even more horrifying is that Alexander didn't appear directly in the room of the female ghost class teacher named Su Rong.

Instead, he was in a narrow and long corridor.

The corridor was empty, with a room at every interval.

From the rooms, occasionally, a shrill scream or a terrifying roar could be heard, followed by a deathly silence.

Above their heads, the old-fashioned white-woven lamps emitted dim light, flickering from time to time.

On the ground, walls, and even the doors of each room, dark red bloodstains were everywhere. Some were rusty iron doors, and some were dilapidated wooden doors.

Some doorways had a few black plastic bags, not knowing what was inside, emitting a foul smell. A few even had dark red viscous liquid seeping out.

The door closest to Alexander had two skull heads hanging on either side, like lanterns, with dark hollow eyes emitting a faint green glow.

The bloodstained doorplate number read 101.

However, on Alexander's invitation, the female ghost Su Rong's door number was 108.

He had to walk at least a dozen steps forward! You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

The dim environment of this corridor was ten or even a hundred times more terrifying than the vengeful spirit school.

Alexander felt his hair stand on end, wanting to hurry to Su Rong's door as quickly as possible, and hurriedly lifted his foot to take a step.


As his right foot landed, a crisp sound instantly made Alexander's hair stand on end.

What kind of ghostly floor is this? Sneakers make more noise than high heels on stairs!

Cold sweat started to run down his forehead.


A sharp scream came from the room on the left, making Alexander's heart jump.

Fortunately, the scream had just sounded once before and didn't cause any changes.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Alexander's mind.

Perhaps the scream was a cover; as soon as it sounded, he could just move forward!

With that thought, Alexander stopped and waited.

Time seemed to slow down, and Alexander finally experienced the feeling of time dragging on.

It was the female ghost head teacher, Su Rong!

Alexander was instantly invigorated, fearing that she might not be at home.

The doorknobs of both rooms turned almost simultaneously.

Alexander's heart raced at that moment.

Finally, the door in front of him opened, and Su Rong's charming face appeared before Alexander's eyes.

Seeing Alexander, the female ghost Su Rong was slightly startled and immediately pulled him in.

"A human! A living person!"

A scream rang out, and Alexander turned his head, taking a last glance at the room next door before entering Su Rong's room.

There was a headless female ghost dressed in white.

More precisely, she couldn't be considered headless, as her head was held in her hand, a pair of lifeless eyes staring fixedly at Alexander.

From those eyes, which were as lifeless as a dead person's, Alexander could only see greed.


The door was tightly closed, and from outside, a cacophony of noises could be heard.

The entire corridor seemed to be boiling, the original silence instantly turning into noise, and the sounds of doors opening rang out one after another.

Now they were in trouble! Alexander's face turned pale.

"Come in, don't worry, there are rules here! They won't dare to mess around!"

Su Rong's reassuring voice rang out, allowing Alexander to breathe a slight sigh of relief.

Subconsciously looking around, it was a very simple living room. On a somewhat old desk were some exercise books. A few wooden stools, and a sofa that seemed to have been bought from a second-hand market, other than that, there was nothing else.

Su Rong seemed to have just taken a bath, wrapped in a towel, with wet hair draped over her shoulders. Apart from her slightly pale skin, she looked no different from an ordinary person under normal circumstances.

On the contrary, her charming face was even more alluring than Isabella's, and her figure was not inferior at all. The delicate drops of water on her collarbone exuded a unique charm.

However, Alexander had no interest in appreciating the beauty, still feeling uneasy.

"I didn't expect you to really come looking for me. Aren't you afraid of encountering danger?"

"Being invited by a beauty, how could I refuse! Besides, it's my beloved beautiful teacher, even if it's dangerous, it's worth it!"

Alexander, who was slightly calmer, blurted out without hesitation.

He hadn't forgotten the purpose of his visit. Apart from looking for ways to increase his strength, his main goal was to improve his favorability, brushing it up to eighty or ninety, or even higher, to see if he could get any useful items.

"Hehe, you have such a sweet tongue!"

The female ghost Su Rong showed a smile on her face, and her favorability instantly changed from 66 to 67.

"You're wrong!"

Alexander's face turned serious, and he decisively shook his head.

"Oh? Where am I wrong?" The female ghost Su Rong slightly frowned.

"My tongue is sweet because your smile has honey on it; your smile is even sweeter!"

Alexander flirted with the female ghost on the edge of provocation, paying attention to Su Rong's favorability changes at all times. However, what excited him was that the favorability kept rising, indicating that Su Rong didn't dislike his behavior.