Chapter 158: Godly Doctor

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Seeing that Caroline was looking at him worriedly, Edwin had no choice but to explain to her. “Four years ago, I had a serious car accident. Not only did it cause multiple injuries to my body, but I even hit my head. I couldn’t be saved for a while. At that time, the doctor had already determined that I would become a vegetable. Fortunately, I had a strong will to live, so I still woke up after being in a coma for three months.”

After that, he went through a long and torturous recovery before he could finally stand in front of Caroline in good health. “But after all, my head was seriously injured. There will be some residual effects, but it’s not a big problem.”

Caroline frowned. “What kind of side effects?”

“My head will hurt occasionally,” said Edwin.

The headache sounded like a small matter, but it was still very uncomfortable when it really acted up. “Is there no way at the hospital?”

Edwin shook his head. “We’ve already used all sorts of high-end equipment to check, but we didn’t find any problems.”

The doctor only said that the problem with the brain was too complicated. With the current technology, there was no way to find out where the problem was, so there was no way to cure it. The only way was to take painkillers when it acted up.

Seeing that Caroline was still frowning, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. “Compared to my life, this little side effect is nothing.” Compared to the suffering and pain of his recovery in the past few years, a small problem like a headache was indeed insignificant.

Caroline thought for a moment. “I know a doctor. Maybe he has a way. Do you mind accompanying me?”

Although Edwin didn’t really believe that a doctor could solve his problem, this was Caroline’s sincerity to him. He couldn’t wait to be happy, so how could he reject her?

Caroline was relieved. “I’ll help you make an appointment with a doctor.”

This doctor was a Chinese doctor from the other side of the ocean. Like a

magician, he could pull a dying person back from h*ll with only a few herbs and silver needles.

The reason why Caroline knew this magical doctor was because she accidentally barged into a drug base during an operation to rescue an important hostage. After much difficulty, she finally managed to save the hostage at the cost of being shot twice.

She endured the pain and escaped into the mountains with the hostage in order to avoid the drug dealers’ search. The two of them trekked through the dense jungle for two days before they finally saw signs of human life.

In the end, she fell at the foot of the mountain due to the high fever caused by the inflammation of her wound and the excessive blood loss.

At that time, she clearly felt her life force rapidly draining away. She thought she would die in a strange country, but when she opened her eyes, she found out that she had been saved by a great doctor in the village.

To this day, Caroline still remembered how the black, bitter, and astringent potion soup tortured her for a week. But she had to admit that it was as terrifying and magical as the potion.

At this moment, Caroline suddenly had some evil intentions. ‘When Edwin drinks these potions, I wonder if he can still maintain his composure?’

Probably because she was too excited to see that scene, Caroline couldn’t help but laugh when she imagined it.

“What happened?” Seeing her suddenly burst out in joy like a cat who had stolen a fish, Edwin was confused.

“Ahem.” Caroline was embarrassed to say that she was imagining him making a fool of himself. “Nothing. I just suddenly thought of something funny.”

“Then can you share it with me?” Edwin asked curiously as he saw her smile so brightly that her eyes were filled with starlight, and her smile softened his heart.

Caroline flattened the corners of her mouth and pretended to be serious. “No, this is a girl’s little secret.”

Edwin could only sigh regretfully. “Then it seems like I can’t share your happiness.”

The two of them joked around for a while before Caroline suddenly remembered something important. She looked at Edwin and her tone became serious again. “Can I make a request of you?”

Edwin also sat up straight. “Of course you can. I’ve said it before. As long as it’s something I can do for you, you can ask me.”

“Even so, but…” Caroline’s eyes softened. “I don’t think I can take advantage of you..”