Chapter 1072 He must be very rich

“Oh, let’s hear it.” Wang Ye raised his eyebrows.

 He had known that the Lucky Clan had secrets.

 The induction of the Necromancer Lord is impossible to make mistakes.

 In the hands of the Good Luck Tribe, there must be something like the Immortal Crown, which is related to the Undead Tribe.

Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, took out a huge piece of black spliced ​​fragments. It was full of cracks and was made up of countless fragments.

 The edges do not match, but are hard-joined by the special rule power of the Heavenly Way of Death as an adhesion.

“Belfry of the Dead?” Wang Ye understood instantly.

 This should be the glazed bell tower that appeared in the land of visions that the Lucky Tribe mentioned before.

 After the fragmentation, many innate realm elements appeared, which were competed for by various ethnic groups.

 The lucky people are also funny.

Heavenly Yuan Yuan is not enough, turning to grab the fragment of the bell.

 Were they accidentally hit by them?

 It's really good luck.

Wang Ye could clearly feel the powerful death energy contained in the black spliced ​​fragments.

 It is very similar to the Immortal Monarch!

 But it is incomplete and has one thing that is very different.

 The fragments contain a powerful will!

 There is no immortal monarch.

 To be precise, his will may be merged with the immortal crown.

 Wang Ye’s eyes flashed with light.

nice one!

 There are two possibilities here.

Or, the black splicing fragment, like the undead crown, also contains one of the patron saints of the undead.

 But he is more powerful than the Immortal Monarch, at least more than the strongest one at the top!

The powerful will I feel is the fusion of the divine object and the will of the undead.

 Either, there is another secret!

 Suddenly, Wang Ye felt his heart tremble.

 Can clearly feel the fear from the bottom of the heart of the undead lord.

Even if it is only contained in the spliced ​​black fragments, just a small part of the coercion and residual will, it will give him nowhere to stay!

very different!

 It feels completely different from facing the immortal monarch!

This thing is really extraordinary.


Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, put away the black fragments and spliced ​​them together.

Looking closely at Wang Ye.

“So, what clue is this?” Wang Ye sneered.

Hao Aiji, the king of the tribe, said: "I don't know the details, but if we can get more bell tower fragments, maybe we will have some clues."

"It's just maybe." Wang Ye shook his head: "Maybe it's just an ordinary undead artifact."

Hao Aiji, the king of the tribe, shook his head: "This is definitely not an ordinary divine object!" He pointed to the red exclamation mark above his head: "The ancestors told us that this must be good luck!"

 “So, we just happened to run into you.”

 Wang Ye asked in surprise: "Can these be connected?"

Hao Aiji, the king of the tribe, said: "Of course, because most of the bell tower fragments were taken away by your Golden Winged God Clan, but the core parts of the divine object happen to be with us."

“If we can become one, I believe that the secret of the Land of Chance will definitely be revealed!”

"This is just your wishful thinking." Wang Ye pointed at the undead monarch: "My undead followers have no reaction to the fragments of the divine artifact."

“If it’s like what you said, how could he be so calm?”

Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, was stunned.

  Looking at the immortal monarch who was surrounded by a strong aura of death, he did not react at all.

  Slightly wavering in my own judgment.

 But he will not show it.

“If you don’t need it, I can sell it to other Golden Wing God Clan.” Clan King Hao Aiji said: “I believe they will be interested.”

Wang Ye smiled and said: "Maybe, this does have a certain value, but it is also limited. When our Golden Wing God Clan army arrives, pushes the three major Chaos Clan, and occupies the entire Land of Chance, these will no longer be important. "

“So what you’re saying is that we don’t want to cooperate because we want too much?” Hao Aiji, the leader of the clan, said.

"I think we can change the way of cooperation." Wang Ye said.

 “I don’t want profit sharing.” Hao Aiji, the leader of the clan, was very direct.

He is so vain that he has no interest. The real thing is to get it.

"In that case, how about direct cooperation?" Wang Ye said: "Everyone shares information and advances and retreats together. If we find an opportunity, each can take it according to his own ability."

 “No.” Hao Aiji, the leader of the clan, refused without hesitation.

Now that we know that the army of the Golden Wing God Clan has arrived, it would be foolish to fight for the opportunity.

Even with the protection of the Golden Winged God Clan, who knows whether they will turn against each other and backstab in the end.

  It is the right way to accept it as soon as it is good.

"That's it." Wang Ye pondered slightly: "Let me think about it, 10,000 Chaos Crystals is not impossible."

 “Oh?” Hao Aiji, the clan king’s eyes lit up.

"It's just that I don't have that many now." Wang Ye spread his hands: "I have to wait until I return to the Great Le God Realm and ask my father to get some."

 “This—” Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, showed hesitation.

“Why, you can’t trust me?” Wang Ye smiled scornfully: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t cooperate, but you can’t question the integrity of my Golden Wing God Clan.”

“You can go to the Great Le God Realm to inquire about it. I, King Jin Jiaodai, have always told me that I have the strongest commitment!”

 “Let me think about it.” Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, said.



 The glazed ice realm.

 The five strongest members of the Lucky Clan formed a circle.

 “What do you think?” Hao Aiji, the leader of the clan, is still very democratic.

Hao Jia hesitated and said: "I'm afraid that the Golden Wing God Clan will eat it up and wipe it clean, and they will fall out faster than turning the page of a book."

