Chapter 297 - 297: Leaving Hong Kong!

Chapter 297: Leaving Hong Kong!

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“Central Financial Street, No. 8, Four Seasons Hotel, Dragon Pavilion!” Zhou Chao glanced at the address sent by Li Hao, didn’t think much of it, and opened the navigation to head there.

Zhou Chao chose the nearest highway, and the journey was smooth, taking about 4.0 minutes before he hurriedly arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel’s parking lot.

“Hey, Li Hao, I’ve arrived. Where are you?” N♡vεlB¡n: Inspiring Minds, Illuminating Souls.

“You’re here already? Just come up to the fourth floor; I’ll come out to greet you!”

“Alright, I’ll come up right away!” Zhou Chao hung up the phone and headed into the Four Seasons Hotel, taking the elevator to the fourth floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, Zhou Chao saw Li Hao waiting at the entrance of the Dragon Pavilion, looking at him.

“You’re finally here! My stomach has been growling!” As soon as he saw Zhou Chao coming out of the elevator, Li Hao rushed over to greet him.

“I had a bit of a delay with something, but as soon as I finished, I rushed over. Sorry about that!”

“I ordered quite a variety of dishes; I heard from Li Yang that you have a particular palate. Tonight, you must savor these delicacies properly.” Li Hao said this as he led Zhou Chao into the Dragon Pavilion.

“The Yinglong Pavilion!” Zhou Chao read the name of the private room, realizing it was not ordinary.

Indeed, as soon as he entered, Zhou Chao was slightly stunned by the decoration inside. How to describe it? Zhou Chao thought for a while before the words “luxuriously magnificent” came to mind.

“This private dining room is incredibly luxurious, isn’t it? Dining in such an environment seems to be secondary!” Zhou Chao couldn’t help but marvel at the opulence of the private dining room.

“This is the best private room at Dragon View Pavilion, and it’s usually not open to the public.”

“Oh, is Dragon View Pavilion owned by your family?” Zhou Chao had just learned about Dragon View Pavilion’s situation.

It was the only restaurant on Hong Kong Island to receive a three-star rating in the Michelin Guide. Combined with its unique decor, it attracted many people. Through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, diners could enjoy the beautiful night view of Kowloon Peninsula while dining.

Once they were seated, Li Hao clapped his hands, and a moment later, the private room’s door opened, and a group of young ladies, dressed in light attire, carried in plates of exquisite dishes.

After the young ladies left, Li Hao said, “Go ahead and taste. How’s the Michelin three-star standard? The Cantonese cuisine here is renowned throughout the entire Hong Kong Island!”

The next morning, around 10 AM, Zhou Chao finally got out of bed.

He had spent the previous night chatting with Jiang Li, and their research was nearly complete. They had gained a better understanding of the situation of left-behind children in the area and their access to education.

They continued discussing these issues until around 1 AM when Jiang Li was too exhausted to continue. Zhou Chao reluctantly ended the call and went to sleep.”

After a simple shower and packing, Zhou Chao left his hotel room.

Sitting in his car, he studied the route. He planned to cross the Peng City Bay Bridge, and if traffic flowed smoothly, it would take him approximately an hour to reach Peng City.

Without further ado, before leaving, Zhou Chao made sure to fill up the gas tank at a nearby gas station. He didn’t want a repeat of the previous situation when he ran out of fuel halfway.

The journey was mostly uneventful, with a slight delay in Tuen Mun, but it only cost him a few minutes. When Zhou Chao arrived in the Nanshan District of Peng City, it was still only 11 AM. He checked in at the Hilton Hotel as usual.

Lying on the sofa in his hotel room, Zhou Chao took out his phone and dialed Wang Feng’s number.

At that moment, Wang Feng was leading a team on patrol, checking the entire semiconductor fab area. His phone rang with a distinct ringtone, and Wang Feng immediately halted his steps.

“Wang Qiang, continue patrolling with your team. Report any incidents immediately,” he instructed before answering the call.

“Hello, Boss!”

“Wang Feng, are you currently at the semiconductor fab area?”

“Yes, Boss. I’m currently leading the team on patrol and inspection.”

“Well, how’s everything going recently?”

“Boss, everything has been normal lately. We haven’t encountered any issues internally.”

“By the way, has the research institute made any recent breakthroughs, and how is the ongoing research progressing?”

“Boss, I’m aware that there have been significant advancements, but I’m not sure about the specifics. Should I check with Director Zhou for more details?”

“No need. I’ve arrived in Peng City. Please come to the Hilton Hotel this afternoon to pick me up.”

Upon hearing that the boss had arrived in Peng City, Wang Feng was taken aback. He was certain that there must have been a significant breakthrough at the research institute for the boss to personally visit. It seemed he needed to pay more attention to the institute’s developments.

“Understood, Boss.. I’ll pick you up this afternoon!”