After Yang Si knew the cause and effect and Jiang Chen’s plan, the follow-up matter also went smoothly.

During the remaining three days of the holiday, Jiang Chen first visited Shen Xu’s father at the Shen house. After talking with him in detail, he finally selected a storefront based on his memory of the future development of various areas in Yan City and through father Shen’s connections settled the contract.

This was a shop facing the street with a height of nearly five meters and a total area of ​​70 square meters. The insider price was 7,500 yuan per square meter, and the total price was 525,000 yuan. Compared to the real estate price in Yan City now, this storefront’s price was quite higher.

But Jiang Chen knew that this place would become one of the most prosperous business districts in Yan City in less than two years, and the shop he chose was directly facing the busiest and liveliest street. Within five years, the value of this store would increase by at least twenty times. Even if Jiang Zhuo was unwilling to operate this store after it was refurbished, renting it out would also bring in a good profit.

The store was bought in the name of Yang Si, and father Shen was there to help, so the whole process from the selection to the loan to the down payment and signing of the contract was very fast, and all the procedures were completed before the end of the holiday.

After paying the down payment for the store and completing the final payment for Wugu Village, Jiang Chen used 20,000 yuan to buy and assemble a computer himself, and kept the remaining 260,000 yuan for Jiang Zhuo’s surgical treatment.

Most of the Jiang family’s affairs were settled, and the May Day holiday ended as scheduled.

After the week-long holiday, the atmosphere of Yan City No. 1 High School was relaxed except for the seniors in third year who were nervously preparing for the college entrance exam.

The same was true for year 2, class 1, but the substitute class teacher, Mr. Li, had always had a Buddhist attitude, and he didn’t reprimand them when he saw the noise in the classroom before lessons started. He just informed them with a kind smile: the midterm exam three days later is a joint exam, No. 1 High School, its attached secondary school and Chenghua would jointly create the exam questions, the ranking would also include all three schools. So everyone remember to check your approximate ranking in the entire Yan City.

As soon as this remark came out, there was wailing from the classroom, yelling that the teachers hadn’t mentioned the joint exam of the three schools in advance before the holiday, otherwise they would have studied hard during the holiday. Though they complained and said that, the learning atmosphere immediately returned to before the long vacation, as everyone wanted to work hard to squeeze in the forefront of the big joint ranking of the three schools.

The study atmosphere became stronger, and there were more people discussing subject problems during recess and self-study. Among them, Jiang Chen’s table was the most lively, and there was an endless stream of people with questions. Shen Xu was dissatisfied that someone took his throne, but Jiang Chen welcomed it. While tutoring on the topic, he also helped himself consolidate and review the information.

It was just that besides the questions, the people who came also had a lot of words of encouragement that made Jiang Chen dumbfounded.

——”Brother Chen, the hope of No. 1 High School, you must get the top spot!”

——”God Jiang, you are the best. We must show Chenghua and the secondary school this time what a real god of learning is. And wash away the shame of missing out on the number one spot in sciences on the college entrance examination last year, and the shame of having the second most admitted studentsto Hua/Yan Uni!”

——”Jiang Chen, you must take first place in the joint entrance examination this time. Last year, the first place in the science subjects of the joint examination in the second year was from the competition class of the attached secondary school. During the summer camp, those people’s noses were practically up to the sky. This year we must kill their prestige.”

There were countless things like this, and other than this there were also many people who were worried.

——”Jiang Chen, Li Xiao from the attached secondary high school had a total score of 738 in sciences at the end of last year. I heard that she is even scarier this year than last year. Do you think you can be stable this time…..”

——”Jiang Chen, apart from you, Chenghua’s He Qianjian and the attached secondary school’s Li Xiao are the most popular this time. They are also very amazing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just keep your level. I believe you will be number one.”

——”Jiang Chen…..”

Three days passed in a blink of an eye, and the joint midterm exam, which some people were nervous about and some were looking forward to, finally came.

Before the exam, Shen Xu threw an arm over Jiang Chen’s shoulders, and smiled gloatingly: “Jiangzi, as if the pressure is not too much, you are the hope of the whole school.”

Jiang Chen held his pen and paper, walked to the first seat and sat down, pursed his lips and said, “Since it’s hope, it won’t disappoint.”

Shen Xu made a hey sound, and held up his thumb: “God Jiang, cocky.”

There were two days of exams on Thursday and Friday, and the three schools would jointly mark the papers over the weekend, and the results would be released next Monday.

On the weekend, Shen Xu asked Jiang Chen to play basketball in the name of relieving Jiang Chen’s nervousness before the grades came out. But who knew that he was the one who showed the most anxiety. He couldn’t help asking the classmate next to him right after he arrived at the court: “Say, who will be the first in the midterm exam this time?”

The ones Shen Xu called were all the students who usually got along well in the class. Everyone naturally knew what he was worried about, and they were also very concerned about the ranking of this exam.

It was just…..the teenagers turned their heads and saw Jiang Chen who was not affected at all, dribbling and shooting not far away, and their expressions were a little exasperated.

