“Student Jiang Chen.” Sun Tengyun put away the gloom in his eyes, but his expressionless face could not hide the chill: “This was originally just a small conflict between a teacher and a student, why would you make things so unresolvable? Even if Teacher Zhang really did something wrong, he taught you for half a year, so why make such an impulsive decision because of such a little thing?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and said nothing, seemingly having fallen silent, but in fact he had no intention of giving in.

Sun Tengyun glanced at Zhang Jian fiercely, and motioned him to speak with his eyes.

Zhang Jian didn’t feel what was so bad about Jiang Chen transferring, and even wished that he would transfer. So what if he left? In No. 1 High School, was there no other student with good grades except him? A student threatening to transfer, who was he even threatening?

But now Sun Tengyun’s gaze forced him to speak.

“Jiang Chen.” Zhang Jian paused, his face turning dark: “This matter has caused a great impact on me, even if it was my fault, I have already been punished, I am your class teacher, do you actually want me to apologize to you in front of the whole school classmates?”

Jiang Chen raised his eyes, but before he could speak, Fu Jinyu spoke first: “When you slandered Jiang Chen, how was it right that you said it in front of the whole school? At this time, you are asked to apologize, but you say that it is impossible and not right. Do you still want that face of yours?”

Not only Fu Jinyu, but the English teacher Teacher Yang also piped in lowly: “Teacher Zhang, you really did something wrong in this matter, it’s not too much to apologize to Jiang Chen.”

The language teacher, Teacher Li, looked at Zhang Jian with disapproving eyes: “Teacher Zhang, please apologize.”

The other teachers also spoke up one after another, persuading Zhang Jian to apologize.

Zhang Jian’s face was very blue, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

The principal opened his mouth at this time, he was still calm and kindly, and said to Jiang Chen in a negotiating tone: “Student Jiang Chen, I know that this incident has had a great impact on you, and it has also caused you to suffer many wrongs, and even more it has made your parents lose their trust in the school, but transferring schools is not a trivial matter. You have been studying in No. 1 High School for a year and a half and have adapted to the school’s teaching environment and teaching rhythm. This period of time is also a critical period for students. If you transfer to another school, a new adaptation process must be undergone, but this is not necessarily a good thing for your studies.”

Jiang Chen nodded shyly, and said to the principal: “I know, so I have been dispelling my parents’ idea, my friends are all in No. 1 High School, and I have become accustomed to the environment here. Moreover, most teachers here are responsible and conscientious, I am very grateful and respectful of all the teachers here, but…..”

Everyone didn’t expect that there would be a twist, and immediately pricked up their ears, wanting to hear what Jiang Chen said after this “just”.

“It’s just that my parents are unable to be at ease that I will continue to study in class 1.” Jiang Chen pursed his lips, and the young man’s pale face seemed to show a helpless expression: “In order to reassure my parents, it is indeed really not suitable for me to continue to stay in class 1. So I thought about it, and it seems that shifting to class 5 is the best outcome.”

In Yan City’s No. 1 High School, starting from the second year of high school, the arts and sciences were sorted according to odd and even numbers. Classes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 were science classes, while the even numbers were liberal arts classes, with classes 1 and 3 as experimental classes. Classes 5, 7, and 9 were ordinary classes, and class 11 was recognized as a class for students with poor grades.

If Jiang Chen was transferred to class 5, he would be transferred from the experimental class to a regular class. Putting aside whether the class teacher in class 3 agreed or not, the class teacher in class 5 was happy but did not dare to accept it.

The progress of class 1 and class 3 was completely different from that of class 5. There were not many overlapping teachers who taught the classes. So wouldn’t Jiang Chen coming here delay his studies?

It was not just the class teachers of classes 3 and 5 who thought so, almost all the teachers thought so, but everyone was not stupid, and they know why Jiang Chen wanted to transfer to class 5.

