Chapter 814: Instant face slap

After idling for two days in Westwind City, Robb felt it was about time to go to the New Continent to look for advanced materials.

Just as he was about to get up from the stone stool and move around, he saw Lillian standing next to him, holding a basket of snacks, with a look as if she wanted to go with him.

Robb smiled and said, "What's this? Are you also going to check it out over there?"

Lillian replied, "I heard that a little church has been built there, and that the mining site has stabilized. I also want to be with Godfather over there."

"Sure, it's just a transmission distance away, not far. We can come and go anytime. Don't treat it as a long journey, so it doesn't matter," Robb didn't object either.

At that moment, to their surprise, Little Yi showed up with the Big Loli and the two little Light Sisters. They also came along and said, "We're going to the New Continent too."

"Huh?" Robb was puzzled. "What are you guys planning to do? Going there together?"

Well, missionaries are willing to go to great lengths to gain more followers for their faith. Even if it means traveling through the transmission gate or taking boats and crossing mountains and seas, Robb could understand that. So, he decided to take them all together.

"And me too!" Xuelu suddenly ran out, accompanied by Gorda and Jike. "We're tired of resting and plan to have an adventure in the New Continent. Maybe it’ll be even more interesting over there."

Finally, even Marian ran out and said, "I want to go to the New Continent to find business opportunities. The Corton Family's maritime trade team is being formed, so it's necessary to get an early understanding of the New Continent."

"Alright, everyone can go," Robb said helplessly, "Since the construction on the New Continent is going well, it won't be bad showing you."

With a cheerful mood reminiscent of a school field trip, they happily walked through the transmission gate.

The girls who were visiting the New Continent for the first time initially thought that it would be poorly constructed, but to their surprise, it far exceeded their expectations. The newly built small chapel was even better than the one back in Westwind City, with a complete cement structure and colorful stained glass, looking fantastic.

It turned out that their home in Westwind City was the run-down little chapel where Robb first arrived in Westwind Town. Although it had undergone some renovations in the past few years, the house's framework was old, and no matter how it was refurbished, it couldn't compare in beauty.

Meanwhile, this small chapel in the New Continent was newly built, with a complete cement structure. The interior was spacious and bright, with water stored on the roof to provide running water. Bathrooms and toilets were also available. The construction workers in Westwind City now had considerable architectural design capabilities, so the houses they built were naturally better than before.

Furthermore, this place couldn't be considered a mere mining site anymore. Many miners' houses stood alongside the houses of the Maya people who had moved here to mine and make money, forming a small town.

Moreover, this small town had undergone development planning. Although it was much smaller in scale compared to Westwind City, it had the advantage of being built from scratch, making planning much more convenient. All the houses were neatly constructed, and the roads were wide and smooth, even more beautiful than the old city area of Westwind City.

Marian couldn't help but sigh, "Why do I have a feeling that this place will be even more beautiful than Westwind City in the future?"

Robb chuckled, "That's really hard to say! The old city has its regrets, as there are some buildings that cannot be demolished or touched. But in a completely new city, there are no such concerns, and it can be planned to perfection."