Chapter 15: Guided Yoga

"Big brother Alexander, I'm Sophia!"

A crisp and sweet girlish voice sounded, making Alexander relieved.

Judging by the voice, it was his neighbor Sophia from across the hall.

The apartment across the way was occupied by a mother and daughter; the mother, Isabella, was in her late thirties and worked as a bank clerk.

Her daughter, Sophia, had just turned seventeen a few days ago and was still in high school.

Opening the door, a youthful and sweet girl with a ponytail appeared in front of Alexander. This material is rooted in n0velbin★

She was just over 1.6 meters tall, wearing a white knitted short top and blue-gray suspenders with jeans.

There were cartoon patterns embroidered on the short top, with her thumbs hooked into the front straps, and her perky chest was already quite sizable. Her smile still had a touch of childish innocence.

In short, the whole impression was youthful, as if looking at her made you feel years younger.

"Sophia, what's up?" Alexander subconsciously pulled up his sleeves to cover the tattoos on his arms and asked.

"Big brother..." The girl pouted, somewhat dissatisfied, "Didn't I just tell you downstairs? My mom just learned a few yoga poses and wants you to come over and give her some pointers, and me too! Sophia wants to learn together!"

"Ha, how could I forget! Let me change my clothes, and I'll be right there!"

Alexander laughed and replied.

In fact, he had only been preoccupied with the horror instance and hadn't really heard what Sophia had said.

Of course, no one with a bit of social intelligence would admit that, let alone Alexander, who was quite sociable. After casually agreeing, Alexander went to his bedroom to change his clothes.

Mainly to better cover his tattoos!

"Let's go!" After changing, Alexander and Sophia directly pushed open the door across the hall.

"Alexander, you're here! Come and see if my pose is correct!"

As soon as they entered, a soft, tender voice came over.

The speaker was naturally Sophia's mother, Isabella.

Despite being close to forty, Isabella's skin was still fair and radiant, and her figure was fantastic.

Everyone else was like that, and naturally, Isabella and her daughter were no exception.

The two families were already on excellent terms. When Alexander learned that Isabella was practicing yoga, he became her theoretical instructor out of concern for her safety, and he could also feast his eyes on the beauty of it all.

Unexpectedly, even little Sophia wanted to learn.

Sophia had perfectly inherited her mother's devastatingly beautiful looks. Although her figure was far from matching her mother's, the youthful charm she possessed was no less lethal to Alexander, who had, in fact, lived two lifetimes.

Watching Sophia happily hop into her bedroom, Alexander couldn't help but swallow hard.

A mother and daughter both in yoga outfits, striking various yoga poses together.

Was this still yoga? It was like heaven!

He was just a child, after all!

Alexander felt that he couldn't endure this torment and wanted to find an excuse to leave.

However, his legs seemed to have their own thoughts, and his mouth was as if glued shut.

He couldn't move, nor could he open his mouth.

Only his eyes were active, making Alexander's heart ache.

"Alexander, what are you thinking? My legs are about to be crushed by your grip!" Isabella felt the force on her legs and shot Alexander a glare.

"Uh... Isabella, I'm sorry, I was lost in thought just now." Alexander quickly let go of her legs.

"One apology isn't enough; you must be punished!" Isabella said, her beautiful eyes swirling playfully. Suddenly, she smiled and said, "I'm tired anyway, so I'll punish you by having you support me as I lean against the wall!

It's a good time to practice a handstand!"

As she spoke, her legs slowly lowered, and her delicate, graspable feet hooked onto Alexander's shoulders on either side of his neck.


A surge of blood rushed to his head, and the faint fragrance at the tip of his nose, combined with the beautiful sight before him, almost caused Alexander to have a stroke.

He was just a child, after all!

Just as Alexander was about to have a nosebleed, a terrified scream came from the bedroom.


Sophia was in danger!