Chapter 989 Wake up, Spirit Tribe!

 Time and Space Star, the main hall of the Spirit Clan.

 The Spiritual Emperor was sitting on the throne with a serious look on his face.

With only the closest concubine beside him, Nuo Da's palace was completely empty.

“Emperor Ling, the Li clan has succeeded.” Ling Shu said lightly.

"I know." The Spirit Emperor's voice was calm, hiding complex emotions.

 Sighing softly, Emperor Ling smiled and shook his head.

 All along, they have regarded the Li clan as part of their plan, thinking about how to use them to gain a foothold in the high-dimensional universe.

But they didn’t expect that the Li Clan was one step ahead of them and captured the Original Chaos Star.

 Once, they looked down on the Celestial Clan, and ended up being destroyed by the Celestial Clan.

 Too confident.

 Today is different from what it used to be.

The Dark Tribe suffered a big loss.

Whether it’s the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance or the Spirit Clan pretending to be the supreme one, the Celestial Clan would rather kill the wrong one than let go.

 Now he is already a member of the special heavenly clan.

 The Li Clan's matter is over, he naturally wants to deal with the Spirit Clan and the Celestial Clan.

 War sometimes has many contingencies.

 But what Emperor Ling said hit the nail on the head.

 Lingshu bit her lip.

The relationship with Bea is known to everyone, and King Tianjia has acquiesced.

 Now, they look down on the Li Clan, and as a result, the Li Clan has gained a foothold.

 In the Eldar clan, the internal fighting is too fierce.

Ever since the Spirit Clan appeared, the Celestial Clan has been directly targeting them.

 The Celestial Clan’s vigilance must be stronger!

  I’m not sure, the strongest person in the Hongmeng Universe Sea has been urgently summoned to return!

 For them, it will become more and more difficult.

"Night King." The housekeeper An Lingna was waiting at the door early in the morning.

Wang Ye smiled and said hello: "Sister An, is King Tianjia back?"

 The Celestial Clan’s defense against the Spirit Clan was successful.

It is precisely because of the mad dog-like pressing of the Celestial Clan that although the Eldar Clan has taken some advantage, they have never made much progress, and their plans are constantly changing.

 The Li clan has won.

 The king returns at night.

If they cannot win this battle as soon as possible, not only will their vitality be severely damaged, they will even no longer be able to gain a foothold in the high-dimensional universe!

"The Li clan is more united than us." Linghuang said: "The clan has stronger cohesion and will not have its own agenda. It can charge forward one after another for a goal and will not give up until the goal is achieved."

"The defense is very tight." Wang Ye returned to Youzu Realm and went straight to King Tianjia Garden.

“Damn it, why did the Li clan end so quickly?” Ling Shu gritted her teeth.

 Perhaps the Celestial Clan has been failing and suffering.

Perhaps affected by the defeat of the Dark Clan, the Celestial Clan’s defense is now even deeper.

 “Okay.” Wang Ye said.

 On the contrary, they themselves are still clueless.

 Enter the inner court.



 Ancestral star.

I have been the king of the high-dimensional universe for a long time, and I have forgotten that the reason why I was able to defeat the Li Clan that day was not because the ethnic group was really stronger than the Li Clan.

An Lingna nodded: "I will take you to see him."

 “Yes, Emperor Ling!” Ling Shu responded.

“This kind of spirit is worth learning from our Eldar race.”

 She was not willing to be compared to the Li clan.

"Continue to implement the plan." The Spiritual Emperor sighed softly: "We are almost done here. We have attracted enough troops from the Celestial Clan and informed Emperor Rui that we can take action."

 But as long as it succeeds once, the Eldar will be completely defeated.

 It is very convenient to use the divine divination board to return from the high-dimensional battlefield.

Although the attack is far away from the Time and Space Star and cannot affect the Ancestral Star, the defense of the Youzu Realm is still meticulous and heavily reinforced!

