Chapter 825 Found you!

Zhenbao Temple Jedi.

“Wang Ye really said that?” Jasmine Tianzun asked.

"Yes." The Blood Knife King paused: "He didn't ask me for the Holy Jade, he just briefly told me this speculation."

"Then it must be false!" King Sharp Blade said solemnly: "If the source of the information is really reliable, why wouldn't he take the opportunity to make another fortune? After all, Yuan Gu Star has nothing to do with our infinite killing world."

“But I think it’s not impossible.” Wu Chao Tianzun said lightly.

“Silly brother, just believe what others say.” Wuhun Tianzun pointed to his head: “You have to believe in your own judgment.”

“Silly brother, didn’t we choose to come to Zhenbao Temple because of Wang Ye’s message?” Wu Chao Tianzun glanced at him.

"What did you say!"

The two brothers started fighting each other again.

The Blood Knife King was silent in thought.

"I think... what Wang Ye said is possible." Jasmine Tianzun said.

"Don't be stupid." King Sharp Blade said coldly: "Are so many human supreme forces stupid? Is the entire Celestial Clan just a decoration? They understand the Eldar Clan far better than we do!"

“But…” Jasmine Tianzun said.

“Okay, continue the investigation and follow the Celestial Clan closely.” The Blood Knife King made the final decision.

It’s not that I don’t believe Wang Ye.

But he was firmer in his judgment.

Let’s see who is right!

The ancient ruins are desolate.

Five people from the human virtual universe gathered in a group.

“What do you think?” The only one with bright eyes.

"I don't know." Senior Sister Hong Ya shook her head: "You can decide."

Brother Lu Yicheng shook his head: "This is always just Wang Ye's own guess. He went against the grain. We are acting based on evidence. I don't think our current investigation direction is wrong."

Zhao Ningxin said: "I believe Brother Wang Ye."

“Kaba kaba.” Zang Dawei gnawed on the meat.

The only one said: "First of all, Wang Ye's character is not a problem. We have performed tasks together, so he can be trusted."

Everyone nodded.

"As for his speculation..." Wei Wei said: "In my personal opinion, I think the possibility of his speculation is very high."

"Although there is no evidence, he clearly explained the behavior of the Eldar."

“Looking at the chessboard, the last move on the colorful islands is definitely the highlight!”

Senior Sister Hong Ya nodded: “You can give it a try.”

Senior brother Lu Yicheng said: "If you are right, you will make money. If you are wrong... just return Wang Ye's favor."

Zhao Ningxin showed a charming smile.

Great, she can fight side by side with Brother Wang Ye again!

“Kaba kaba.” Zang Dawei’s mouth was full of oil.

“That’s the decision.” The only one is very decisive.

“Let’s go now!”


“Are you going to Colorful Islands?”

Shaozang Tianzun and Ying Tianzun looked at Nine-Tailed Beilei.

“Yes.” Nine-tailed Beilei showed a charming smile: “Go and help Wang Ye.”

“Junior sister, do you believe him so much?” Senior Brother Fu Fei looked complicated.

"Believe it." Jiuwei Beilei smiled and said, "But this is my own choice, senior uncle and senior brother, you don't have to accommodate me."

“Let’s go together.” Shaozang Tianzun said.

“Huh?” Senior Brother Lu Mingxuan was stunned.

Ying Tianzun said: "Don't put your eggs in one basket. In the infinite killing world, there are many teams in Zhenbao Temple. It's hard for us to get anything if we stay here."

“But if the final refining site is really located on the Colorful Islands, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“You might as well listen to the advice and take a gamble and see...”

“Can you use small things to make big things happen?”



Wang Ye, return to the colorful islands!

The group of people waited and looked around the environment.

The colorful islands today are completely different from those before.

“A lot has changed here.” The Phoenix Lord said with emotion.

“It’s very deserted.” Lord Bing Xin said.

“There’s not even a ghost.” Qi Qiqi smiled and said, “Junior brother, you are right, this place has indeed been ignored!”

Wang walked at night and looked around: "Two consecutive appearances of the Holy Spirit have already exhausted the potential of the colorful islands. Every island has been turned upside down, and no one will come back."

“There may be undiscovered treasures in the Cemetery of the Holy Spirit.”

“But this place has long become a barren land.”

The Lord of Ice Heart asked: "What should we do now?"

“Let’s go to the underwater cave on the central island first,” Wang Ye said.

Return to the old place.

The traces of the fierce battle still remain.

Everything inside has not changed at all, and it seems that no one has been here since then.

Wang Ye carefully observed every part of the underwater cave.

Don’t miss any clues.

Especially the spiritual energy transformation array.

“It hasn’t been touched.” Wang Ye originally had a glimmer of hope.

Hope that the Self-Strengthening National Alliance will come over to recycle this large array that was built with a lot of resources and materials.

As long as you have been here, you will have clues.

But the Eldar were as expected, very cautious.

“How is it?” Lord Bingxin appeared beside him.


Wang Ye glanced at the icy beauty with a clear heart.

She seems to be getting closer to herself.

"No clues." Wang Ye said: "The first secret base of the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance is very hidden." "Perhaps we can find the location of the Holy Spirit?" Lord Bing Xin said.

"Who has experience in the first time? They were scratching here and there and couldn't determine the exact entrance of the cave." Wang Ye paused: "Unless you find the first cultivator who took away the treasure of the Holy Spirit."

