When Che Suyun heard what she said, she subconsciously looked at Song Junlin.

Song Junlin knew that there was no point in hiding the identity of his niece, so he simply told the truth.

Li Yuanfu and Song Qiaoying then realized that their precious daughter had suffered in the Triangle Area a long time ago and almost died. In the end, she became the boss after hard work...

Tears welled up in their eyes in unison.

“This child has not been mentioned to us for so long since she came back...” Song Qiaoying stretched out her hand to wipe her tears and said with great distress, “She was only a few years old at the time, and she went to such a terrible place at such a young age...”

How helpless and desperate she was.

It turns out that her skills were developed in that environment.

No wonder she looks so cold and cold.

After dealing with the God of Death for such a long time, seeing all kinds of evil in human nature, and still growing up so well, with such a correct outlook on life...it’s not easy!

"In the past, we only knew that she suffered a lot of injustice in the Bai family. We had no idea that she suffered more than we imagined." Li Yuanfu burst into tears all of a sudden. He stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears, but the tears couldn't stop. Don't stop, keep flowing down.

Song Qiaoying also covered her face with her hands and cried, saying with great distress, "I only knew that this child was sensible, well-behaved, and smart, but I didn't expect that every advantage in her was obtained through such hard work..."

Including the word "boss" that others call her, only she knows how much blood and tears it contains...

"Well, Yan Yan didn't tell you because she didn't want you to feel distressed or blame yourself." Che Suyun stroked Song Qiaoying's back and comforted softly, "She didn't tell me either. If it hadn't been for some mistake, Jun Lin would have Asked her, and finally told me, I am still in the dark like you all..."

She only found out that Yan Yan had such an identity later when she heard Song Junlin talk about it...

It’s really hard for this child to grow up, and it’s so heartbreaking.

"I'm so sorry for her..." Whenever Song Qiaoying thought about her biological daughter suffering hardships outside these years, while Gao Yusha was enjoying the high life in the Li family, her heart felt as if someone had stabbed her countless times, and she was almost suffocating in pain.

At this time, the sound of the plane came closer and closer.

Cha Suyun raised her eyes and said, "It should be your parents who are here. Okay, don't cry. Your parents will feel distressed when they see your eyes are red."

Cha Suyun stretched out her hand to wipe Song Qiaoying's tears. In front of Song Qiaoying, she was like a close sister, always caring about this sister who was one year younger than herself...

Song Qiaoying couldn't stop her tears. She tried her best to calm down, took deep breaths, and finally managed a smile.

The plane taxied and slowed down on the runway, and gradually stopped.

The aircraft door opened, and Song Dajiang took his wife Zhuang Peilan's hand and walked out tremblingly.

Today they were specially dressed up and dressed grandly, but they looked as if they were a few years older.

That kind of low air pressure can still be felt from a distance.

“Dad, Mom.”

Several people spoke one after another with smiles on their faces, and walked up the airport stairs to greet them one after another.

Song Dajiang and Zhuang Peilan had smiles on their faces, but it could be seen that their smiles were forced out.

If you look carefully, you can still see humility and sadness.

“Finally I’ve been waiting for you to come...” Song Qiaoying stepped forward and gave her father a hug and then her mother.

The sharp-eyed Zhuang Peilan suddenly noticed, "Why are you crying? Because of Yusha?"

Before coming to Hushu, Che Suyun told the two of them what Yusha had done. At that time, they were too shocked and fainted with mixed emotions. They finally recovered, and then they got ready and came here...

When mentioning that dead girl, tears burst into Song Qiaoying's eyes again. She quickly reached out to wipe them away and said, "Why bring her up properly? I just feel sorry for Yanyan's experience..."

When she told Yan Yan that she was the eldest, the two elders couldn't believe that their granddaughter actually had such a famous identity... This was a skill and reputation honed in blood and tears over and over again...

So many of her subordinates follow her loyally, which shows that she is worthy of the love and respect of so many people...

Their granddaughter is amazing...

It’s really heartbreaking.

The two elders wiped away their tears silently. While they were proud of it, they also felt sorry for their granddaughter's fate just like Song Qiaoying and others.

"Where did she go? Why didn't she see her?" Zhuang Peilan looked around, but there was no sign of her precious granddaughter.

If she were not busy, she would definitely show up to greet them...

"She is on her way back home. She will arrive in a few hours. Let's go inside first." Song Qiaoying took the coat from the servant and put it on first for her mother and then for her father.

Che Suyun put on the scarves that she had prepared a long time ago for the two elders one after another...

The weather was getting colder and colder. They held the arms of the two elders and entered the main building with a fireplace.

Song Dajiang had seen strong winds and waves in recent years. After taking a few sips of tea, he asked, "What are you going to do with that child?"

Song Qiaoying knew he was talking about Gao Yusha and glanced at her sister-in-law.

Che Suyun nodded to encourage her to speak out, and Song Qiaoying said, "Dad, mom, my sister-in-law has told you before about her personality, but what I am going to say next, you may not be able to bear. I hope you will go first." Be mentally prepared…”

“What can be worse than this?”

Yesterday, Zhuang Peilan learned about what the child had done, and was extremely shocked and angry. Looking at her daughter's expression now, it seems that there are more serious things that they don't know about...

Song Qiaoying glanced at the servant. The servant understood and immediately went to ask the family doctor.

When the family doctor came to the tea room not far away to wait, Song Qiaoying said, "These are the surveillance messages sent by Yan Yan. Take a look."

 She brought Zhang Ma and her men to kidnap Ou Yan and Gao Yusha. Not only did she not help plead for mercy, but she even carved words on Ou Yan's face, making Ou Yan kneel down to beg her and played everything...

Song Dajiang seemed to be unable to bear such a huge stimulation. He covered his heart and gasped for air. He was obviously aroused.

Is this still the Li Yusha he knows? ?

No, her surname is not Li, she is the child of a senior executive and Zhang Ju...

Their family of three actually...

"Dad, take it easy... take a deep breath first..." Song Qiaoying hurriedly stroked his back.

Zhuang Peilan was also so angry that she couldn't speak a complete sentence, "She actually, actually..."

"Mom?" Che Suyun didn't expect her mother to be so emotional that she fainted, and immediately said, "Doctor, come quickly."

Several doctors in the tea room immediately rushed over carrying medical kits.

"How could she become like this..." Song Dajiang also fell down with his eyes darkened.

If Che Suyun hadn't supported him in time, he would have fallen to the ground...

 Li Yuanfu and Song Junlin laid them flat on the sofa respectively. Fortunately, the sofas on the left and right had four seats, allowing them to lie flat... (End of this chapter)