Chapter 370 Unfriendly Competition

Lena's eyes rose to meet Eve's. No, she shouldn't have been there yet. Narrowed eyes darted over to Hester who shared the same expression that took over the Lena's features. Eve was going to be their back up plan. How come she was here when Lena hadn't requested it yet. Who made that call?

"Eve. I don't remember telling you that you should make your way over here." Lena stood up. She didn't know what was going on between the two women but it didn't take a genius to figure out there was some tension.

"No you didn't. I heard though that there was a problem you needed help with and thought why waste time waiting? It seems like I made the right call either way." Eve put her equipment down without waiting for anyone else to approve her presence.

"Wow. The one person in the world that I didn't think that I would be seeing here. Now this gives me a reason to not want to be here." Gabrielle set down the tablet before she even finished looking through everything. Hester was the only thing that stopped her from standing up.

"Hold up. I think that there has been some sort of misunderstanding here. Eve you're the one who shouldn't be here. I  think that it would be best for the time being if you decided to leave." After they got the one person they really needed here, he couldn't afford for her to leave. Hester needed to figure out what to do and fast.

"I understand your role in this situation. I however don't know you that well and thus have no obligation to respond to you. I only came here to off my services at the request of Lena due to her close relationship with Jovani." The petulant woman crossed her arms over her chest.

Both her and Gabrielle were on the same level in terms of not knowing many of the people in the room. Although none of the people in the room gave off the vibe that they were well worth remembering in the first place. Putting names to faces were neither one of the women's specialty unless they did something memorable.

"Lena darling. Are you really going to go about letting this woman talking to me in such a manner? Surely you don't mean to tell me that you anticiapated that the two of us would be working together?" Gabrielle couldn't even bring herself to look at Jovani's fiancé. It would only serve to bring the anger bubbling upinside of her closer to the over boiling point. Yet, just like Eve, she couldn't quite bring herself to look over at Lena either. The Red Scorpion Princess appeared as though she weren't even giving their bicker a shred of her attention.

"I was just about to ask the same thing. Especially since this would be the second favor I am doing for you on top of the job I'm already working on."  Hester opened his mouth to interject one more when the sound of loud, harsh laughter broke the silence. The sound echoed around the room with such a genuine ring to it one couldn't even mistake it for being forced. Hester's dropped expression indicated that out of everyone in the room, only he knew what that sound meant.

"You know, I have been dealing with such a large amount of shit over these past few days that one more problem is the last thing I need to be dealing with." Lena dropped the tablet onto her lap to focus on both the women. Her eyes shimmering with something almost akin to delight yet somehow much colder and more deadly.

"I brought the both of you here because there is a job that I want done, you agreed to do it without a second thought. If there were special circumstances that needed to be noted, you should have done it before now." Lena rose from the chair, raising to her full height that seemed more imposing than should've been possible with her small stature.

"If you neither one of you can figure out how to work together, the door is right there. However. Keep in mind that the moment you walk though that door, the Red Scorpion Family will never consider hiring you again. No matter the occasion." Despite the obvious tension between the two women, they both wisely kept their mouth's shut as Lena's eyes scanned over them once more. Lena only continued speaking when it seemed as though neither woman was going to protest.

"If you two cant' figure out how you're going to work together, turn it into a competition if you must. I don't care how you figure it out, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you only have one chance to get it right." Lena turned around to speak with Hester when something grasped her jacket sleeve. Instincts kicked in and without a second thought, the princess lashed out.

Gabrielle barely managed to avoid the well-aimed kicked by a millisecond as she released the Princess's jacket before the tip of the steel-toed boot could make contact with her arm narrowly saving her from a fractured wrist.

"Easy up Princess." Gabrielle took a few steps back to put some space between her and the other woman whose expression indicated that she wouldn't be so generous the second time around.

"I just had one question regarding one of the things that you said. Competition. Are there any rules to follow if were  to implement something of the sort?" The Princess didn't bother answering the question as she turned away.

"That's something that the two of you can figure out if you're going to go through with this. I have more important things to do than babysit the two of you and tell you how to solve your problems. If I wanted to have that job, there are a lot of other people I could have brought in for that." Lena snapped her fingers as an indication that the question signaled the end of the conversation. She didn't have the time to be dealing with such petty issues.

Eve and Gabrielle's eyes locked briefly as both women pulled their gaze away from Lena to gauge their opponent. Competition? If the other wanted to do it… that could add a little something a little extra and worthwhile to the currently disdainful situation they were in.

Why not?

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