Chapter 707: It's great that you are still a monster!

what to do?



Countless thoughts suddenly appeared in Wang Ye's mind.

He knew the source of the suffocating pressure and power.

Supreme Heavenly Lord!

If you guessed correctly, he must be the guardian or even the owner of this secret realm.

War is a dead end.

It is impossible for him to win over the Supreme Being.

Escape is also a dead end.

Because the surrounding time and space are blocked.

With his innate knowledge of space, he can clearly feel it.

The supreme deity from the heavenly clan with extremely high attainments in time and space has laid a dragnet!

Catch a turtle in an urn.

Is there any other way to escape?

Or... can you survive?

Changes in time and space.

Wang Yeqing wiped out the remaining time and space sky prison supervisors, one sword at a time, neatly.

The pressure is getting stronger and stronger!

Wang Ye racked his brains.

There must be a way!

There is always a way out!

Boom! !

Wang Ye killed the last strong man from the Four-Winged Celestial Clan.

The high-dimensional source energy roared and shook, completely shattering the eternal body.

 At the same time, the two pairs of holy wings were broken and lost their luster.

“Kill them all.” Wang Ye sighed.

The Celestial Clan in the Time and Space Heavenly Prison are all dead.

The peripheral light fell to the other side, where a fierce battle between the six-winged strongman of the Celestial Clan and the Lord of White Horns was in full swing.

Then he stopped at Pavid, where the high-dimensional holy body was still intact.

Three pairs of wings, shining with different luster.



Can this be done?

Wang Ye’s eyes lit up.

A dead horse should be treated as a live doctor!

Give it a try!

Wang Ye quickly opened his personal panel.

Consciousness suddenly fell to the blood column.

【Do you want to spend 1 evolution point to remove the bloodline treasure hunt? 】

【yes! 】

Wang Ye is quick and concise.

Bloodline treasure hunting is a low-dimensional magical skill, but after entering the high-dimensional universe, it has become very useless.

After evolving into a high-dimensional life, although he was able to remove his talent or bloodline early on, he has been practicing and developing on the Yuan Gu Star and has no special needs.

most importantly…

No suitable talent or bloodline replacement found.

Having absorbed the supreme talent ‘Supreme Contract’, ordinary talent bloodlines have been invisible for a long time.

What he wants is at least the highest!

Even the strongest talent bloodline.

Or the ‘growth type’ that can be used to cultivate the natural bloodline path.

Because, he is not sure how many times he can replace it.


There seems to be something missing in the immortal body.

But it has no effect on strength.

On the contrary, the bloodline was empty and a position was left vacant.

Wang Ye’s hand fell on Pavid’s high-dimensional holy body.

The heartbeat speeds up slightly.

He was not sure whether he could succeed.

Many bloodlines have restrictions.

For example, the demon tribe cannot absorb most of their bloodline. This is related to their ethnic group.

Can I absorb the blood of the Celestial Clan?

【Bloodline detected: Tianlun. 】

【Do you want to spend 10,000 evolution points to obtain it? 】

【yes! 】

Wang Ye’s eyes were bright.

Growth bloodline!

There is no grade for the Heavenly Wheel, and all growth types are the same.

It looks at ‘growth’, just like a seed. What it can grow into in the end depends on cultivation.

The Heavenly Wheel is only owned by the Celestial Clan!

In other words, only the Celestial Clan who were born on the Celestial Clan’s home star, ‘Yuntian Star’, have it!

【No bloodline of the Celestial Clan has been detected. 】

【Do you want to spend 100,000 evolution points to get it by force? 】

【yes! 】

Wang Ye was ecstatic.

100,000 evolution points are nothing.

When he left the Secret Realm of Time and Space, he saved 15 years of evolution points just in case of emergencies.

Get it by force!

seems to be a derogatory term.

But in the jade-carved light ball, every time you get it by force, you will actually make a lot of money!

And the more expensive it is, the more you earn!

This time, as a human being, he can obtain the exclusive growth bloodline of the Celestial Clan—

Heaven wheel!


Wang Ye felt that his bloodline had changed.

There is a strange existence inside the body.

Full of power, mystery, and infinite unknown.

It’s like planting a strange seed.

The message about the "Heavenly Wheel" of the growing bloodline appeared in his mind, and Wang Ye understood it instantly.

Normal celestial beings have wings when they break through to higher dimensions in adulthood and cross life levels.

Indestructible has two wings, eternity has four wings, and the Lord of higher dimensions has six wings...

And all are of holy and pure white color.

Each pair of wings increases, in addition to improving their strength, it also improves their control over time and space.

But the Celestial Clan with the growth bloodline ‘Heavenly Wheel’ is different.

Their wings originate from the heavenly wheel.

When the life level reaches the limit, the heavenly wheel absorbs the core of the innate high-dimensional life of the space beast or the sacred tree, gains strength, and transforms into wings.

In addition, the holy core of some special acquired high-dimensional beings can also be absorbed.

It is the source of high-dimensional life that transforms after reaching the level of a high-dimensional master.

In short, it is the core of the origin of life.

not good!

Wang Ye’s heart was filled with fear.

Although he obtained the Bloodline Heavenly Wheel.

But, it is empty!

When he left, he gave all the corpses of the beasts and sacred trees that he had killed in the past eighty years to the three women.

Because there is no use in keeping it.

But the three women can exchange their life numbers after a hundred years of high-level hunting to get the status of a middle-class alien tribe.     Unexpected.

Who would have thought that there would be a theory of a heavenly wheel?

