C6 – Double Experience Scroll


“Hiss… Oh god, it hurts! Eh, it’s dawn already?”

The next morning, Liu Yuan suddenly woke up from his dreams as he bumped his head against the pillar of the bed. For a moment his mind went blank as he stared at the window, through which the morning sunlight flowed in. He slightly squinted, and the spiritual energy that had gathered between his palms instantly dissipated.

Liu Yuan looked at the Five Elements Spiritual Technique Initiation on his knees and, after thinking for a while, he stuffed it back into the blanket.

Although he meant to keep it in a safer place, it was simply impossible to hide a book under his shirt without being noticed by others — like people often did in the TV dramas — because his robe was very light and thin, and quite loose as well. Whatever hidden under the robe might fall off at any minute.

“Although most of the game system has disappeared, somehow I can still feel the subtle operation of the entire mechanism… It is quite novel, really. For example, players are able to easily gain experience and level up through meditation.”

Liu Yuan muttered as he stood up. He lowered his head and looked at his palm, pondering over the possibility of him being the one-in-a-million cultivation genius. The odds seemed quite low, to be frank.

Overnight, he had successfully attracted Qi and broken through to Level 1 of Qi Cultivation Stage. As an avid reader of cultivation novels, he knew clearly this was impossible.

“But it’s still too slow!”

Liu Yuan frowned. He knew how fast-paced the story was going to be. The normal cultivation speed wouldn’t be able to keep up with the cultivation level that players needed for the storyline.

However, he could not just go about killing monsters to level up like he usually did in the game. He would be considered insane if he started killing poultry for no reason in the manor!

Unless he applied to be a chef…

Liu Yuan thought about his cooking skills and decided to give up on this option.

He needed the “Experience Scroll”!

In the early stages, in order to allow the players a better game experience, the Novice Village offered free Double Experience Scroll, but one could only receive three scrolls for free.

If they wanted more, they could only pay for it. Given the high price, it was no different from robbery.

“Now that the System Store has gone, there is no way to receive or purchase the scrolls. Now for others, this may well be a dead end, but for me… it is actually an opportunity.”