At this moment, six stars with dreamy white light slowly fell from the starry sky.

 Six grooms stretched out their hands in unison, and six stars fell on their hands. There was a switch on the star. With a light touch, the ring box inside fell into their hands.

At this moment, Gu Qing's eyes were a little wet, and his voice was full of emotion, which was moving.

“I would like to ask the bride and groom, are you willing to wear this ring for each other that will accompany each other for a lifetime?”

 Six newlyweds said in unison: "I do."

At this time, a wedding testimony appeared on the big screens on both sides, and all the guests read together: "Today we are here to witness the bride and groom becoming husband and wife. From now on, we will treat each other with the same eyebrows and respect each other as guests. I wish you to be with me, rely on each other, and have a bright future." Can be expected.”

As soon as the words finished, the bride and groom formally exchanged rings.

"The moment you put on the ring, you will shoulder the responsibility for the future and the family. At this moment, I also solemnly and formally announce to everyone, six grooms, you can kiss the bride in front of you."

 Six newlyweds kissed each other passionately, and the live music was particularly beautiful...

Lea, who was sitting in the audience, saw Li Si and Zuo Xun kissing on the stage. Tears filled her eyes, her lips were raised, and she was still applauding them.

Tang Yiyang in the audience also burst into tears. Looking at the entwining lips of Si Yechen and Li Ou in the center of the stage, the applause continued.

Across the Milky Way Road, Shangguan Lie, Nangong Zhe and Si Beizhou looked at the happy faces of Si Yechen and Li Ouyan from a distance. They couldn't help but be happy for them, but at the same time they felt empty in their hearts...

 Six newlyweds kissed each other inseparably until the music stopped and a song was changed, then they danced on the stage, pushing the atmosphere of the whole place to the highest level.

 Brides wearing trailing wedding dresses only need to do a few simple dance moves to coordinate with the groom.

 The applause from the audience came one after another, like the tide, one after another.

 Seeing the happiness and contentment in the smiles of the six newlyweds, several elders also had their eyes red with joy.

 The dance ends.

The host Gu Qing said, "Because there are too many guests at the scene, it is not realistic for the bride and groom to toast table by table. Please ask our etiquette lady to bring the wine to the stage. Let us give the warmest applause to the parents of the six couples. How about we go on stage together and pay tribute to the guests present together?”

 “Okay—” The whole audience applauded again.

Several elders came on stage one after another.

Wine glasses were handed to them one after another, and the etiquette lady helped pour the wine. When it was the groom's turn, several groomsmen rushed to the stage, took away the groom's wine glasses, and replaced them with six one-meter-high ones. The foot cup was thrust into their hands...

This move made all the guests laugh.

Although the grooms’ wine glasses were large, the hostess still poured a little bit of wine for them, not more.

 The six newlyweds and their elders raised their glasses to the guests from all directions, and the guests in the audience also stood up and drank with them in the distance.

“I now declare that the dinner party has officially begun—”

With Gu Qing’s words, the dishes began to be served.

These dishes were all developed by Qu Qiuci alone. They are not only full of color and flavor, but also have particularly good meanings. Of course, other chefs need help in cooking. He is old and can only cook Li Ouyan's table. .

However, all the chefs who helped out have signed confidentiality agreements. These dishes will only appear once at Li Ouyan's wedding, and no one will be able to eat them if they have money in the future.

The wine on each table is the collection of the Si and Li families, and any bottle costs more than 100,000 yuan.

The big screen on the stage played videos and photos of the six newlyweds along the way, so that guests could see how they met and fell in love while eating. This is what countless media reporters and people want to know...

Every girl who can be admired is not because of her outstanding appearance, but because she has many unique shining points.

These also impressed netizens who watched the live broadcast...

As these video photos were played, international superstars came on stage to sing, idol teams came on stage to dance, famous magicians came on stage to perform magic tricks, funny sketches, etc...

 Six newlyweds were dining under the stage. During this period, Shang Bizhu, Ding Yi, Mo Yufan and others came to toast Li Ouyan and Si Yechen, and the atmosphere was very lively.

