On Wednesday, Jiang Chen specially took a day off.

Jiang Zhuo and his wife did not feel too excited about this meeting. After all, they had been to Yan City No. 3 Hospital before, and they had seen a somewhat well-known chief physician of spine surgery. He was also one of the doctors who said that Jiang Zhuo’s legs were hopeless. And in terms of strength, Yan No. 3 was not particularly ranked in this respect.

They were only willing to visit again after learning that Jiang Chen went out every weekend morning to ask about the doctor. Jiang Zhuo and his wife could not bear to disappoint him, so they agreed.

It was just that Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si couldn’t help but look forward to this meeting when seeing Jiang Chen asking for leave so solemnly, seeing the rare smile on his face since the accident, seeing his bright eyes and the little dimple at the corner of his mouth. They hoped that the doctor really did have good skills. They hoped that today would not let Jiang Chen be disappointed again after putting in the effort for so long.

When Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo arrived at the Third Hospital of Yan City, there were exactly two nurses on duty at the outpatient consultation desk three days ago.

They saw Jiang Chen coming, with an unfamiliar couple beside them. They were a little curious, but they didn’t ask any further questions. A round-faced nurse smiled and said, “Dr. Shi is here today, and I was just thinking you would come, he hasn’t any appointments yet, so this morning there were only patients queuing for consultation. So you can go to the front to register now, it should be your turn soon.”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded, while Jiang Zhuo and his wife were a little surprised.

Jiang Zhuo was naturally moved when he knew that Jiang Chen came to Yan No. 3 Hospital every week, but now that even the nurses at the consultation desk knew him and that he was so familiar with queuing and registration, his heart was even more complicated.

He couldn’t give the child a superior living condition and after the accident, the child was worried and fearful. He already felt very guilty that he couldn’t be as simple and happy as before. So at this time, when he saw Jiang Chen busying himself with his treatment, he thought of how Jiang Chen must have done a lot of things for him and made so much effort, those complex feelings suddenly gave birth to a strong desire——he must get better.

Even if he could no longer stand up, as a husband and a father, he had to let this family stand up. So what if he couldn’t walk, he could find work that could be done without needing to walk. Only once he had completely recovered from this matter, his child and wife could let go of their worries and live a normal life.

Jiang Zhuo raised his head to look at his son, who seemed to have lost his naivety and had grown up quickly. He was proud and remorseful, but when he met those smiling eyes, he couldn’t help but also have a gratified smile on his face.

The child had worked so hard, what reason did he have to give up on himself?

Today this time, no matter what the result was, it would be treated as a new start for their family!

Jiang Chen saw Jiang Zhuo’s smile, and the smile in his eyes deepened. He took the registration slip and said, “Mom and Dad, we are number six, and there are only two people in front. The spine surgery clinic is on the second floor. Let’s go up and wait.”

Yang Si nodded and pushed Jiang Zhuo into the elevator. Seeing the smiles on Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo’s faces, the shadows in her heart also dissipated a lot. Since Jiang Zhuo’s accident, she was scared and anxious every time she came to the hospital. After the number of times increased, it left a shadow behind, and as soon as she stepped into the door of the hospital, her chest would feel stuffy and her heart would palpitate.

They arrived on the second floor very soon. The family of three got out of the elevator, followed the signs to the Spine Surgery Clinic, and stopped outside a small door. There was a blue sign next to the door, which read: Spine Surgery, Shi Fengyue.

Jiang Chen handed the registration form to the nurse outside the door. The nurse glanced at it and said, “The previous patient has just entered, and it should be you right away. Just wait here for a while. If you are thirsty, there is a water dispenser over there.”

“Thank you.”

Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si were both a little nervous, so naturally they were not in the mood to drink water, but Jiang Chen was a little thirsty, so he poured a glass of water over there and drank it himself. He then poured a glass for his parents, holding it in his hand in case they got thirsty later.

The patient who entered came out not long after, and he was also accompanied by his family member, frowning and talking to the family member who was pushing his wheelchair: “This Dr. Shi actually said that the treatment of my leg is too simple, and asked me to find another doctor and he won’t be taking my case, is he mental?”

The Jiang family, who were about to go in, happened to hear their conversation. Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si looked at each other but before they could think about anything, Jiang Chen had already opened the door for them and could only go in.

However, when the wheelchair was pushed halfway, Jiang Chen no longer moved further.

Jiang Chen held the doorknob in one hand and the water glass in the other, and stood in the gap where the door opened. The man who was rotating the pen with his fingers raised his head lazily, and their eyes collided. One slightly widened his eyes, and the other raised his eyebrows.

“It’s you?”

“Why are you here?”

The two spoke at the same time, one was surprised, the other was curious.

For the first time since he was reborn, Jiang Chen showed such an exposed expression of surprise: “You are Shi Fengyue?”

Shi Fengyue crossed his legs with a smile at the corner of his eyes. He supported his chin with one hand and said lazily, “Don’t you already know me?”

Jiang Chen’s brows twitched, what he said was indeed correct, he could be considered to have known him, after all, he had met him twice before, but for some reason, he kept feeling that there was something else in Shi Fengyue’s words.

Sure enough, Shi Fengyue tilted his head and laughed exuberantly, with a dissolute and sly expression: “It turns out that the golden age beauty has such a low sense of existence in your heart.”

