Chapter 161 - Chapter 105: Inventorying the Spoils of War, Fusing the

Chapter 105: Inventorying the Spoils of War, Fusing the

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In addition to the inhibitor, Wang Tao also found some food, but not much

since he only scoured Villa No. 3-

Besides giving some to Han Rui, he kept the rest. The food at home was running low too, so it was a good time for replenishment.

Then came the focus of this expedition’s gains-the spoils from killing several elite zombies!

An excellent-quality Screaming Crystal Core and a Screaming Potion Recipe, two bottles of Screaming Potion; an outstanding-quality Precision Shooting Crystal Core, an Alloy Recurve Bow with matching arrows, a Precise Crossbow and a Crossbow Arrow Blueprint; an excellent-quality Shockwave Crystal Core, two bottles of Strength Potion; and an excellent self-detonation crystal core…

These were all acquired before he returned.

On his way back, Wang Tao turned a corner and encountered a Suicide

Bombing Zombie and a Police Zombie.

Surprisingly, the Suicide Bombing Zombie blasted the Police Zombie nearly to death.

Wang Tao had been wondering how he would deal with the Police Zombie, but he hadn’t expected this turn of events.

Wang Tao immediately got out of the car and finished off the Police Zombie with a knife. He also collected the spoils from both zombies.

The Suicide Bombing Zombie, of course, only left behind a Crystal Core, and unfortunately, this time it was a blue one.

[Level 1 Crystal Core-Self Detonation]

[Quality: Excellent (40%)]

[Purity: 50% (no side effects)]

Counting this core, Wang Tao now had three Self-Destruct Crystal Cores in his possession, with quality being excellent (40%), excellent (60%), and outstanding (80%).

Originally, Wang Tao thought these Self-Detonation Crystal Cores were useless to him, but when he saw Wu Fei succeed in fusing with one and even gained 100 mana as a result… Wang Tao suddenly felt like he had discovered the correct usage of the Self-Detonation Crystal Cores.

That was to use the Self-Detonation Crystal Core as a tool for increasing mana. Self-Detonation Zombies were the most commonly encountered among elite zombies, and relatively speaking, the easiest elite zombies to kill. Therefore, the yield of Self-Detonation Crystal Cores should not be low.

Wang Tao felt that once everyone else discovered this clever strategy, quite a few people might be willing to fuse with Self-Detonation Crystal Cores.

So, these cores were still valuable.

Of course, Wang Tao definitely would not fuse with them. After all, each person could only fuse with a limited number of zombie cores, and Wang Tao felt that he could only afford to fuse with two more types at most. Good steel must be used on the blade’s edge.

And that blade’s edge… was the spoils that Wang Tao had picked from the gun-wielding Police Zombie!

What Wang Tao didn’t expect was that the Crystal Core dropped by the gun-wielding Police Zombie was also “Precision Shooting”!

[Level 1 Crystal Core-Precision Shooting]

[Quality: Outstanding (40%)]

[Purity: 50% (side effects: blindness in one eye)]

[Precision Shooting: During its duration, the shooter’s accuracy is significantly enhanced]

Although this core was only a blue excellent-quality one, with a 40% chance of successful fusion, Wang Tao had also retrieved a Precision Shooting Crystal Core from an Archer Zombie he had killed earlier. That one was red, of outstanding quality, with an 80% chance of successful fusion!

Which means he could now fuse into a gold, epic, 100% success rate and 100% purity, and without any side effects, “Precision Shooting” Crystal Core!

Wang Tao had thought it would take some time to get the next Precision Shooting Crystal Core, especially since Archer Zombies would surely be rare, but unexpectedly, just on the second day, he had collected another one!

Both Policemen and Archers could shoot, and importantly, they also both possessed ranged weapons, so it made sense for them to drop the same type of Crystal Core!

While thrilled inside, Wang Tao fused the two Precision Shooting Crystal Cores in his Space Backpack!

Although “Excellent 40%” added to “Outstanding 80%” added up to more than 100% which seemed somewhat wasteful, such cores were too rare, and Wang Tao didn’t have time to wait. Fusing them now to boost his fighting power was the best choice.

A burst of colorful light flashed in the Space Backpack, and then a brand-new Orange Crystal Core appeared!

[Level 1 Crystal Core-Precision Shooting]

[Quality: Epic (100%)]

[Purity: 100% (no side effects)]

[Precision Shooting: During its duration, the shooter’s accuracy is significantly enhanced]

Seeing this Epic Crystal Core, Wang Tao was elated.

The biggest drawback of Precision Shooting was blindness in one eye, which was a terrifying side effect. If people knew about this side effect, they probably wouldn’t dare fuse with the core even if they obtained it.

Luckily, Wang Tao was able to perform a synthesis, which eliminated the blind eye side effect.

Wang Tao felt that the ability produced by this crystal core might become his strongest ability…

“Sister-in-law, I’m going to fuse with a crystal core, please keep an eye on me,” he said.


The two went to the bathroom together and filled the bathtub with water.

Then Wang Tao took a deep breath and swallowed the Epic Crystal Core in one gulp-


After swallowing the Crystal Core, Wang Tao felt his body heat up, uncomfortably so.

Thankfully, Wang Tao was prepared; he quickly stripped off his clothes and jumped into the bathtub.

“Wang Tao, how are you feeling?” Ding Yuqin asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, just a bit hot… Bring me the thermometer!”

Ding Yuqin hurried to fetch a thermometer and handed it to Wang Tao.

“You’re so hot…”

Wang Tao did not speak; he took the thermometer in his mouth and then submerged his body in the water.

After a few minutes, Wang Tao asked Ding Yuqin to take the thermometer.

“My goodness! You’re over 50 degrees…

Ding Yuqin was startled; such a high temperature could be damaging! She quickly grabbed Wang Tao’s large hand, looking very anxious.

Wang Tao was also startled, but he felt quite lucid and assumed there was no danger.

After about ten more minutes, Wang Tao felt the heat in his body diminishing, and the haziness that had settled over his brain began to clear.

Wang Tao checked his attributes. His HP hadn’t changed and was 1340, building on the 50 HP he had gained from killing the Police Zombie.

His mana had increased by another 100, reaching 400, and he had acquired a new ability: “Precision Shooting.”