Jiang Chen gave Zeng Fei an answer that night, and Zeng Fei gave him a faster answer. At that time, he told him on the phone that the old customer was willing to buy together his ancient currency at a price of 780,000 each.

Such a high price was somewhat unexpected by Jiang Chen. He originally thought that if they were bought together, a single silver banknote would be at most 750,000 yuan, but he did not expect that after deducting the handling fee, one silver banknote would still earn about 740,000 yuan. It could be seen that Zeng Fei’s old customer was really generous indeed.

The procedures and money transfer were fast. On the third day of the holiday, Jiang Chen left Shiyang Auction House with two bank cards and took a taxi to Donghua Village.

Old Mr. Miao held more than two million yuan worth of money in bank cards and couldn’t react for a while. Jiang Chen smiled and said: “If you are used to using deposit books, we can go to the bank to change it now. Getting a deposit book requires you carrying out the process yourself.”

“No, no need.” The old man shook his head, and then returned to his senses: “I believe in you, Xiao Jiang, thank you, you are the great benefactor of our Miao family!”

“This is your ancient currency. I’m just helping you, and I also get a quarter of it as commission. No matter what, I benefitted, and I can’t be your benefactor.”

“Why aren’t you a benefactor?” The old man smiled and pulled over Miao Miao, before saying to Jiang Chen, “Your appearance has changed our family’s Miao Miao’s life. When she grows up, she must repay you well.”

Jiang Chen lowered his head and saw the blinking little girl, rubbed her head with a smile, and hugged her when she opened her arms: “Grandpa Miao, there is no repayment relationship between us, you are planning to take Miao Miao to school in the city? And to buy a house, have you decided on an area yet?”

“No.” The old man shook his head with a wry smile: “Our family fled to this Donghua Village and stuck our roots here. We haven’t gone out the village to see the city much, and I don’t know what districts there are in the city.”

Jiang Chen introduced the various districts of Yan City and the supporting schools in each district to the old man, and then said: “I suggest that you buy a house in either Yannan, Zhonghai, and Huyang districts, these districts are very well developed, and the most important thing is that the schools covered by these districts have good teaching quality from kindergarten to high school, and Yan Uni and Hua Uni are also in these districts.”

Old Mr. Miao nodded again and again, and then asked, “Xiao Jiang, which district is your home in?”

“Zhonghai.” Jiang Chen smiled: “The houses near my house are very good, not far from the park or hospital as well as the school and large commercial areas.”

“I want to live with Big Brother!” Miao Miao hugged Jiang Chen’s neck: “I want to live with Big Brother!”

Old Mr. Miao smiled and said: “Okay, let’s live with your big brother.” He looked at Jiang Chen: “Xiao Jiang, are there still houses for sale over there?”

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and said, “Our community should not have any left. If it’s nearby, I can help you find out.”

“Okay, okay!” Old Mr. Miao laughed and said: “It is said that Feng Shui nourishes people, and when Miao Miao lives by your side, she will definitely have a good future when she grows up.”

After rejecting old Mr. Miao’s invitation to stay for lunch, Jiang Chen left Donghua Village and went straight to the hospital.

Jiang Zhuo was talking to the patient in the next bed, and when he saw him, he immediately laughed: “Didn’t you go out with Xiao Xu? Why did you come back at this time?”

Jiang Chen sat down on the chair beside the bed, and the person on the next bed teased: “Aren’t you happy with your son coming to accompany you? Which child of this age is always away from home all day long, not to mention that it is still a short vacation now, and only your family’s Jiang Chen is filial and will accompany you every day for three consecutive days.”

Jiang Zhuo shook his head: “It’s not that I don’t want him to accompany me, but that such a big child should go out to play more, what’s the point of sitting dully at home studying or accompanying me in the hospital all day.”

The person in the next bed smiled and said, “You are in the midst of happiness and do not know happiness. If my son was half as sensible as Xiao Jiang, I would have woken up laughing in my dreams. By the way, Xiao Jiang, your father said that you are in the second year of high school in Yan No. 1 Hugh School, how are your grades?”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Not bad.”

The man asked: “By not bad, what number is it?”

An auntie who had not spoken also asked: “That’s right, is Xiao Jiang’s grades good?”

Most adults, when they see a child of school age, like to inquire about their academic performance, generally not with malicious intentions, but just making casual chit-chat. That they asked today was because Jiang Zhuo and his wife did not like to show off. Apart from saying that their child went to school in Yan City No. 1 High School, they never talked about Jiang Chen’s grades. So others in the ward who saw him being sensible and filial and coming to the hospital every day to report, carrying books with him at any time, naturally couldn’t help but wonder about his grades.

“First in his year.”

The man who walked in from the door had a low voice, a folder in his hand, his pace calm and unhurried as he headed towards Jiang Zhuo’s bed. He opened the folder and looked at it, taking time to glance at Jiang Chen, his eyelashes like thick inky feathers. When half lowered, they softened the sharpness of his features: “Right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen curved his eyes, and the corners of his mouth slightly pulled upwards to show his neat white teeth, which deepened the single dimple on his left cheek, giving off the uniquely clean and handsome aura of young people: “How did Dr. Shi know?”

The people in the ward were surprised for a moment, but they also smiled when they saw his smile. Someone praised: “Old Jiang, you have given birth to a good son. Filial, sensible, obedient, and also with grades that good.”