Class monitor Tang Qixun rubbed his chin, shook his head and said, “It’s hard to guess, hard to say about Chenghua’s He Qianjian, we used to have different test papers from their school, but I heard that he has been the first in his year since elementary school, so it’s hard to tell. He has always been impressive and I think his results of the joint midterm examination will be quite good, but Li Xiao from the attached secondary school is a real genius. I went to the same elementary school with her. She only went to elementary school for three years before skipping grades, and she only went to junior high school for one year. She went directly to the attached secondary school in 1999, and now she is only twelve years old, but she is firmly ranked first in her year regardless of her age. You guys don’t know, but when she took the high school entrance exam, all the schools were throwing money at her and fighting over her. But she just chose the attached secondary school because her home is close to it, and I heard that she is also in the competition class. In short, she is a talented girl who can’t be described as just awesome.”

Luo Ze’s eyes widened: “Holy sh*t, so powerful? Is this still a human? How do ordinary people compare with geniuses?”

“Tsk, you are spoiling our own prestige by fanning others’ aspirations!” Shen Xu jumped up and slapped Luo Ze on the head: “When Jiangzi was in elementary school, those teachers also suggested that he skip a grade, it was Uncle Jiang and the others who refused to let him. And also, Jiangzi wanted to accompany me and Huo Bo to study step by step, so if there is really a comparison on this, Jiangzi will not lose.”

“I didn’t say that Jiang Chen will lose.” Luo Ze smiled and pressed Shen Xu down, wrapped his arms around his neck, raised his chin and gestured in Jiang Chen’s direction: “You are the anxious eunuch while the emperor is not at all worried himself, it’s useless to worry now, you will know the results tomorrow, so let’s go and play.”

Shen Xu kicked him, snatched the ball from his hand, turned his head and grinned triumphantly while dribbling the ball, ran to Jiang Chen’s side and said, “Come on, Jiangzi, let us start the era of the peak of the ‘double devils’ on the court again!”

Luo Ze was right behind him. Hearing his words, he laughed and said, “You’re always relying on Jiang Chen everytime, and you still have the face to call yourself “double devils”.”

“Don’t b*tch, let’s have a two-on-two match later?” Shen Xu shot back.

Luo Ze rolled his eyes and reached out to slap the ball in his hand: “Or just one-on-one.”

“You think I’m stupid.” Shen Xu dodged away, smiling smugly, but also naturally unreasonable.

The two of them fought together in an instant, and Jiang Chen watched while holding the ball on the side. He and Tang Qixun looked at each other and grinned.

It was mid-May, the weather in Yan City was still a bit chilly, but the teenagers on the field were only wearing thin short-sleeved shirts, and they were full of youth and vigor.

In the interstellar era in the last life, basketball had already become an ancient sport, and there were very few people who could play basketball. Moreover, Jiang Chen was preoccupied with completing his studies before he was twelve years old. After entering the Imperial University at the age of twelve, he was always in the laboratory. Although later when he joined the federal research institute he had to train like the soldiers. However, researchers and soldiers were different after all, and exercise was only to have a better health and physique for doing research, so after reaching the standard amount of exercise, everyone would race against time to get into the laboratory, and have no time to find other exercise hobbies.

Therefore, counting the later years of the first life and the previous life, Jiang Chen had not played for nearly thirty years.

When Shen Xu and the others were chatting just now, Jiang Chen practiced dribbling and dunking. From jerkiness to familiarity, he regained the feeling of playing before in a few minutes. This feeling was very strange. In memory, this body and he had been separated for a long time, but his body memory was not unfamiliar, as if he had always been in this body and never left.

After the game started, although Jiang Chen was familiar with basketball, he didn’t quickly regain the tacit understanding of playing with Shen Xu and the others. He made several mistakes in the first quarter, which caused the score to widen by a lot.

Before the start of the second quarter, Luo Ze teased: “Could it be that you got distracted with the girl who just walked past, becoming absent-minded? Do you want us brothers to catch up to her and help you ask for her number?”

Jiang Chen twirled the ball in his hand, raised his eyebrows and smiled, right before taking off to shoot a three-pointer.

“Your eyes are the one stuck on her, and you speak of Jiangzi.” Shen Xu rolled his eyes: “You shouldn’t have grabbed that rebound just now. But in order to show that you can jump like a monkey you still did it, the girl didn’t even look at you.”

“How do you know that she didn’t look at me?” Luo Ze threw the ball at Shen Xu: “Come on! Let me show you the charm of this big brother!”

After the first quarter, Jiang Chen had recovered the tacit understanding with Shen Xu. At the beginning of the second quarter, the suppressed situation of their team changed instantly. At the end of the quarter, the scores on both sides were already quite close.


Shen Xu yelled, Jiang Chen hardly hesitated, raised his hand to catch the basketball thrown at him, then bent his knees, and while jumping up, the basketball drew a parabola in mid-air, and when he landed, it was to the boys’ cheers.

“Three points!”

“Clean shot!”


The boys were equally happy, and they all ran over laughing, hugging each other one by one, regardless of the win or loss just now.

Jiang Chen was surrounded tightly, and the smell of sweat from the boys’ bodies mixed together, sweeping away his previous calm, and he resisted and dodged desperately.

While ducking, he laughed and said, “Stay away from me!”

“Tell you to pretend!”

“We’re all sweaty, who are you to feel disdain for?”

“Come, welcome the blessing of this brother’s sweat, and you will be guaranteed first place in the midterm exam tomorrow!”

The teenagers laughed and wanted to surround him. Luo Ze winked at the left and right, everyone understood. They rushed up and lifted Jiang Chen up, throwing him into the air with cheers.

Under the sunshine of the end of spring, the boy who was thrown up had a clear, bright smile without any gloom or overcast.