Chapter 959: I....

Name:Armipotent Author:HotIce
Chapter 959: I....

"Wait a minute, but we just upgraded the smart base to level 10 like three weeks to a month ago?" Tang Shaoyang remembered that he upgraded the smart base to level 10 after he visited Korea. The reason for the upgrade was for traveling, to get the portal so they could access the sub-region with ease. It was around a month ago before he went for the Trial of the Ancient. How could it be possible that the empire grew this much within a month?

[It's because of the class and the magical fertilizer. I thought Lady Li Shuang put that in the report, Master?]

Tang Shaoyang coughed a few times, "I think I miss it." Of course, he missed the report because he skimmed it over. He did not read the report thoroughly because there were too many words on the paper. He liked it more this way when he heard the report directly; easier to understand than reading millions of words on paper.

[I see… Allow me to explain everything from the start, Master.]

"Please do,"

[First, it's the class Farmer, just like how Lady Elinova got his class, when the people we chose to make a farm repeat their action every day, they got a class, Farmer. The Farmer has a skill that can grow the crops faster. Second, it's the fertilizer from the General Store. The fertilizer contained pure mana that helped us to grow the crops faster and ensure the crops were healthy too. Combining both, we can produce a ton of sugarcane within two weeks. We try to slow down the farm for now because the production is slow without machines. It's just unfortunate we can't buy machines from the General Store. We need people that can design and build the new machine to help with the production.]

Meanwhile, Li Shuang was outside the door of Tang Shaoyang's office. She heard Tang Shaoyang returned from the stroll with her daughter and was now in the office. She knocked on the door, but she received no response, "Maybe he is working on something?" The woman muttered in a low voice before looking up at the ceiling, "Does His Majesty inside, Origin?"

She also did not receive a response from the Smart AI, to her surprise. Origin was the building, the territory, and it should be aware of anything that transpired inside the territory. If its name was called, it usually responded in the next second. This had never happened before and a frown formed on her forehead, "Even if he is doing it, Origin will still inform. Is he ordering Origin to stay silent?"

Her hand moved the door handle. She wanted to take a peek inside the office but hesitated. If Origin was ordered not to inform her of anything, that meant Tang Shaoyang did not want to be disturbed, "Just a peek," She whispered to herself as she gently pushed the door open. The slight gap between the door allowed her to see what transpired inside. She did not see the expected scene in her head, but just a man was leaning on the chair, having a conversation with the Smart AI.

Li Shuang realized why she did not receive a response from Origin. The Smart AI was having a discussion with the Emperor, 'What are they talking about?' It made her curious about what they were talking about because Origin could not listen to her. She listened to the conversation for a full minute.

Her eyes slightly widened after listening to the conversation. Origin explained the Empire's industries, from the basic to the current state. The Prime Minister furrowed her brow. She had included everything in the report to Tang Shaoyang, but why did he ask Origin to re-explain everything?

'Did he not trust me?' The thought appeared in her mind, but then she recalled what Zhang Mengyao had told her about the man on the chair. Before the Game, Tang Shaoyang was just a street thug, someone who knew nothing about the organization and similar stuff. At that time, Zhang Mengyao asked her to help Tang Shaoyang to develop the Empire because the Supreme General also knew nothing about the management.

Li Shuang quickly realized, what if Tang Shaoyang was presented with a stack of papers with the report? Would he read everything?

'I see; he read the most important one and skimmed over the less important ones. The direct explanation will work better for him than just a stack of reports,' The Prime Minister quickly realized the issue.

[That's the current state of the empire, Master. I don't know anything about the future plan. Lady Li Shuang should know more about the future. Do you want me to ask Lady Li Shuang?]

Li Shuang's eyes brightened. She coughed a few times, making the man inside the office aware of her presence, before pushing the door, "I have knocked on the door, but I don't hear the response, so I take a peek." She quickly explained why she was in the office, "And I overheard your conversation with Origin."

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head in response. He was aware of her presence and pretended not to notice her, "If you overheard our conversation, then you can help to understand our future plan?"

Li Shuang closed the door and approached the man. Midway to the table, she heard a clicking sound, an indication the door was locked. Her mind spun around as her face brightened. Instead of sitting on the opposite side, she approached Tang Shaoyang and sat on his lap. Of course, the man welcomed her with his two hands open. She wore a light blue blazer with a white shirt inside, and a skirt matched her top. As she sat on her man's lap, the skirt was pulled up and showed her smooth thigh.

Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes, "This is going to be hard to focus on," he said as he placed his hand on her smooth white thigh. Li Shuang responded with a charming smile, "There's a popular skill called multitasking. That should not be hard for you."

His hand was about to crawl to her belly, but he stopped midway as he recalled the terrible feeling in the throne hall. The feeling just struck him without any notice and wiped away his mood. He held her on the waist and placed her on the table, facing Li Shuang face-to-face. The guilt came back to him, and he felt like he must do something before they continued. A slump in his heart made him uncomfortable.


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