After Huo Bo thought for a while, he recalled the memory of that time. He asked Jiang Chen: “Do you still remember the time when you were hit by a bicycle two days before the final exam in the second semester of our second year of junior high school?”

Jiang Chen nodded: “My hand was injured, and I didn’t finish my Chinese composition during the exam.”

“Oh! I remembered that too!” Shen Xu slapped the table: “It was the semester when Jiangzi saved a little boy from a car accident. At that time I said he did a good deed saving someone, only to be hit by a bicycle a few days later, it was so miserable! I still remember that the teacher only gave him five points for the essay because he didn’t finish the composition, but his total score was still the first in our year.”

“That was the time.” Huo Bo said, “The person who hit you with the bike was Sun Zhi.”

“One week before the final exam, probably a few days after you saved someone, I found out that someone had been following us after school, but I never could catch him, so I skipped the last class in the afternoon the day before the final exam, and waited at the school gate to see who was following us and for what purpose, only to see you be hit by a guy on a bike.”

Shen Xu said: “It was Sun Zhi who hit Jiang Chen that time?”

Huo Bo hummed, and said: “It was also at that time that I realized that he was not following us, but Jiang Chen, but at that time he only admitted that he hit Jiang Chen while riding a bicycle, but he did not admit that he had followed him before. When I caught him that day, he argued that he only followed him because he felt guilty and wanted to apologize to Jiang Chen.”

“The second year of junior high school…..” Shen Xu frowned and muttered: “So Sun Zhi had been secretly watching Jiang Chen for a long time, but why? Also Zhang Zhipeng said that Sun Zhi didn’t have anything against Jiang Chen himself, but that someone behind him has it out for Jiang Chen. Who is that person?”

Huo Bo: “Zhang Zhipeng? The one in your class who wears glasses?”

“He doesn’t wear it now.” Shen Xu said, “It should be because he had myopia surgery during the winter vacation, so he didn’t wear it this semester, but that’s not the point. Why did Sun Zhi who was only in the first year of junior high begin to stalk Jiang Chen and why did he hit him with his bike. Also, why does he want to attack Jiang Chen now, damn it, these questions are giving me a scary feeling.”

“What’s so scary?”

“Isn’t it scary?” Shen Xu lay down on the table, made a ferocious expression, lowered his voice and said slowly: “In a place we don’t know, there has been a pair of eyes staring at us. It may have been three years or even longer, you don’t know the purpose of what they want to do, and you don’t know what they will do in the future, isn’t that scary?”

Huo Bo raised his eyebrows: “Not scary.”

“If this isn’t scary, then what do you think is scary?”

“It is impossible for a person to spy on another person for no reason, nor would they attack a person for no reason.” Huo Bo said lightly: “And it was so early on, which shows that there must be something we don’t know. As long as we know the inside story, this matter won’t be scary anymore.”

“It’s still scary even after knowing the inside story!” Shen Xu grabbed a cat and hugged it in his arms. The cat quickly jumped away from his arms with a “meow”. He looked up at the cat climbing frame in disappointment, then tucked his neck and said : “Besides, we don’t know why yet!”

Huo Bo turned his head and looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stroked the blue cat beside him, without looking up.

Huo Bo sat up straight, knocked on the table and said, “Why does Sun Zhi bother you, do you know?”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes. Shen Xu glanced at Huo Bo’s expression, and was about to ask, when he saw a young man in an apron standing by the table holding a palm-sized kitten.

Xu Chang handed the cat to Shen Xu: “This is a male.”

Shen Xu was taken aback, pointed at the tip of his nose, and said blankly: “You’re giving it to me? But why give me a male one.”

Huo Bo also turned his head to look over. Xu Chang put the cat in his palm, and said calmly: “It’s still young, so it’s not picky, it’ll let you pet it for a while.”

Shen Xu took the kitten carefully, held it in front of his eyes and looked at it without blinking, his whole face glowing with a special kind of brilliance, “Jiangzi, Huo Bo, look, it likes me! It is licking my hand!”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled at Xu Chang. The young man gave him a slight nod, and turned to leave.

Interrupted by such an interruption, Shen Xu was completely immersed in the joy of stroking the kitten, while Huo Bo glanced at Jiang Chen when he smiled at Xu Chang, and pursed his lips tightly. But he didn’t bring it up again.


After arriving home, Jiang Chen went straight into his room and turned on the computer.

His inbox showed that there was an unread email, and he clicked on it to see that there was only one word in it: Accepted.

After closing his inbox, Jiang Chen clicked on the browser, entered a string of extremely complicated URLs, pressed the Enter key, and the screen suddenly went black, then a crash page appeared. He did not panic, his fingers jumping on the keyboard. A few seconds later, the blue screen returned to white. After a few seconds of freezing, lines of codes appeared quickly. Jiang Chen’s fingers were faster than the codes. After each line of code appeared, he would type a string of codes below that line of code. After three or four pages of the code quickly slid by, the screen went completely black again, and only a pair of white wings animation flapped in the middle. After the wings trembled a few times, an unusual forum appeared on the screen.

Jiang Chen swiped the mouse, browsing ten lines at a glance. Suddenly a bell-shaped icon flickered in the lower right corner, he moved the mouse down, and clicked on the message.

[196: Brother, I have heard of you for a long time, let’s be friends.]

Jiang Chen raised his finger lightly, and just as he was about to exit the dialogue interface, another message popped up.

[196: Don’t close the dialog box, everyone is friends in the same forum, I actually came to you to discuss a business deal with you.]