Jiang Chen: “…..”

Could it be that he was actually listening to him talking to the nurse back then?

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen paused, put away the surprise in his heart, and said calmly: “I didn’t know you were Dr. Shi before, and I said ‘golden age beauty’ because I heard a friend who saw your photo describe you that way, and so I borrowed their words without thinking too much about it.”

Don’t know if Shi Fengyue believed it or not, his half-smiling eyes staying on him for a few seconds before passing by him to the couple behind him. He nodded slightly and said, “Is it a patient? Please come in.”

Jiang Zhuo and his wife, who were confused by their conversation, just came in a daze. Even after the door closed, Shi Fengyue squatted beside Jiang Zhuo’s leg and pinched for a long time, then watched the x-rays he brought, and asked a few questions, Yang Si was still a bit at a loss.

Did Jiang Chen and this Dr. Shi know each other or not?

It sounded like they didn’t know each other, but they all looked like they knew each other. Moreover, this Dr. Shi was really quite young. The age difference between the two was not much different so if Jiang Chen knew him it was not that strange. But why had she never heard about it before?

Also, this young doctor was too good-looking. Before, Yang Si only thought that her child was the best-looking boy she had ever seen. Even though she was wearing the filter of being a mother, whoever had met Jiang Chen would always praise him for looking better than the stars on TV. But after seeing this doctor, Yang Si realized that people could actually be born with looks like this.

Just as there were a bunch of questions in Yang Si’s mind, and because of Shi Fengyue’s appearance, she couldn’t help but question his medical skills, she then heard a pleasant sounding voice say slowly:

“After being discharged from the hospital, the maintenance was done well. If you are ready to enter the hospital, you should be able to undergo the operation in half a month. I can guarantee the success rate of the operation, but how much you can recover after the operation depends on your later rehabilitation. If it is good, you will be able to walk normally again, and if not you can only use crutches, but no matter the case, heavy physical activity and strenuous exercise are no longer possible.”

Yang Si was in a daze, the cool, magnetic voice sounded in her ears, each word jumping in her mind. It took a while to string together a sentence for her to understand and digest, but after digesting it, she doubted her own ears.

Did she hear it right?

The doctor said that there was still hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs?

He could stand up after surgery? And it was even possible to walk normally?

Jiang Zhuo was also shocked and dazed.

Stand up?

The doctor said he could stand up after the surgery on his leg?

Was this real?

Compared with his parents’ disbelief, Jiang Chen accepted it without even needing to digest it. Needless to say, Shi Fengyue’s medical skills were not to be questioned. If others saw him so young and heard him say “guarantee the success rate of surgery”, they would only think he was arrogant and ignorant. In fact, many people questioned this in the early stage of his medical practice in the first life, but it turned out that Shi Fengyue could really do it. So long as it was his operation, the success rate was 100%.

But he was also a little surprised.

During this time, he had planned countless ways to get Shi Fengyue to agree to perform the operation. He even thought about it in class, but he had yet to think of a sure way, because he didn’t know Shi Fengyue in reality, and the Shi Fengyue he heard from other people’s mouths was also an image of a willful person doing whatever he wanted. If he didn’t want to agree, whatever you say or do was useless.

To this end, he had already prepared an alternative plan, screening out the well-known spine surgeons at home and abroad one by one, thinking that if he really couldn’t get Shi Fengyue’s consent, his father’s legs couldn’t wait any longer, he must find other alternatives as soon as possible, and he even prepared to take leave to go to hospitals in other provinces and cities.

But unexpectedly, Shi Fengyue agreed so easily.

Could it be that his father’s condition was so bad that Shi Fengyue was interested enough in the challenge?

This was the only reason Jiang Chen could think of.

While Jiang Chen was thinking, Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si finally reacted.

Yang Si said with a trembling voice: “D-Dr. Shi, are you telling the truth? There is still hope for my husband’s legs, and he can still stand up after the operation?”

Shi Fengyue glanced at the thoughtful Jiang Chen, and frowned inwardly. This was the first surgery he promised to do today, and he promised it directly and without any beating around the bush, so why did this child not seem very happy. Before, he had done everything to find and approach him, but now when he really saw him he was not as interested?

He tutted from the bottom of his heart, squeezing and letting go of a candy in his pocket, but his expression remained calm and flat: “If you decide to have surgery, I suggest that Mr. Jiang be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“Surgery! Of course, surgery is necessary!” Yang Si immediately said, “He can be admitted to the hospital anytime!”

After she finished speaking, she turned to see Jiang Zhuo. Jiang Zhuo’s eyes were already red. He looked at his excited wife, swallowed the lump in his throat, and said, “Dr. Shi, could my legs really recover?”

Normally, Shi Fengyue’s most annoying pet peeve was to deal with the incessant and repetitive questioning. Whether it was self-questioning or questioning him, he was neither interested nor in the mood to comfort them. But when he saw Jiang Chen, who suddenly raised his face and smiled, sowing a small dimple, his impatience instantly dissipated, and he even couldn’t help but curve his lips in a slight smile of his own.

“Yes.” Shi Fengyue’s tone had always been very mild and indifferent, but at this time it also held a convincing power: “If you can, enter the hospital as soon as possible.”