“I don’t know who it is.” Lord Bing Xin said.

“I don’t know what kind of treasure it is.” Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

The two of them fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, there was a wave of fluctuation outside the underwater cave.

Wang Ye was slightly surprised and his figure flashed.

Looking at the five familiar figures, I couldn't help but smile.

A friend is coming from afar!

“My only brother.” Wang Ye greeted with a smile.

“Brother Wang Ye.” The only one nodded.

Seeing Wang Ye walking towards him, he was a little stunned for a moment.

He doesn’t like physical contact with people very much.

But wouldn’t it be a little bad to reject Brother Wang Ye like this?

He saw Wang Ye walking past him and hugging Zhao Ningxin warmly.

Hand stretched out half way, he took it back with some embarrassment.

“I’m so happy to see you.” Wang Ye said to everyone with a smile.

“Yes, we can fight side by side again.” Senior Sister Hong Ya held the glittering giant mallet in her hand.

"I didn't expect you and Weiyi to be together, Brother Wang Ye." Zhao Ningxin said with a smile: "We just arrived at Colorful Islands, so we went straight here."

Wang Ye held Zhao Ningxin's hand and said, "But I didn't find any clues."

Yi Wei looked at Wang Ye: "What's the plan?"

"No." Wang Ye said: "As I told you before, these are all speculations, but I am glad that you trust me."

"It's not just trust." The only one with glaring eyes said, "I feel the same as you, you will die if you are exposed to heat. I never thought that the Spirit Race would take such a big risk and refine it in the Jedi or the core of Zhenbao Temple."

"Yes." Wang Ye nodded: "The colorful islands are the most likely, and the first secret base is the key!"

"I have spread the news through the church, looking for the first clue of the Holy Spirit." The only way: "I believe there will be gains under the heavy reward."

Working with smart people saves trouble.

Wang Ye nodded: "I will go to the bottom of the sea to find other caves to see if there is any weak energy reaction."

The largest area among the colorful islands is not the ground.

But the bottomless bottom of the sea!

There is an endless huge area where secret bases can be built.

And, it’s hard to find!

“Okay, keep in touch.” said the only way.

Let’s split up!

Wang Yezhi is now looking for a needle in a haystack.

With the caution of the Eldar, they must be very low-key now.

“The energy contained in the seabed is too great.” Wang Ye lamented.

The majestic innate energy is contained in the sea water. Even if some weak energy leaks from the secret base of the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance, it is difficult to identify it.

If you can't find any clues, you will be very passive.

At that time, we can only wait for the end of the Jedi Holy Spirit phase in Zhenbao Temple.

The moment the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance transfers energy through the spiritual energy transfer array, the siphon can be sensed.

But by that time, it was already too late.

And the location distance may be very far away.

Himself, beyond reach.


The news came.

From Second Senior Sister.

Sent him the contact information of other teams in Yuan Gu Star.

Several high-dimensional lord teams that were originally searching for the Jedi at Zhenbao Temple have arrived at the Colorful Islands one after another.

No unnecessary politeness, just concerted efforts.

Yuan Gu Xing has always been consistent with the outside world.

A race against time!

Wang Ye is searching.

The only one is looking for.

Several teams of high-dimensional lords from Yuan Gu Star are also looking for it.

However, the colorful islands are too big!

To be precise, the ocean is too deep!

Seeing the nine-colored auspicious light gradually disappearing over the Jedi side of Zhenbao Temple, we are getting closer and closer to the refining of the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance...

There is nothing we can do!

“Brother Wang Ye, there is news from the Holy Cathedral. There is a team from the Tower of Babel that has obtained half of the Holy Spirit Statue from the Colorful Isles. Is it of any use to you?” Wei Wei asked.

Half of the Holy Spirit?

Wang Ye was slightly stunned, the energy core of the innate spirit gathering array?

"Yes!" Wang Yelian said: "Ask me, where did you get it?"

If you know the location where the Holy Spirit Statue was obtained, you can deduce the location of the first secret base of the Zhiqiang Alliance!

“He said he found it from a strong man from the Hun Meng tribe.” Weiyi said.

That’s of no use.

The Holy Spirit Statue is useless, at most it can be replaced with some evolution points.

There are still two and a half of them in me.

The Second Colorful Isles, Holy Spirit Cemetery, and…

Wang Ye was slightly stunned.

Take out the half of the Holy Spirit statue captured from the Desperate Demon Lord.

This is obviously the first time Qicaiqunyu has used the core of the innate spirit gathering array.

When he killed the Demon Lord of Death, he had already escaped from the colorful islands.

But, he was being chased and escaped!

Using the treasure of the middle avenue, the Dimensional Path!

Use Dimensional Path to open a dimensional passage for shuttle escape!

You can use it when you first get in touch with it, but you can’t fully communicate with the spirit of the weapon and unlock all three secrets of the universe!

But now, it’s possible!

Within the dimensional path, the coordinates of the last teleportation of the Desperate Demon Lord still remain!

There is the place where the Desperate Demon Lord obtained the Holy Spirit Statue!

That is where the secret base of the Self-Strengthening Clan Alliance is located!

“I found you!” Wang Ye’s eyes were exquisite.



The only message came again.

“In the end of Zhenbao Temple, the appearance of the Holy Spirit is coming!” Wang Ye’s expression changed instantly.

The refining of the Hidden Holy Realm is about to begin!

(End of this chapter)