Zhang Jian taught three classes of chemistry, namely the first, third and ninth science classes. And the class teacher of class 7 had a very good relationship with Zhang Jian. So if Jiang Chen wanted to avoid Zhang Jian, other than class 11, wasn’t there only class 5 to choose from?

“Absolutely not!” It was none other than Fu Jinyu who spoke: “If you transfer to class 5, the progress cannot be adjusted together, how will you still study?”

The class teacher of the class 5 opened his mouth and wanted to refute, but Fu Jinyu was indeed right, Jiang Chen coming to class 5 was definitely not better off than if he stayed in an experimental class.

The class teacher of class 3 smiled and said, “How about this, just change the chemistry teacher of our class to Teacher He, so how about Jiang Chen come to class 3 instead? This way, it won’t delay the child’s studies and won’t affect the child’s mood. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The others sneered in their hearts, you indeed have the best of both worlds, but could a teacher be changed so simply?

Unexpectedly, the principal pondered for a moment and said: “What Teacher Wang said is not impossible, but I think that since Jiang Chen has already adapted to the classmates in class 1, it would take some time to adapt to another class. How about this, Teacher Zhang will pause your classes for a period of time, and then resume after the investigation is clear. During this time, the class teacher of class 1 will be temporarily represented by Teacher Li, and the several teachers in the chemistry group will also have to work hard during this time and take on extra classes, and Teacher He will temporarily replace the chemistry teacher for class 1. How about this?”

Teacher Li had always had a Buddha-like mentality, and he nodded his head indifferently.

But Teacher He felt that he was hit by a pie, and couldn’t believe it.

When the teachers of the second years arranged classes, he was supposed to teach class 3 chemistry, because this was the underlying rule of most schools in scheduling classes: the class teacher of an experimental class will not be the teacher of another experimental class.

But Zhang Jian relied on his backing to take the teaching positions of two science experimental classes, and the classes he chose were all science classes, so he and several other chemistry teachers could only choose the liberal arts classes and several other regular science classes. They had already had much anger in their hearts.

It was not that Teacher He didn’t want to teach the liberal arts classes and ordinary classes, but that the progress in chemistry among the liberal arts classes was different from the sciences classes, and the progress of experimental classes was even more different. He was a young and aspiring teacher, and he was full of enthusiasm to produce a top city wide scorer in his subject. He was originally qualified to be a teacher in one of the science experimental classes, but he was suddenly pushed to the side by Zhang Jian. How could he be reconciled?

Originally, because of Zhang Jian’s backing, no matter how unwilling he was, he could only hold it back. After these two years have passed, he would wait for another chance with a new batch of second year high school students.

Who knew that he had only been suffocated for half a year, when the pie fell down on him! How could he not be happy to death!

“It’s not a hardship, it’s not a hardship at all, once Teacher Zhang hands over the class progress to me. I have no classes in the afternoon. When I go back, I will immediately write out the course lessons, and I will teach class 1 tomorrow! I absolutely will not delay the children’s learning!”

While Teacher He was happy to death, Zhang Jian felt suffocated to death.

He never imagined that such a trivial matter would not only be known to everyone, but also cause him to be suspended from teaching in the end. Wasn’t this to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it? (TN: to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off)

But the principal didn’t care whether Zhang Jian was happy or not, he first asked Jiang Chen, “Student Jiang Chen, what do you think of this arrangement?”

Jiang Chen stood up, bowed properly to the principal, and sincerely thanked: “Principal, thank you.”

Jiang Chen had always treated people worthy of respect with respect and seriousness. It was precisely because of this sincerity that he could also make the other party feel that his every move was sincere and earnest. In most cases, people who receive respect often also gave respect to the other, and mutual respect was the basis for building trust and affection.

It could be said that the successes in Jiang Chen’s previous two lives was not unrelated to his character.