 “It’s the right thing for the Dark Tribe.” Wang Ye shook his head.

  Never slack off.

 The Heavenly Clan’s response to the Spirit Clan is worth learning from the Dark Clan.

Wang Ye soon saw King Tianjia, who was wearing silver-white armor and was imposing.

 Future father-in-law.

"I have met King Tianjia." Wang Ye bowed his head slightly.

"You want to see me if you have anything to do?" King Tianjia's eyes were stern and he was full of fighting spirit.

"Yes." Wang Ye got straight to the point: "King Tianjia, you should know that I have been at the forefront of fighting against the Spirit Tribe, and I have cooperated with King Ai Gao to destroy the Spirit Tribe's plans several times."

King Tianjia nodded: "Tian Yumo once asked me to ask for you, so what do you mean?"

Wang Ye shook his head: "I won't leave. I'm here for the Spiritual Clan this time."

 The ghosts went to Tian Yumo’s command.

 King Tianjia’s eyes lit up: “Do you know where they are?”

Wang Ye said: "Everyone knows that they are hidden in the time and space star, but they don't know their exact hiding location."

"Hmm." King Tianjia said: "The Spirit Clan is very cunning and daring. It would be too naive to enslave the strong men of our Celestial Clan in an attempt to capture the Time and Space Star from within!"

“Ever since they appeared, my Celestial Clan has never let down its guard at all!”

“They want the Xueli tribe to win the natural star, it’s just a dream!”

Wang Ye shook his head: "Their goal is not the time and space star."

King Tianjia was slightly startled: "What do you mean?"

Wang Ye said: "The goal of the Spirit Clan is the Ancestral Star."

King Tianjia narrowed his eyes and his eyes flashed: "How do you know?"

Wang Ye said: "It's very simple. The time and space star is refined by the two strongest people and divided into two. Although it is easier to refine than the single strongest person, it is still much more difficult than the natural star, not to mention that the time and space star is in an excellent position. , protected by the Yuntian Star and the Ancestral Star."

"Under our strict defense, it is difficult for the Eldar to find a chance."

King Tianjia said: "But this is the only chance for the Spiritual Clan. Both the Yuntian Star and the Ancestral Star are controlled by the gods, and they have no chance of refining them."

Wang Ye looked at King Tianjia: "But what if the **** dies?"

 “Nonsense!” King Tianjia slapped the case and stood up, glaring angrily: “Absolutely impossible!”

Wang Ye said: "Although I don't know the specific situation, the temples in the five realms of the Ancestral Star are all dark and the idols are broken. It seems that there are warnings. The Spirit Clan is deeply cultivating the Hongmeng Universe Sea, so it is not surprising to know the inside story."

"If the gods have not died, the spirit race will have no chance." "But if something happens to the gods..."

 No more words, just stop at the point.

Wang Ye knows it, and King Tianjia naturally understands it.

It’s just that the Heavenly Clan has great respect for the gods and does not allow any blasphemy, so that’s why they were so angry just now.

 But in fact, King Tianjia knew more than him.

 “You should step back first.” After a while, King Tianjia said slowly.

 “Okay.” Wang Ye responded.


 Leaving the inner court, Wang Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

This old fox.

King Tianjia is worthy of being the most valued heir of Emperor You.

 Whether it is strength, wisdom or reproductive ability, they are all outstanding.

From his reaction, it can be basically seen that the Celestial Clan is quite wary of the Spirit Clan occupying the Ancestral Star.

 This point may be that the Celestial Clan itself has considered this possibility.

It may also be inspired by the Li clan's capture of the natural star.

 The Eldar Race, the chances are slim.

 Whether they have it or not, their defeat is certain.

 Their only chance is to use all their forces to capture one of the five realms of the Ancestral Star.

 Use the discord and hostility between the five major realms of the Ancestral Star to contain the four major realms, and make a desperate move to win one of them.

 After all, the Ancestral Star is controlled by the five gods, which is equivalent to dividing a cake into five pieces.