“Absorb the Divine Tree of Life?” Wang Ye didn’t think very much.

Absorbing the core of the Divine Tree of Life, although it can increase vitality and help him understand the avenue of life, is a good choice for many heavenly tribes.

Because the core of the Divine Tree of Life is relatively mild and easy to absorb.

But for him, it was actually a bit tasteless.


The divine tree of life in the world inside his body is only at the immortal level.

Not only is it weak in strength, but its quality is also poor.

Heavenly Wheel and Winged Heavenly Way, in his opinion, are a set of equipment accessories that can grow.

Also, it is not removable.

So every choice is cautious and critical.

There is no other choice!

If you don’t absorb it, you really won’t have time!

Wang Ye was about to make a desperate move when he suddenly discovered that there was an extremely energetic "decompression ball" in the world inside his body.


How could I have forgotten this?

What a good thing!

Xiao Bai’s demon pill!

Millions of Years Soul Ring!

Ah, that’s not right.

But this is indeed the crystallization and energy of Xiaobai's thousands of years of practice.

It is not inferior to the sacred core of sacred beasts and ferocious beasts at all, it is even worse!

Thanks to Xiaobai for the friendly gift!

You are so good at being a monster!

Wang Ye stimulates the blood and heavenly chakra.

唰! The demon elixir containing the blood of the white dragon is absorbed instantly.

The huge energy made Wang Ye feel excited and his eyes widened!

The feeling was like swallowing such a big piece of **** alive!

The immortal body seems to be about to explode!

Boom! Wang Ye's will is strong and in control!

Heavenly wheel absorption may fail.

Not only does one need to have absolute control over energy, but one's will must be higher than the Holy Core!


If it is the holy core of a medium-high dimensional lord, you may not be able to absorb it.

But the holy core of the primary high-dimensional Lord is just right!

Endless energy pours into the heavenly wheel.

In an instant, a pair of new white wings appeared behind him!

The energy is endless and majestic!

Not only can you gain insights into the way of Xiaobai energy, but you can also possess the surging innate energy of the Lord of high dimensions.

Just like completely controlling Xiaobai’s demon pill, even his vitality and aura suddenly changed from immortality to the master of higher dimensions!

The combat power increased dramatically!


Wang Ye saw many changes on his personal dashboard.

But there was no time to look carefully at this moment, he had a lot to do.

Clean up the scene!

Then, shut up!

kill! kill! kill!

The Lord of White Horns has completely become red-eyed.

The bayonet of the six-winged leader of the Heavenly Clan was red, and the true body of the void appeared, attacking madly!

She is the leader among the Bai Jiao Snake Clan!

Only those with top talents will be caught in the space-time prison!

And those who can stand out from the time and space prison are the super elites among all the geniuses and strong men of all races!

If she hadn't lost the demon pill, she would have killed the six-winged leader of the Celestial Clan early in the morning!

But it’s not too late!


The Lord of White Horns exploded and bit off the head of the Six-Winged Lord of the Celestial Clan in one bite.

Let the weapon break through her high-dimensional holy body without any regard!

Collision of innate energy!

Roaring again and again!

The beating will result in a death toll!

As long as you can't die, fight to death!

Boom! The innate energy destroys the body of the six-winged dimension master of the Celestial Clan.

The statue of the sky-swallowing dragon python fell, the will of the White-Horned Lord impacted, and all the anger and unwillingness were released!

Bang, bang, bang!

“Ah!” The six-winged leader of the Heavenly Clan struggled desperately, his will was equally strong.

The ultimate confrontation!

The Lord of White Horns felt that his will was constantly weakening.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because he will take action.

ifies! A smile appeared on the corner of the White Horn Lord's mouth.

The familiar energy of will is here!

Wang Ye arrived as expected.

Powerful will impact, activate the sky-swallowing dragon python statue, and kill the six-winged leader of the Celestial Clan in one fell swoop!

Very straightforward and powerful.

Even more violent than before.

"He is still so powerful..." The Lord of White Horns was really weak this time.


How did his will become stronger again?

And... there is an inexplicable feeling of intimacy?

She couldn't help but want to get close to him.

what happened?

She doesn’t really like him anymore, does she?


They are just like mandarin ducks with the same destiny facing a disaster, and they pity each other.

As a demon clan with strong five senses, she naturally noticed the powerful presence of the heavenly clan early on.

They set up dragnets all around, taking no time to catch them.

This time, he is really going to die.

There is no hope in sight.

Take another look at him.

Although all these are given by Him,...

It can also be regarded as fate.

Everyone can finally fight side by side and be defeated by the Celestial Clan together...

? ? ?

The Lord of White Horns was confused.

What did she see?

Why does a pair of wings appear behind this human being?

So big!

Moreover, why were these wings so exciting to her?

Feels like a part of her body.

Is she dazzled?


Already hallucinating.

He is a human being, how could he have the wings of the Celestial Clan...

Endless fatigue came over him, and the white-horned Lord's eyelids were slowly closing.

Before closing, she saw that the human being who seemed to have a pair of wings on his back suddenly fell down inexplicably, as if being hit by the air.

Many question marks appeared on the head of the Lord of White Horns.


Boom! Time and space change!

The situation has changed suddenly! The whole world went quiet.

An endless and huge force of divine power appears in the sky!

That is an incredibly beautiful woman from the Celestial Clan.

The petite body spreads out huge eight-winged wings, controlling time and space, showing great strength!

Behind her, there were dozens of strong men from the Heavenly Clan following.

The battle is huge!

The Celestial Clan, come!