After the dinner, the host Gu Qing came to the stage and said, "The next step is a lottery for the portraits of all our guests. We have invited six couples to come to the stage to select the sixty-six lucky guests and give them our big gifts."

 Six couples came on stage together, six steps rose up, and what appeared in front of them was a 1.2-meter-high heart-shaped pillar.

 As long as two people put their hands on it, the whole scene avatar scrolling can be started.

Si Yechen and Li Ouyan placed their hands on the heart-shaped pillar, and the other five couples followed suit.

 Countless avatars scrolled on the big screen behind him, with a countdown of three seconds, three, two, one.

They all raised their hands, and the heads of the sixty-six lucky guests appeared on the big screen behind them.

“Congratulations to these sixty-six guests for receiving a million-dollar luxury car!”

 The whole audience burst into warm applause.

“Do the netizens watching the live broadcast also want to participate??”

 Gu Qing's words made many people watching the live broadcast scream, "Think! Think!"

Even though they knew Gu Qing couldn't hear him, they just wanted to shout out what they were thinking!

“Everyone can scan the QR code on the big screen behind me and participate in the red envelope grabbing game. Let me tell you secretly that there are 99 lucky netizens who can get random red envelopes worth more than 10,000 yuan. There is a ten-second countdown.”

Everyone watching the live broadcast was stunned. How many? ? More than 10,000 yuan? ? So proud? !

 As the countdown numbers appeared on the big screen, everyone was in a hurry, eager to scan the code with eight hands to draw the prize.

Seeing that the countdown was over, Gu Qing announced with a smile, "The time is up. Congratulations to the ninety-nine lucky netizens on the screen. The bonuses will be sent to your accounts later. Thank you for your attention to the wedding. Thank you."

Gu Qing said to the camera, "In addition, the Si and Li families will also work together to build 99 hope primary schools and 99 hospitals in poverty-stricken areas. At the same time, they will spend one billion charity funds to provide medical assistance to children with serious illnesses. They will also provide medical assistance to children present. Each guest donated care packages such as breakfasts and books and stationery to children in rural areas, and let us applaud them again for their good deeds.”

 The applause from the audience was like a passionate symphony, which lasted for a long time and was pleasant to the ears.

"Tonight's dinner is coming to an end. On behalf of the six couples and their families, I would like to thank everyone again for coming. You can move outside to enjoy our grand fireworks show tonight. After the show, everyone can You can choose to stay or go."

Those who want to stay can live in the castle, which has many rooms.

Those who are unable to stay overnight can also get souvenirs, and someone will drive them away in a luxury car or plane...

 Souvenirs include skin care products, perfumes, limited-edition brand bags, etc. from Li Ouyan's brands, as well as luxury watches, razors, lighters, etc. from Si Li's can choose freely.

 All the guests applauded again, then got up and went to the outdoor fairyland-like garden to wait for the fireworks show.

 Colorful fireworks bloomed under the night, just like hundreds of flowers vying for beauty, and the whole night sky was suddenly filled with light.

Si Yechen held Li Ouyan's face and kissed her lips affectionately and tenderly.

 The whole world seems to be filled with only her fragrance.

Countless fireworks fly into the night sky, leaving behind colorful dazzles.

 Like the life they will live next.

The fireworks exploded into numbers 1314 and 520, then turned into heart shapes, and finally turned into six couples kissing.

 Under the grand fireworks, five other couples also kissed passionately.

Li Yihan lowered his head and kissed the girl sweetly. Li Er's kiss was strong and gentle. Li Sen's breathing became heavier and heavier. Li Si directly picked up the girl. Li Canxi's kiss was doting...

They made an agreement with Si Yechen and Li Ouyan that when the honeymoon is over, they will pick up the certificates on the same day, so that they can celebrate their wedding anniversaries together every year.

 Finally, the fireworks turned into the words “Forever”, lighting up the night sky and bringing the wedding to a successful conclusion.

  (Complete of the book) (End of this chapter)