Chapter 4553

There are few other things in this storage ring except spirit stone and flying sword.

There are almost no talismans! It's really that people can't use it at all... The pill only looks like more than a dozen bottles, which is estimated to be the rest from the previous use.

In addition, there are several ancient books recording magical powers... These are not jade slips, but scrolls made of special animal skin.

In addition, in front of the gate of the castle in the sky, there is an ancient stone tablet marked with sword marks.

At the same time, the little sword in his Dantian purple house began to vibrate synchronously, as if it was going to fly out of the Dantian.

Lu Shan's heart rejoiced and waved... The huge stone tablet had fallen in front of him!

"Boom -"

In an instant, Lushan felt that countless sword meanings began to burst out from the sword marks on the stone tablets, which made him shake his mind!

However... As soon as those swords touched his body, they immediately fell on the sponge like drops of water, and the "brush" disappeared.

Those sword ideas were naturally absorbed by the small sword in Lushan Dantian. With the continuous absorption of sword ideas, the small sword became more and more solid, as if it wanted to transform from a virtual shadow into a real one.

Seeing this situation, Lushan couldn't help feeling excited!

Are you finally going to manifest your foundation building treasure?

Look... It's also a foundation building treasure. The little blackbird who was careless could have flown out to help his master fight long ago!

The ghost bowl that Hua unintentionally killed, although it can't fly out, can detain the soul of the person killed by the master and become dead... In the final analysis, it's his own short sword that is the most useless!

It's been a long time, but the sword can only nest in the purple mansion in Dantian. At most, when the enemy's sword intention attacks, it just sucks the sword intention away!

But if the enemy doesn't attack with sword intention, it will be useless!

Tut tut... But now it seems that if you absorb more sword ideas, this sword will finally be able to manifest itself!

And the sword marks on this stone tablet... Should be left on it by some big men who are skilled in sword skills when trying the sword. Every sword trace contains the sword meaning of the original sword

This thing should be priceless for practitioners of kendo. As long as they are close to this stone tablet for a certain distance, they can accept the baptism of sword meaning. It should not take long to breed their own sword meaning?

However, Lu Shan didn't specifically understand the meaning of the sword... Whatever, with this little sword, would he still use himself to understand the meaning of the sword? The so-called sword meaning, in his own little sword, is almost the same as rations. I don't know how much it has been swallowed by it during this period of time!

Lu Shan believes... Once this dagger can really manifest itself, it will release the power of terror!

This... Can be seen from Xiao Qi's trembling in front of it!

You know... Xiao Qi is a magic weapon of the top spirit level, but he still dare not approach when facing the translucent sword in his Dantian, as if he had an instinctive fear!

Therefore, Lu Shan has reason to believe... Once this sword can be manifested, its power will never be weaker than that of ordinary artifact!

Of course... Lushan has never seen how powerful an artifact is! It's even like... No real artifact has ever appeared in the whole cold wind continent!

Even the time tower of Liuyun sect is just a broken artifact. Even the basic attack and defense functions have been lost. How can it be regarded as an artifact!

I thought this stone tablet could release a steady stream of sword meaning. I should feed the little sword sooner or later! But unexpectedly... The sword meaning of the stone tablet continued to spread for about five minutes, and gradually became sparse. Two more minutes later... There was no sword from the stone tablet!

I'll go... It's gone!

Lu Shan was immediately disappointed... He thought that as long as those sword marks existed on the stone tablet, there would be infinite sword meaning! It seems that... I take it for granted!

Take a look at the small sword in his Dantian purple mansion and find... The small sword has roughly turned into about 70% at the moment!

That is to say... You have to fill up the remaining 30% before the sword can really manifest... Right?

Look at the stone tablet that has been silent and seems to become an ordinary stone. Lushan shook his head... After thinking about it, he threw it back into the storage ring.

Then he sorted out the other relics of the little old man. There was nothing else he could be interested in!

Later, Lushan remembered those bottles of pills

Tut tut... The pill that can be left by a Mahayana practitioner must not be ordinary!