(Bingo! I’m lucky, if only I could bring this kid back to headquarters… but)

“Yeah. That’s a good name…”

While saying that, the man looked around with his eyes narrowed.

(It’s still bright, and there’s a lot of people here. It’s not nice to make a scene in a place like this.)

The man was trying to figure out if he could somehow take Nina with him.

“Nina…san. If you don’t get back soon, everyone will be worried.”

A voice calls out to me from the back.

When I looked back, there was a handsome boy with blond hair and golden eyes standing there.

“That’s it!”

“…… how about you over there?”

Ares, who was called that, smiled kindly at Nina, and then cast a wary look at the man.

“No, please don’t look at me like that. I was just thanking this young lady for picking up something I dropped earlier.”

(Tsk …… what the hell is this cheeky eyed little brat doing in my way)

The man swears inwardly at Ares and gives him a goofy, stuck-up smile.

“…… I see. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that I had any doubts.”

Ares bows his head apologetically. But in his heart he was even more wary of this man.

(That smile… it’s the same one that the priests and aristocrats in Storia directed at me.)

“No no! Then I’ll leave you to it.”

“See you later, Uncle!”

“Oh, see you soon, young lady.”

The man hurriedly leaves.

“… See you tonight.”

He muttered this in a small voice so that Nina and the others would not hear him, while copying Nina and Ares, who was next to it, with the white stone recording stone that he still held in his hand.

(But I think I’ve seen that blond kid somewhere? …..Well, that’s OK. Let’s get our friends together first.)

Ares glares sharply at the man’s back as he leaves.

“… is that?”

Nina anxiously called out to Ares. At this time, Nina thought that maybe Ares was angry because she went out on her own.

“Ah, yeah, I’m sorry. Then let’s go home Nina-nee…”

“But Otoshan hasn’t come back yet. ……”

Nina answers in a low voice while looking down.

“It’s okay. Gray-san will be back soon.”

Ares gently smiled to put Nina at ease.

“Also, as I said before, Iska-kun and Ariamel-san are also worried about you, too, right?”

Nina was a little troubled by Ares’ words.

“Uh…I understand.”

With that, she started walking home. It was just around the corner in terms of distance, but Nina kept looking back to see if her father had returned.

“I was worried about you, okay?”

“Aria-oneechan… I’m sorry.”

After returning home and seeing Ariamel hugging Nina.

“I’m sorry, I’m going out for a while. Please make sure to lock the door after I leave.”


Saying this, Ares leaves the house before Ariamel and the others call out to him.

“Are you going out?”

Nina, who was watching the scene from behind, made a curious sound.

“Yeah, it looks like… Nina. I’ll have dinner when Ares-kun comes back, so can you help me?”


After hearing Nina’s cheerful reply, Ariamel locks the front door and begins preparing food.

Ariamel was aware that Gray was hiding something from them.

She was worried about Gray as well as Ares, but she had no intention of intervening. Protecting her life at home with everyone else is Ariamel’s battle now.


(I hope Gray-san will talk to me someday…)

That’s what she thought.

Leaving the house and walking through the city, Ares tracked down the man who had just left.

(Those eyes… I don’t know why, but he was definitely aiming at Nina-nee…)

Ares walks faster.

(…Gray-san helped me a lot. It’s not just me, it’s also about Mia and Lulueco. Besides, the reason Gray-san isn’t here right now is because I asked him to accept that request. That’s why I will protect everyone until Gray-san comes back.)

Since it was about time for the innkeeper’s father to visit the house, Ares thought that the house would be fine during that time.

(But that doesn’t mean I have enough time.)

Ares was willing to draw his sword depending on how the opponent behaved, even if the opponent was a human.