Book of Fate (part 1)

Qi Zhuoyu left after sending him off with a pile of clothes.

He waved his sleeves, not intending to tell Feng Xuan where he was going at all.

It could be seen that this arranged marriage was forced together due to Xianyuan.

(t/n Xianyuan-Taoists call it the fate of cultivating Taoism and becoming immortal; It also refers to the relationship with immortals.)

And the plastic is as clear as the sun in noonday.

If it were the previous original owner, seeing his husband not coming home at night, he would feel sad secretly.

But now Feng Xuan was too tired, he had lived so long and lived for 1,700 years and had not suffered as much as these past two days, he originally wanted to pretend to be rejected and maintain his precarious obsession.

As a result, Qi Zhuoyu left without looking back.

Those who should have cooperated with him in the performance turned a blind eye–Good, don’t want to act, I don’t care.

Feng Xuan heaved a sigh of relief, feeling that he had spent a day in front of the big devil.

For the rest of the year in the mortal world, as long as I just stay in the room obediently, eat, sleep, eat and wait to die until Qi Zhuoyu became the devil, defected from the sect and thought of him afterwards, let him leave the mortal world, will my calamity be over.

The matter on his mind was settled, but the ugly clothes in his arms dazzled his eyes more.

Relying on the memory of the original owner, Feng Xuan walked along the winding mountain road, and finally reached the matrimonial home where the original owner and Qi Zhuoyu secretly got married.

It had to be said that Qi Zhuoyu, as the most respected chief disciple of Misty Immortal Mansion, built the matrimonial home very grandly. Green tiles and crimson roofs, green pines brushing the eaves, and jade railings surrounding the building. In addition to the calligraphy of Misty Immortal Mansion, one could also even get a glimpse of the extravagant style of the Imperial family in the mortal world.

Feng Xuan remembered that before Qi Zhuoyu entered the Misty Immortal Mansion, his status in the human world was quite prominent.

His father was King Duan, the younger brother of the current emperor, and his mother was also the eldest daughter of an aristocratic family of cultivators. Nowadays, there were many sects of cultivation in the world, and the imperial power and the divine power were also very closely integrated. It was not surprising that there were many descendants of powerful aristocratic families in the mortal world, such as Qi Zhuoyu, and relatives of the emperor, who came to cultivate immortality.

But geniuses who were as rich and powerful as Qi Zhuoyu, who were rare in a thousand years, were relatively scarce.

It could only be said that he really deserved to be the Great Devil King who caused chaos in the world in later generations.

It’s no wonder that there were hundreds of top-grade spiritual stones and could even buy a dozen pieces of robes with extremely high defense; he didn’t lack money at all. Feng Xuan glanced at the bright red and green clothes with gold embroidery that he threw on the couch.

It’s just that the aesthetics were a bit problematic.

Makes my eyes bleed.

At first Feng Xuan was worried, what if Qi Zhuoyu came back at night and forcibly consummated with him.

He was as pure and clean as a little phoenix, but he shouldn’t lose his innocence just for the sake of a mere mortal calamity.

As a result, Feng Xuan did not see Qi Zhuoyu for several days.

After all, it was said in the Book of Fate that Qi Zhuoyu was a cultivator who cultivated the ruthless way, and besides cultivation, he also treasured his precious sword.

Wife? What is a wife?

Wife is just a tool to be killed to gain enlightenment.

Thus, after returning to Zhujian Xiaozhu without seeing Qi Zhuoyu for a few days, Feng Xuan completely lived a ‘widow of a noble family salted fish life’.

(t/n Zhujian Xiaozhu-just means bamboo room little building)

That’s right, the matrimonial home between him and Qi Zhuoyu was called Zhujian Xiaozhu. Although it was called “Xiaozhu”, it was actually ridiculously large. Perhaps because Qi Zhuoyu’s parents died young, the uncle emperor doted on him very much, fearing that Qi Zhuoyu would suffer hardship in his cultivation at a young age, thus he built the Zhujian Xiaozhu comparable to a royal palace, occupying a whole hill.

It took Feng Xuan a whole day to walk and he hadn’t even covered the whole building.

