C12 – Teacher and Student

Gu Siyin immediately bounced up from her chair, ran to Liu Yuan and opened her arms while glaring at Ning Xiangrong the whole time, “No way!”

She was just like a hen protecting her baby chicken.

Gu Feidao scolded his daughter in a low voice, “Siyin, you must not be rude.”

Gu Siyin puffed up her cheeks, her eyes wide open with fury, and her throat was making a wheezing sound, trying to scare Ning Xiangrong off probably.

Liu Yuan couldn’t help but smile on the inside.

The girl looked so adorable even when she lost her temper.

He felt the urge to pull the girl into his arms, but of course he would never put that into action when her father was sitting right beside them. The old man would probably kill him if he dared to do so.

As an avid player, Liu Yuan knew very well that Gu Feidao was actually as cunning as a fox. His strength did not decline with age but improved even more, and he was very good at hiding his true strength…

Later on in the game, Gu Feidao became the strongest help to the players.

Had Liu Yuan not made a move just now, Gu Feidao himself would have taught Yue Longzhang a lesson.

He would have shown the young man how to behave in front of a senior, so to speak.


Liu Yuan called out the girl’s name.

Actually, he wouldn’t worry much about the conflict between the ladies.

After all, in the current version of Upper Center, most characters, if not all, had the maximum favorability towards him.

So there shouldn’t be any problem.

As soon as Liu Yuan called out her name, Gu Siyin immediately lowered her head obediently and answered in a soft voice, “Okay…”

Then she slowly went back to her seat and sat down.

“What… What’s going on?”

Upon seeing this, He Ran was almost dumbfounded and suddenly a wild guess sprang to his mind. “Could it be…”

Gu Feidao was also a bit surprised by how his spoiled daughter became so submissive to this young man all of a sudden. He looked at the three of them for a while and then asked, “Mr. Junxuan, it seems to me that something is going with you and my daughter. Am I right?”

Finally, this was the moment.

Liu Yuan knew that at some point he would have to tell the people about his relationship with Gu Siyin. At the moment, under Ning Xiangrong’s gaze, he had to stand up and admit, “Yes, and I’m sorry that we’ve been keeping this a secret all along.”

Gu Feidao said with an amiable smile, “There’s no need to apologize, Mr. Junxuan. Actually I’m quite glad to know that you’ve managed to keep yourself busy during your stay at the manor.”

Gu Siyin was overjoyed as she looked at Liu Yuan with sparkling eyes.

Was Brother Junxuan finally going to confess his feelings for her?

Her thoughts ran wild and she even began to imagine her wedding day with Junxuan — and of course, the wedding dress must be made by herself!

Liu Yuan smiled and said, “Master Gu, you are so kind. I think Siyin has got extraordinary talent, so I’ve wanted to guide her into immortal cultivation. That’s why I’ve been coaching her this whole time… You may think of me as her teacher, to some extent.”


The beam on Gu Siyin’s face froze, then she blinked and looked at Liu Yuan in confusion, “Teacher?”

The others were puzzled as well.

They had originally thought that their miss had finally met someone she liked, but it turned out that they were just student and teacher? Seriously?

Liu Yuan nodded at Gu Siyin with a smile, “That’s right.”

Gu Siyin was about to burst into tears when she noticed the comforting look in the young man’s eyes and heard his gentle voice beside her ear through transmission. “Don’t worry. I will not let you marry anyone else.”

The girl’s eyes lit up again. So he was saying that he was the one she should marry, right?

Although she was still feeling a bit down, she had faith in her Brother Junxuan. She was sure he had a plan.

Moreover, now that the others thought of them as student and teacher, the two of them wouldn’t need to sneak to meet each other any more.

Gu Siyin lowered her head and pouted, “Yes, Brother Junxuan is my teacher. I haven’t told you yet, but it has been a while.”

Gu Feidao was a little surprised. “In that case… Do you really think there is a chance for my daughter to cultivate?”

According to her attributes, the value of Gu Siyin’s bone structure was 12, which was higher than all her other attributes, and bone structure was related to magic power.

Or the Spiritual Energy, so to speak.

But she had been cultivating martial arts instead of immortal techniques, so, logically speaking, her value of magic power shouldn’t be so high.

In this case, just like Liu Yuan said, she might really have been talented.

And besides the five-dimensional data diagram that he had previously checked, the attribute preference should also be taken into account.

It showed that Gu Siyin had a clear preference for the fire attribute.

Liu Yuan nodded, “Siyin is highly talented, but sometimes her mind starts wandering and she cannot concentrate for long, so I’ve spent some time observing and training her. But I didn’t expect that people from Water Moon Dock would bring Xue Zhui here to propose marriage. No offense, but with Siyin’s talent, I really think she should preserve her Spiritual Energy well and cultivate. She is way too good for even ordinary immortal cultivators, let alone a mortal.”


Even though he claimed to be her teacher, but the two of them knew very well that it was not true.

Still, teachers were highly respected here, so when the people present heard that Liu Yuan was Gu Siyin’s teacher, their attitudes immediately changed.

They all took it very seriously.

Even Ning Xiangrong let her guard down against Gu Siyin.

In addition, Liu Yuan seemed amiable and composed in front of Gu Siyin, just like an elder toward his junior.

He Ren felt ashamed for ever harboring such lowly and crude thoughts about the relationship between Liu Yuan and Gu Siyin.

What the man just said made a lot of sense indeed.

Although he looked to be in his twenties only, it was usually hard to judge a cultivator’s age by his or her appearance. It was likely that he was much older than he appeared.

Most importantly —

That beautiful lady named Ning Xiangrong had just personally said that Mr. Junxuan would be her husband…

And let’s be honest, compared to Ning Xiangrong, Miss Gu could barely be considered attractive.

“In that case, Mr. Junxuan, I suppose you are against the engagement then…”

Gu Feidao said. Although he was asking Liu Yuan, his gaze fell on Ning Xiangrong.

This matter was really complicated…

Apparently the story between Liu Yuan and Ning Xiangrong went way back, but he left her without saying goodbye three years ago. The woman had been looking for him since. Now she finally found him, but there was this discord between them that made the whole thing complicated.

Water Moon Dock, represented by Ning Xiangrong, wanted Xue Zhui to marry Gu Siyin so that they could get Pool Feather Mountain Manor on their side; however, Liu Yuan, as Gu Siyin’s teacher, was against the marriage.

If Liu Yuan could make Ning Xiangrong, daughter of the Master of Water Moon Dock, change her mind, then she might be able to convince her father to call this marriage off.

Gu Feidao’s mind started racing.

Ning Xiangrong looked at Liu Yuan and said softly, “This marriage was decided by the elders of the sect. There’s nothing I can do about it. Even my father is not in the position to cancel it.”

Liu Yuan shook his head, “That’s alright. I’m not asking you to do anything. Siyin is my disciple. I will see to it that she can focus on her cultivation without being bothered by trouble.”

Ning Xiangrong looked at him and smiled. His gentle and soothing voice made her heart melt.

“After all these years, he hasn’t changed a bit; he is still that frivolous yet reliable man.”

Gu Siyin, on the other hand, had other thoughts on her mind.

She didn’t want to be his student or disciple or whatever. Hell no.

She wanted to be his wife!