Jiang Chen paused his finger and typed on the keyboard:

[D: What business deal.]

[196: F**k! Oh, Great God, you finally responded back to me! F**k, f**k, if it wasn’t for the forum not being able to take screenshots, I would have definitely taken screenshots to show off and put them in my heirloom folder! This is the first time I’ve spoken to one of the Alphabet!]

Jiang Chen twitched his fingers, wanting to close this interface.

[196: Great God, Great God! Don’t close it! I won’t talk nonsense anymore! I really want to discuss a business deal with you! 1 million yuan, you seven and I three, how about it?]

Before Jiang Chen could ask any more questions, the other had already started to explain:

[196: It’s actually very simple. It’s to help an Internet company strengthen and renovate their firewall, but while it’s easy, it’s also hard. I don’t know if the company offended someone but for three days in a row, their server was attacked no less than ten times. Almost every time they were attacked just after it was rebuilt, so the loss is heavy. If we want to take on this job, it won’t be a one-time gig, and there may be post-maintenance to do, so the payment is slightly higher.]

[D: Why me?]

[196: Because you are a recent hot topic, less than a month after you registered, your code name has changed from five digit numbers to D, and from the number battle to the ranking battle, and there is not a single battle that was not exciting. Everyone is curious about who you are, just which great god deigned to come down to our forum to play. I am also curious, so I messaged you, if you agree, I’ve earned, and if you disagree, I would not lose anything either.]

[196: The most important thing is that as long as one of the 26 Gods takes this order, I can still raise the price of this order.]

[D: I remember that X specializes in firewalls.]

[196: That’s right, but God X has set up a block, and ordinary people can’t send private messages. No, it should be said that all the Alphabets have blocked private messages from non-friends, and only you can be contacted.]

[196: Besides, aren’t you ranked higher than God X?]

All registered users of this forum were named with letters or numbers. The first 26 registered users were the English letters of the alphabet, and the subsequent users were sorted from 1. The number of the registered users who came later the longer it was, but there were exceptions, which was a special characteristic of this hacker forum. Everyone called it the “number battle”.

As the name implied, it was a competition between hackers represented by different numeric usernames. Often, the hacker with the larger number username would challenge the hacker with the smaller number username. If the former won then they could take over the latter’s username and the username displayed on the forum would also be replaced by the number of the defeated hacker they challenged.

In addition to the number battle, there was also a ranking battle. The number battle ranged from one digit to five digits. As long as it was a number and the username was a number, you could initiate a challenge. There was no limit to the size of the number. The hacker whose username was 99999 could challenge the hacker whose username was 1, but the ranking battle was different. There were 26 hackers whose username followed the alphabet, and they were nicknamed the “26 Gods” by everyone in the forum, so the ranking battle was also called “ascension battle” or “godhood defense battle”.

The “ascension battle” referred to the challenge of number username hackers to letter username hackers. If a number username wanted to obtain a letter username, they must start the challenge from the last letter, Z. The “godhood defense battle” was a battle between hackers with letter usernames. If you want to keep your alphabetical order, you must withstand the challenges from the lower letters.

Therefore, everyone’s default ranking was equivalent to strength. From Z to A, the further up you go, the stronger the strength was, and the more difficult it was to challenge. This was a fact. In the ten years since the establishment of the forum, the rankings of K and the letters before had hardly changed. But a newcomer with a five-digit username who just registered on the forum, within two weeks, managed to changed their username from five digits to 1, and then from 1 to D, which could be said to have set off a frenzy of heated discussions.

[196: God D, can I ask a question.]

Jiang Chen was thinking about whether to accept this business deal, when he saw the words that jumped out on the screen, he replied:

[D: What’s the question.]

[196: Why don’t you challenge God C? Why did you stop at D, we all thought you would directly challenge God A.]

[D: I like the letter D.]

[196: … I accept this answer!]

Jiang Chen tapped his fingers on the table, pondered for a few seconds, and typed:

[D: For the business deal you mentioned, send me the information, if there is no problem, I will accept it.]

[196: Really? ? ? ! ! !]

[D: En.]

After sending this message, Jiang Chen closed the dialog box and concentrated on completing the small program he was designing.

On the other side, a certain floor of the male dormitory building of Yan University.

Mo Xi expressed his shock and joy with three question marks and three exclamation marks, and forced himself to wait for the answer on the other side. When he finally saw “en”, he jumped up from his chair and danced like crazy: “F**k, f**k, I actually hitched a ride with a bigwig! A pie fell from the sky! Just sitting at home, and 300,000 yuan came down from the sky! F**k!”

The roommate next to him pulled down the earphones, turned to him and asked, “Have you gone crazy from writing the speech?”

“Hahahahahahahahahaha I think I’ve gone crazy too hahahaha…..” Mo Xi ran to his roommate’s table in a flash, knelt down and grabbed his hand and said, “Third, pinch me, immediately, let me see if I’m hallucinating.”

The roommate pinched him hard on his thigh, and there was a scream accompanied by a laugh, which made everyone who had already gone to sleep jump up in horror.

“F**k, why are you screaming in the middle of the night!”

“A pie from the sky fell down on me, am I not allowed to scream!” Mo Xi was jumping excitedly, unable to stop for a moment.

The roommate on the bed covered his head with a quilt, yawned, and said sleepily: “You have to go back to Yan No. 1 High School tomorrow to give an outstanding graduate speech, save some energy, and don’t stand on the flag-raising platform with a look of kidney deficiency tomorrow. If your expression makes your juniors think that us Yan Uni students were like this, it will ruin our Yan Uni’s century-old reputation.”