He felt that even if Qi Zhuoyu went home to live here, he wouldn’t have to be afraid, just the floor area alone, Qi Zhuoyu could live in the East Wing, while he, in the West Wing. They’d both be considered in long-distance relationships.

Just eat and sleep, sleep and eat, living a happy and contented life in that few days of vacation.

Feng Xuan even felt that if going through the calamity was really so easy, then he could go through a calamity every year.

By the fifth day of his sleep, the results of Misty Immortal Mansion’s first big exam came down, and the rankings were announced on the boulder at the foot of Qingyun Peak. This means that the Shangqing School, which was suspended for two weeks to prepare for the big exam, was about to start.

Cultivation was prevalent in the mortal world, attaining the Tao and becoming an immortal. But the spiritual roots of each cultivator were different, divided into five spiritual roots of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Generally speaking, the more singular the spiritual root, the higher the talent of cultivation. Among the single spiritual roots, the mutant spiritual roots were the most respected.

For example, Qi Zhuoyu was a variation of a metal spiritual root, which belonged to an extremely pure and clean thunder spiritual root. Not to mention the only one in the cultivation world, there had never been such a kind of thunder in the three realms, which was comparable to the God of Thunder, a lethal and aggressive spiritual power.

Because of the different spiritual roots, cultivators choose different cultivation methods.

There were alchemy cultivators, talisman cultivators, spiritual beast masters who controlled beasts, and sword cultivators who rode the wind and controlled swords. Not to mention subdivisions, there were also those who specialize in cultivating spiritual plants, manipulating puppets, and refining weapons.

Therefore, sects that cultivate immortality had also countless establishments in just a hundred years.

Among them, the most famous one was Misty Immortal Mansion, the number one sect in the cultivation world.

Shangqing School was the place where Misty Immortal Mansion gave lectures to beginner disciples.

Every spring and autumn, the Shangqing School would be open to the public. Not only the disciples of Misty Immortal Mansion could attend the lectures, but also the disciples of those small sects could attend the lectures with tokens as long as they passed the big exam.

The teaching immortal master of Shangqing School was also above a Nascent Soul, his lifespan had already reached 300 years, and could fly at a speed of light.

The master’s mental cultivation methods and formulas taught were things that only inner disciples of Misty Immortal Mansion could learn.

Therefore, many sects squeezed their heads, wanting to come and learn.

Among them, Feng Xuan was the exception.

Looking at the densely packed class schedule in Shangqing School, one had to get up before chickens even started crowing, and had to practice even when the dogs were already asleep. 

What the fucking hell kind of human suffering cultivation is this?!

Ah Bao, the only little girl who served Feng Xuan’s daily life these days, glanced at the schedule, she couldn’t understand, but seeing Feng Xuan’s face looking like he’s father had died, she asked cautiously, “Master, don’t you want to go?”

On the day when the original owner and Qi Zhuoyu got married, Ah Bao was awarded to be the original owner’s personal maid by the head of the sect to take care of his daily life.

It stood to reason that if Qi Zhuoyu had married a noble daughter from an aristocratic family, there would only be a lot more maids and maidservants as part of the dowry. It’s a pity that his destined Xinyuan was the original owner, an outer disciple of humble origin. The master was unable to stand by idly, so he just randomly pointed out an orphan girl as a dowry maid, which was better than nothing.

Ah Bao had neither father nor mother. The head of the sect gave her to Feng Xuan, and now she was Feng Xuan’s person.

In the huge Misty Immortal Mansion, everyone looked down on Feng Xuan, only Ah Bao called him master.

Asking this sentence, there was also indecisiveness in her mind.

Ah Bao felt that since he came back from the big exam, his master had changed.

In the past, the master was silent and timid, and after marrying Qi Zhuoyu, he’d be trembling in fear. Because of his mediocre aptitude, he would get up before dawn to practice sword cultivation, for fear of embarrassing Qi Zhuoyu.

The current Feng Xuan didn’t say that he’d wake up before dawn to practice, and was still sleeping in his room all day long. He did not meditate and practice swords when he woke up, but only read casual books and ate snacks every day.

Lie down instead of sitting up.

Never stand if you can sit down.