Not only did the principal smile more kindly, but the other teachers also looked at Jiang Chen with a much softer gaze. Such a polite and clever child who was able to argue with reason and know when to stop before going to far. Who wouldn’t like such a junior? Besides, Jiang Chen was also their student.

The principal gently pulled Jiang Chen to sit down, turned to look at Sun Tengyun, and the smile on his face faded, “Vice Principal Sun, do you have any comments on this arrangement?”

Sun Tengyun scolded Zhang Jian fiercely in his heart, and said with a dark face, “No.”

The principal nodded: “Then that’s good, it’s almost time for the first class period, let’s end the meeting, don’t delay the students’ studies.”

Jiang Chen left following Fu Jinyu just like when he came.

After walking out of the office building for a distance, Fu Jinyu turned around and patted him on the shoulder: “You kiddo!” After the patting, he couldn’t help laughing a few times: “You made me worry for nothing, before I thought you were white dough, so good-natured that anyone could squeeze you a few times.”

“You have a backbone.” He laughed, “I like it.”

Jiang Chen asked about the thing he had been pondering about before entering the small conference room: “Teacher Fu, what did you mean about the competition?”

“Mathematics competition.” When Fu Jinyu talked about serious business, he also became serious: “I was optimistic about you in the first year of high school. Who knew that when school started again…..but it’s not too late, what do you think? Do you want to join the competition class?”

Jiang Chen smiled brightly: “Yes.”

“I knew you would like it, kiddo.” Fu Jinyu smiled and said, “I saw the formulas you wrote on the scrap paper before, many of them are content that could only be learned in advanced mathematics in college, and some are not even known by students of the mathematics department, what? Are you planning to study mathematics in the future?”

Jiang Chen shook his head: “My university major will br computer science.”

His first dream was indeed to specialize in mathematics, and his goal was also the Mathematics Department of Hua University. However, because of many things, he had to fall back and choose his second choice, computer science. By mistake, he actually found his true field and the most suitable direction for him, and later after being reborn into the interstellar era, he also unswervingly walked on the road of artificial intelligence research.

In this life, he wanted to realize his dream in his first life through mathematics competition, but the path he really wanted to take was still computer science.

Fu Jinyu was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “You have good vision, the future of computer science has much potential.”

The two chatted and laughed on their way back to the teaching building. When Jiang Chen returned to the class, the bell for the first class period rang just in time.

Under the puzzled look of the classmates, news that Zhang Jian was temporarily suspended from teaching, and that he would act as the substitute class teacher in the future, while the chemistry teacher would be replaced by Teacher He was announced. After nodding at Teacher Yang, he walked out slowly without waiting for the students to even react.

Teacher Yang didn’t mind either, and called out to begin class with a smile.

At the end of the class, all the students were discussing Zhang Jian’s suspension. Almost half of the boys gathered around Jiang Chen’s desk, and Shen Xu was the most gleeful among them.

“Zhang Three Hairs, that idiot is finally gone! I want nothing more than to go to the broadcast room to laugh three times and play “Great Delight” to celebrate!”

“Jiang Chen, just now when Teacher Fu called you to go out. Is it for Zhang Three Hair’s incident? What did they say?”

“Awesome, you actually drove Zhang Three Hairs away! I won’t have to watch his chemical death experiments anymore. I sit in front of the teacher’s desk and every time I watch him experiment, I worry about my own life, but now my life is finally saved!” The boy who said this clasped his fists: “Brother Jiang, this is a life-saving grace.”

The others jeered: “Then will you pay back with your body?”

“Piss off, get lost…..”

During the laughter, someone shouted at the door: “The grade list is posted! Jiang Chen is the first in the year, not counting political history, with a total score of 739!”




You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The boy who clasped his fist lost his footing, and while saying “f**k”, he stumbled and fell on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen pushed the boy’s face away and scolded with a smile, “Sorry, not interested, get up.”

“Have some face, you!”

The students who were still immersed in shock were interrupted by this, and soon went back to messing and joking around again.