Chapter 646 Sage

Although Pearl already obtained a way to create her own Divinity, they still possess some traces of Vale's Divinity.

Because of this problem, whenever Vale failed to suppress his Celestial Physique, they would have some strange attraction to each other.

This was especially true after Vale transcended from a Half-Celestial to a Shadow Celestial.

"I just finished training with my new physique... I forgot to suppress it before going out." Vale said, followed by a soft chuckle.

"Don't worry about it. Soon, I won't be affected by that... Once I have transformed half of my energy into Divinity, I'll also be an Immortal. You no longer have to suppress it for me again." Pearl said with a mysterious smile on her face.

"Is that true? How are you able to do that?" Vale asked with curiosity. He really had no idea how Pearl was capable of mastering Divinity faster than him!

To be honest, he only completely mastered his Divinity after his transcendence and became a Shadow Celestial, and he no longer had to do the daily training Pearl arranged for him.

"That's something to do with my Spirit. You can't copy my method. In any case, I can see that you've already mastered your Divinity as well. I think you can also produce your Divinity at this point."

"Ah? I didn't notice that... Can I do it now?" Vale muttered as he tried inspecting his body.

Because of his sources of Divinity, like the Immortal Corpses and the Immortal Shards, he had forgotten about the matter of having his own Divinity.

However, as he was reminded by Pearl, he couldn't help but feel excited...

"It's not something you have to do. It's something that will happen naturally. However, the Divinity you can produce depends on your physique..." Pearl added.

"That makes sense... Just like what you said, the Divinity within me is no longer staying still in my body... It's actually flowing in a circle within my body." Vale muttered after finishing his introspection.

With this, he could upgrade his Celestial Arts without much burden!

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As the carriage moved, a bat could be seen following behind without creating any noise.


It didn't take long before Chad arrived at the Royal Palace, and was greeted by the guards. They recognized him immediately as these guards were the previous rebels.

After all, Chad was one of the "merchants" in the Merchant Airship from the mysterious castle

Then, Chad was guided by one of the guards to Marquis's chamber.

After the Knight knocked on the door and introduced Chad, a voice answered from behind the door.

"Come in, Chad. I've been expecting you." The Marquis said.

As Chad entered the chamber, he saw the Marquis sitting on a couch, surrounded by books and papers. He was a middle-aged man, with brown hair and a beard. He had a sharp and intelligent face, and he wore a purple robe and a gold ring.

After taking over the kingdom, he certainly had a lot of work to do, and crowning himself would still take a few more days.

Chad smiled, and bowed.

"Good day, Marquis Morgan. It's a pleasure to see you again. I have brought you the Dragon Scales and Blood that you requested from Sir Vale before..." He said.

He then took out a bag and opened it. He showed the Marquis the Dragon Scales and Blood, and saw his eyes widen.

The Marquis was amazed, and he stood up. He walked towards Chad, and took the bag from him. For a moment, he examined the Dragon Scales and Blood, and felt their power and quality.

"Amazing, Chad. These are the real deal. I've never seen Dragon Scales and their Blood before, but I can tell that this has an incredible quality." He asked.

Chad shrugged and said. "Vale's Dragon must be incredible then... Can we proceed with the trade now?"

"Of course... However, before that, may I ask if you know someone called Sage Merlin?"