Jiang Zhuo smiled shyly, but his tone couldn’t hide his gratification and pride: “Everything else is good about him, except he doesn’t like to move around, so I always urge him to go out to play. It’s better for boys to make more friends and do more activities.”

“This is your child’s filial piety, to accompany you…..”

The patients and their family members complimented one by one, and only Shi Fengyue saw Jiang Chen’s probing expression under his smile. His knuckles curled up, his fingertips flicked the folder twice, and then he said lightly: “My nephew is in the junior section of Yan No. 1 High School.”

Jiang Chen retracted his gaze, and Shi Fengyue also shifted his gaze to discuss the surgical plan with Jiang Zhuo in a low voice. The two sat on both sides of the hospital bed, one was calm and indifferent, the other was relaxed and unclouded, as if two worlds were separated.

Shi Fengyue left after he finished talking about the operation plan. Jiang Chen sat for a while and waited for Yang Si to come over before leaving the ward. While waiting for the elevator, he happened to see Shi Fengyue coming out of the office, and the female doctor following him also looked familiar.

The female doctor had her hands behind her back as she looked up at Shi Fengyue and was saying something. Probably getting ready to get off work, Shi Fengyue had changed out of his white physician’s coat and wore a simple creamy white sweater and black jeans. He looked a little more indolent than when he was at work, and less aloof and unapproachable.

The two walked side by side, Shi Fengyue walked slowly and unhurried, but he was tall and had long legs so if the female doctor wanted to follow him step by step, she had to speed up her footsteps, but she didn’t show the slightest difficulty on her face, still raising her head with a smile on her face as she talked to Shi Fengyue.

The two were about to approach, so Jiang Chen politely retracted his gaze. Just as the elevator door opened, he took a step and entered the elevator.

At the same time, Shi Fengyue paused and stopped less than three meters away from the elevator, avoiding the female doctor who almost walked into him. As Jiang Chen pressed the button to go downwards, that indolent and cool voice traveled the air and accompanied its owner inside: “I have no obligation to satisfy your curiosity.”

The slowly closing elevator door obscured the female doctor’s changing expression.

In the enclosed space, one person was standing beside the elevator buttons, the other was leaning against the other side with his hand tucked in a pocket. Neither of them spoke, both of them were the picture of calm stillness.

It was not until the elevator reached the first floor and the two walked to the hospital entrance one after the other did the silence break.

Jiang Chen nodded and said, “Dr. Shi, goodbye.”

Shi Fengyue nodded lazily and turned to leave.

Jiang Chen walked in the opposite direction. While waiting for the bus, he suddenly remembered that he had promised Shen Xu that he would lend him the book that he brought to the hospital today when they met tomorrow, but he forgot the book in the hospital, so he could only go back and get it now.

A few minutes later, as soon as he walked out of the ward, he saw a somewhat familiar figure approaching him. The thin boy had his head lowered, and a middle-aged woman in plain clothes was saying something to him. The two gradually came closer and he could vaguely hear the conversation:

“…..Your mother entrusted you to me, and I will take good care of you.”

“You don’t have to worry about tuition fees, just study hard. Auntie has money. As long as you can study, Auntie will definitely support you to go to college. When your mother’s affairs are settled, you can move to…..”

The boy kept his head down and his face was unable to be seen clearly, but Jiang Chen had already recalled who he was. He hesitated for a moment between avoiding temporarily or pass by, when he saw the boy passing an open window. The sun was falling straight down on the ground, there was a band of light that shone down vertically. He no longer hesitated, and turned on his heel to step back behind the safety door.

Unexpectedly, just as the door closed, he bumped into someone.

Jiang Chen took a half step back, and immediately apologized: “I’m sorry, I accidentally bumped…..” Seeing the person behind him, his voice paused and his eyes widened slightly.

“This is the second time.”

The man had his arms crossed over his chest and wore a creamy white turtleneck coarse knitted sweater. The collar was half gaping, revealing his slender and fair neck and perfectly curved jawline. He had a candy in his mouth, but his eyes were still sharp, and those pale lips made his face appear a little more lazy and cold.

Shi Fengyue looked down at him, his slender index finger with defined knuckles tapping his pale lips, and after a few seconds, he asked suspiciously, “Didn’t you go back? Now you deliberately turned back just to step on me again?”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched indistinctly, but he thought of how he had bumped into the other twice, so he could only apologize again: “I’m sorry.”

Shi Fengyue raised his eyes and glanced at the door of the safe exit: “Are you hiding?”

Jiang Chen: “Not really.” He thought for a while and said, “It’s a junior brother from my school. I’ve only met him once. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood just now and should be reluctant to meet people from the same school.”

Shi Fengyue lowered his eyes to look at him, Jiang Chen raised his eyes, and the two gazes collided, seemingly indifferent, but both seemed to want to figure out something from each other’s eyes.

The ringing of the phone interrupted their gaze, Shi Fengyue took out his phone and glanced at the incoming call. After pressing the phone, he stuffed it back into his pocket, and when he pulled it out again, there was more candy.

Jiang Chen then felt that someone had rubbed his head, and soon a piece of candy was placed in his palm. When he came back to his senses, the man had already climbed a few steps, and his languid voice echoed in the empty stairs: “A reward for a good child.”

AN: He Qianmin, whose head was touched: I am not a child! Don’t touch my head!

Jiang Chen: You are a child.

Jiang Chen, whose head was touched: ? ? ?

Shi Feng Yue: Child.