Chapter 404 - Chapter 404: Sister Wanqing, Are You Little Dragon Girl?

Chapter 404: Sister Wanqing, Are You Little Dragon Girl?

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“That’s right. You’re the one and only Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal.” Su Qianqian nodded.

The Demon Eating Flower asked, “Sister Qianqian, what is the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal?”

Su Qianqian shook her head, and said, “1 don’t know, either. I only heard it from the Journey to the West.”

The Shadow Pig also said, “The Great Sage Equal to Heaven? That sounds so domineering. My Brother Monkey is the Great Sage Equal to Heaven!”

The ill feeling in the Six-Eared Macaque’s heart dissipated because of Su Qianqian’s words.

Actually, the netizens also had a question in their hearts.

Was Sun Wukong or the Six-Eared Macaque the Monkey King in the Journey to the West?

However, to the netizens, the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal was actually the Six-Eared Macaque.

However, that was Journey to the West, and this was the Western Demon Realm.

Although it was not directly related to the Journey to the West, it at least overlapped with many demons and territories.

After all, even the Ginsengfruit had appeared.

Su Qianqian also treated the Western Demon Realm as a demonized version of the Journey to the West.

In the afternoon.

Su Qianqian came to a well.

Su Qianqian had also exchanged for an oxygen bubble from the Heavenly Dao Coin Shop. It could allow Su Qianqian to breathe freely underwater for an entire day.

The Six-Eared Macaque could hold his breath in the water for an hour or two. What he was worried about was not holding his breath, but his combat power in the water.

After all, the Six-Eared Macaque’s swimming ability was very ordinary. He could not exert his strength underwater.

There was even less need to worry about the Demon Eating Flower.

She could soak in the water for an entire day without any problems.

“Master, let the Shadow Pig go down and explore first. If there’s no problem, we can follow, ok?” the Six-Eared Macaque said.

Su Qianqian agreed.

Seeing this, the Shadow Pig jumped into the well with a plop.

Su Qianqian used 1000 li voice transmission.

“Sister Wanqing, are you the little dragon girl?”

Su Qianqian’s words stunned the Six-Eared Macaque again.

As for the Demon Eating Flower, she did not hear clearly. She was poking her head into the well.

“Little dragon girl?” Wang Wanqing repeated, and then asked, “Qianqian, did your father tell you?”

Su Qianqian shook her head, and said, “No, I guessed it.”

Wang Wanqing said, “I only obtained dragon essence and have dragon elephant aura protecting me, I’m not little dragon girl.”

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream were enlightened by Su Qianqian’s words.

“I seriously suspect that Su Qianqian’s words are true!”

“How real is it? Even pearls aren’t that real!”

“Think about it, Wang Wanqing obtained dragon essence and has the dragon elephant aura to protect her body. That means that it’s very likely that she will really become a true dragon?”

“I think she’s still lacking something. Don’t forget, yesterday, Su Yang said that Wang Wanqing might be devoured by the dragon essence. If Su Yang helps her completely fuse with the dragon essence, she might really become a true dragon. Wouldn’t she become a little dragon girl then?”

“F*ck, Su Yang is playing such a big game of chess for Wang Wanqing. Moreover, isn’t Wang Wanqing too f*cking lucky? That’s a dragon, the faith of our Dragon Country!”

The descendants of the Dragon Kingdom all called themselves dragon descendants.

Dragons were the belief of Dragon Country. If Wang Wanqing became a true dragon, wouldn’t everyone worship her?

However, in the hearts of the netizens, the true person to be admired was Su Yang.

The strength of a man who could give Wang Wanqing the fortune of a true dragon was self-evident.

10 minutes later.

The Shadow Pig came out of the well.

“Master, I discovered a secret passage at the bottom of the well that leads to a water-drop paradise «J However, 1 didn’t go in and immediately returned,” said the Shadow Pig.

“Little Pig Bro, did you find any demons in the water paradise 0?” the

Six-Eared Macaque asked.

The Shadow Pig said firmly, “There are demons, and there are many of them. I saw many shrimp soldiers and crab generals, but they didn’t notice me.”

The Six-Eared Macaque took a deep breath. He felt that there might really be a demonic dragon in the water paradise under the Black Dragon Well.

While the Six-Eared Macaque was still hesitating, Su Qianqian had already dived into the well.

Without another word, the Demon Eating Flower followed Su Qianqian’s footsteps and dived into the well.

“Brother Monkey, let’s follow Master quickly.”

With that, the Shadow Pig dived into the well again.

The Six-Eared Macaque no longer hesitated. He immediately followed Su Qianqian.

In the well, the deeper one dived, the lower the water temperature. Moreover, there was a cold feeling.

However, they would soon be able to adapt.

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao’s live-stream were thinking of a problem.

“Su Qianqian’s pink turtle children’s smart watch. Is it waterproof?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not waterproof. In any case, she has 1000 li voice transmission.”

“But the key is that she can only rely on the pink turtle child’s smart watch to call her father.”

“That’s right. We still want to know more about strength and the Otherworld Instance Dungeons from Su Yang.”

Now, the netizens were getting more and more familiar with the Otherworld Instance Dungeons.

Moreover, from the 5-star Otherworld Instance Dungeon to the current 7-star Otherworld Instance Dungeon, the demons, devils, ghosts, monsters, and beasts that appeared had completely exceeded their understanding.

If they had not descended into the 7-star Otherworld Instance Dungeon, how would everyone know that the Western Demon Realm coincided with the Journey to the West?

Furthermore, there were many things that they were curious about in the Western Demon Realm.

Just like the Bull Demon King and Ginsengfruit that the Six-Eared Macaque had mentioned.

There was also the personality of the Spider Spirits in the Coiled Silk Cave, the Dragon Palace, the Flower Fruit Mountain, and so on.

These were all places that Su Qianqian had never been to before.

There might be such places among the 100 check-in points.

Let’s not talk about the long term.

Just this Black Dragon Well alone might have a high overlap with the Well Dragon King of the Wuji Kingdom.

Perhaps there was really a demonic dragon© in the Black Dragon Well!

Even if there was a demonic dragon, it would not be surprising.

After all, this was the Western Demon Realm of the demon world!

However, the netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream were very curious. If there was really a demonic dragon in Black Dragon Well, what would happen? Was Su Qianqian going to deal with him or take him in?

Or would she eat him?

Su Qianqian had already eaten flood dragon meat, so there was no harm in eating dragon meat, right?

Dragons were mysterious and powerful creatures on the Blue Planet, and they were revered.

However, in the world of demons, dragons were not rare demons.

The Six-Eared Macaque and Shadow Pig were rare enough.

The Shadow Pig was the shadow of a little white pig, thus suppressing the pig demon formed by the little white pig.

Some people discussed online how the Six-Eared Macaque had come about.

Some people said that the Six-Eared Macaque was the Monkey King’s inner demon.

Some people said that Six-Eared Macaque was the real Monkey King.

There were also people who said that the Six-Eared Macaque was the Monkey King of another world, but for some reason, he was born in the same world as the Monkey King.

Therefore, in the Western Demon Realm, the Six-Eared Macaque’s mystery was far deeper than that of a demonic dragon.

At this moment, at the bottom of the well.

Su Qianqian swam into the water.

The deeper they swam, the brighter the light in the secret passage became.