"Probably not." Hao Yong said: "The Golden Wing God Clan still needs a reputation. Besides, the Golden Wing God Clan we are cooperating with currently seems... not very powerful?" "No, he has a lot of background." Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, said: " I have never seen the Golden Winged God Clan of the Lord of High Dimensions possess golden wings comparable to the Holy Treasure of Chaos."

"And he also has the strongest subordinates. He is definitely not an ordinary Golden Winged God."

Hao Yong was confused and said: "But he only has an ordinary supreme human and spirit race, plus a peak supreme undead creature and the strongest undead race, which is not impressive at all."

"It should have been injured in the confrontation with the three major Chaos tribes." Hao Aiji, the king of the tribe, said: "That's why he said that reinforcements were coming, but he didn't want to waste time waiting."

 “What do you think, Hao Da?”

"I think we can give it a try." Hao Da thought for a while: "Not only can we get a decent reward, but we can also increase our family connections and open up social networks. There is no harm in it. Anyway, we can evacuate at any time if we encounter danger."

“But won’t he be able to afford the reward in the end?” Hao Jia worried: “Then wouldn’t our work be in vain?”

Hao Aiji, the king of the clan, said: "The divine item that can summon the strongest of the undead is worth more than 10,000 chaos crystals. There are also golden wings that are comparable to the holy treasure of chaos. The cost of smashing them is far more than 10,000 chaos crystals." .”

 “Don’t worry about that, he must be very rich.”

“Furthermore, such a prestigious Golden Winged God Clan cherishes its reputation very much and will never refuse to pay for a mere 10,000 Chaos Crystals.”

“King Jin Jiaodai not only has the surname Jin, but also has the title of King of the Golden Wing God Clan.”

 “This is our good luck!”


 Glass hut.

 “Do you really want to cooperate with the Good Luck Clan?” King Gu Dao asked.

“Free combat power, why don’t you want it?” Wang Ye asked.

“Can you get 10,000 Chaos Crystals?” King Gu Dao asked.

Wang Ye grinned and said, "I don't even have 1 Chaos Crystal in my pocket."

 The King of Ancient Swordsmen: “…”

Lingshu couldn't stand it anymore: "Aren't you just lying?"

"How could it be?" Wang Ye shook his head: "I don't have it now, but that doesn't mean I won't have it in the future. Maybe I will have it after I leave the land of chance. Can't I just give it to them then?"

 “It’s just a loan.”

Lingshu said: "But what if we don't get the chance?"

"That's definitely because they brought me bad luck, and I still have to settle accounts with them!" Wang Ye said seriously, and his voice changed: "Anyway, the one who agreed to them is the Golden Horn King. It has nothing to do with me, Wang Ye."

 Lingshu: “…”

Wang Ye smiled and said: "But having said that, with the addition of the Lucky Clan, we will have six of the strongest people here."

“It’s not very strong in terms of combat power, but at least it’s a small force, and it’s basically worth it when it comes to other high-dimensional ethnic groups.”

"The ones that can pose a big threat to us are the Golden Winged God Clan and the three Chaos Clan."

“We’ve almost got our ticket to the land of opportunity.”

King Gudao said: "But they are still discussing, I don't know if they will agree."

"Definitely." Wang Ye said with a smile: "They still have fragments of the bell tower with them, the core components of the divine object. This is a super good thing. If they want to abandon it like this, they will definitely be reluctant to part with it."

Lingshu said: "But can it be sold to other ethnic groups?"

Wang Ye smiled and said: "Those who are qualified to buy it are the Golden Wing God Clan and the three major Chaos Clan. How can they be sold so easily?"

“Besides, this kind of unverified information will not sell for much by itself.”

“Let alone 1,000 Chaos Crystals, even 100 Chaos Crystals is difficult.”

 “They take me for granted.”

Lingshu nodded suddenly.

No wonder the Spiritual Emperor hoped that she could learn more from Wang Ye.

 Dark belly? shameless?

“It’s the ability to play a bad hand well.” Lingshu knew it clearly.

 Anyone can play good cards.

Like the Golden Wing Protoss, if they are powerful enough, they can just push them horizontally.

But Wang Ye had nothing, but he was able to gradually gain a foothold in the huge sea of ​​Hongmeng universe.

At the moment, you may even encounter opportunities in a land of opportunity.

 This is ability.

 Isn’t this what the Eldar need?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Wang Ye blinked at Ling Shu.

  唰! Lingshu turned her head unnaturally: "Nothing."

 After saying that, the figure disappeared in a flash.

Wang Ye looked at the Ancient Sword King, who also looked puzzled.

"I hope the good luck clan can bring us good luck." Wang Ye smiled and said to the King of Ancient Swords: "This is our first shot in the Hongmeng Universe Sea. It must be loud and loud!"

“Certify the name of mankind in the original universe!”


 It didn’t take long.

 The lucky people were not shy and responded quickly.

However, they can only help if they can, and will evacuate at any time if they encounter fatal danger.

 Wang Ye agreed.

 10,000 Chaos Crystals, bought the 5 strongest members of the Good Luck Tribe, plus 33 supreme usage rights.

 It’s a bit expensive.

 But at least it’s free now, right?

 After that, that is what happens later.

 In addition to the expansion of our own combat power, we also got something that even the Good Luck Tribe themselves may not know how useful it is—

Necromantic Bell Tower, core fragment!