  The Eldar still have the ability to win a small piece of cake.

 It’s just…

The Celestial Clan has taken precautions now, but it may not work.

Even if it is successful, one-fifth of the ancestral star may not be able to be held after the Spirit Race takes over.

Helping the Eldar?

Wang Ye smiled.

 I am not the strongest, so I cannot help the Spirit Clan.

 Instead of adding icing on the cake, it is better to add insult to injury and get some benefits first.

 However, it is timely assistance.

 Haughty like the Eldar, they don’t take any ethnic group seriously.

Without giving them a profound lesson and stepping their arrogant heads into the mud, they will never change their attitude and cooperate with themselves and the Li clan.

Do you still think you are the center of the high-dimensional universe?

 Wake up, Eldar!

 You are the defeated generals!


 Depart from Tianjiawang Garden.

 Wang Ye went to Senzu Realm and met Xiaopi.

Compared to King Tianjia, Xiaopi really had no idea. His eyes widened and he was confused for a long time.

 “Really, seriously?” Piepo looked ugly.

 “Eight or nine are inseparable from ten.” Wang Ye said: “Didn’t your father come back?”

Piebolian said: "I will notify him immediately! Thank you very much, brother Ye, you are really my blessed general! If you can make great achievements this time, I will definitely reward you!"

Wang Ye smiled and said, "Brothers, you're welcome."

Piepo said sternly: "If you want, you can choose any of the women from the Celestial Clan in our Polo Mansion! Let's not talk about it for now. I will go find my father immediately. Then you and I will fight side by side!"

 “Okay.” Wang Ye said.


 Return to the Youzu Realm.

 Wang met the girls at night.

 Teach them to protect themselves.

Once a war breaks out, it is bound to be chaos.

 He can only do his best to protect.

 After all, the Tian Clan has quite a few girlfriends.

 Waiting for the Eldar army to attack.

I don’t know what method they will use to attack the ancestral star, nor which realm they will attack.

Wang Ye was also curious.

 “Beep.” The badge sounded.

  From King Ai Sao.

 “Where are you now, Brother Ye?” King Ai Gao asked urgently.

 “I’m in the Ancestral Star.” Wang Ye said.

 “Huh?” King Ai Gao was startled for a moment: “What are you doing in Ancestral Star?”

Wang Ye laughed dumbly: "I originally belonged to the ancestral star."

"Oh...I forgot about it." King Ai Gao thought about it and said: "It's not important. Brother Ye, you are so powerful. How did you know that the Spirit Tribe is hiding in the Time and Space Star?"

Wang Ye said: "Part of it is intelligence, part of it is inference, and part of it is guesswork."

"Awesome!" King Ai Gao said: "Then do you know the exact location of the Spirit Tribe? These **** guys are really good at hiding! The Time and Space Star made such a big movement, but I didn't find any trace of them!"

Wang Ye said: "We can't find it. Until the chaos of the time and space stars ends, you may not be able to find even half of the spirit race."

King Ai Gao was stunned: "What do you mean? Don't the Spirit Clan want to refine the time and space star? How can they refine it if it doesn't appear?"

Wang Ye said: "If you want to refine, you won't make a big fanfare. Wouldn't it be more direct to attack the core area? Now shooting east and west is obviously to cause trouble, create more noise and divert attention."

King Ai Gao said: "What do you mean..."

Wang Ye said: "Like the Li Clan, the Time and Space Star is not the goal of the Spirit Clan. The real goal of the Spirit Clan is the Ancestral Star. Sir, if you want to kill the Spirit Clan and obtain heavenly power, don't waste time. Come to the Ancestral Star now, maybe able-"


There was a loud sound in the sky.

Endless darkness shrouds the ancestral star as if the end is coming!

Wang Ye raised his head with sharp eyes and said to King Ai Gao: "It's too late."

 “The Spirit Tribe is coming to kill!”

 (End of this chapter)