Chapter 90: A Big Misunderstanding!

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At this moment, Madam Lu was still focused on knitting a scarf in the living room, unaware of the situation outside.

Uncle Yuan was cooking in the kitchen, and the fragrance reached the living room. Madam Lu only realized that she was hungry when she smelled it.

“Uncle Yuan, is it time to eat?”

Uncle Yuan: “There are two more dishes. They’ll be ready soon.”

Madam Lu stopped what she was doing and muttered, “Why aren’t those two back yet?”

She reckoned that Meng Chuyuan and Lu Jinsen should be back by now, so she did not go out for the entire afternoon. She took an afternoon nap to wake up and continue weaving. Unknowingly, it was already night.

After they got out of the car, they chatted for a while outside, resulting in some delay.

Just as Madam Lu was about to stand up and walk around, she heard a commotion at the door. She immediately sat back down and tugged at the yarn in a panic. She picked up the needle and started to pick the thread again.

Before Meng Chuyuan and Lu Jinsen entered, Madam Lu adjusted her sitting posture and her glasses, putting on an elegant posture.

When Meng Chuyuan and Lu Jinsen came in, Madam Lu was busy picking out threads and did not look up.

“Mom,” Lu Jinsen called out to her, but Madam Lu ignored him.

“Mom, we’re back.” Meng Chuyuan walked in gracefully and ran towards the sofa area.

When Meng Chuyuan walked towards her, Madam Lu slowly raised her head and said softly, “You’re back?”

‘ Lu Jinsen saw that his mother was not looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and walked away silently with a cold expression.

Madam Lu suddenly reached out to push aside the yarn beside her and patted the sofa twice. She looked at Meng Chuyuan and gestured. “Come, sit.”

Madam Lu appeared very calm in front of Meng Chuyuan, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. However, there was a hint of anticipation in her eyes.

She looked forward to Meng Chuyuan sitting down. At the same time, she was quite nervous. Perhaps the two of them had not interacted much, so she was still unfamiliar with Meng Chuyuan.

Meng Chuyuan walked over without hesitation and sat beside Madam Lu.

She looked down at the scarf that Madam Lu was knitting and took the initiative to change the topic. “Mom, you’re still knitting this scarf.”

Madam Lu hummed softly and asked in a questioning tone, “Do you also think that my progress is very slow?”

“No, this speed is alright.” Meng Chuyuan saw that the scarf was half-knitted and there was no mistake. “No one says that we have to finish knitting a scarf in a few days. When we have time, we can just take it out and knit it.”

“Yes.” Madam Lu revealed a stunned expression when she heard that. There was a hint of surprise in her eyes.

She did not have much patience for such things. If she were to sit here and knit non-stop, she would definitely go crazy.

Therefore, she only took it out to practice when she was bored. Knowing that Meng Chuyuan was coming back today, she rushed her progress a little and put on a good front.

After a while, Madam Lu came back to her senses and said, “By the way, you said that there are other weaving methods last time. Do you think I can learn them now?”

Meng Chuyuan smiled and pointed at the half-finished product on her lap. “Mom, I’ll teach you after you finish knitting this, okay?”

“Why wait until this one is finished?” She was a little puzzled.

Madam Lu thought that she didn’t want to teach her. Just as she was about to say what she was thinking, she heard Meng Chuyuan say, “Because we can’t give up halfway. If you learn a new one today, won’t you just ignore this one?”

“That make sense.” Madam Lu thought about it and started to convince herself.

“Then I’ll finish knitting this first.”

It was indeed true that she lacked the patience to keep up her interests. If she learned a new weaving technique today, she might abandon this scarf. In order to unlock the new skill as soon as possible, Madam Lu continued to pick up the needle and thread.

After Meng Chuyuan saw that she had calmed down, she sat at the side and watched for a while. Thinking that it was not time to eat yet, she wanted to chat with Madam Lu.

She leaned over slightly and asked lightly, “Mom, if I have a child in the future, how do you think I should educate the child? Or would I be a qualified mother?”

Seeing Meng Chuyuan suddenly mention such a long-term problem, Madam Lu looked up at her in surprise.

Madam Lu was stunned for two to three seconds. Her gaze slowly moved down and stopped on Meng Chuyuan’s abdomen. She raised her voice slightly. “You’re pregnant?”

Meng Chuyuan:

After a while, Meng Chuyuan quickly denied it. “No, I just wanted to learn some wisdom from you in advance.”

When Madam Lu heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief. “You changed the topic so suddenly. I thought you were pregnant.”

“But it’s fine.” Madam Lu’s tone was a little comforting. She suddenly said, “Don’t pressure yourself. It’s just a child. Let them eat and drink well. It’s fine as long as they can grow up.”

The corners of Meng Chuyuan’s mouth twitched slightly, revealing a forced smile. “Are you sure this is how you raise a child? Why do I feel like it sounds like you’re raising a pet?”

Madam Lu thought for a moment and didn’t seem to have any other answer in her heart. She casually replied, “More or less. It’s the same principle. I’ve never cared about the three children. Look, Ah Ye is fine now.’

‘ If Lu Qingye and the rest knew that their mother treated them like pets, she didn’t know how they would feel.

Through this small test, Meng Chuyuan roughly understood that Madam Lu did not discipline her child well. She did not even have many requirements. It seemed that Lu Qingye and the rest should have adopted a free-range education.

Fortunately, Lu Qingye had a high level of awareness and did not let himself go freely. That was why he was not as profligate as his younger siblings.

Meng Chuyuan said, “But Mom, you have three children. Only Lu Qingye can take the lead.”

She sighed with some complaint and disdain. “Those two are disappointing. Who can they blame?”

Madam Lu was also very happy that Lu Qingye could become her pride. As for the two little ones, she would let nature take its course.

Lu Qianling came back from her evening self-study. After the driver parked the car, she hurriedly got out of the car with her bag and rushed into the house impatiently.

Before she even entered the living room, she shouted at the top of her lungs, “I’m home!”

The moment she entered, she realized that the living room was cold and cheerless. Only Meng Chuyuan was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, reading a book.

Meng Chuyuan heard Lu Qianling’s voice in advance, so she looked up at Lu Qianling.

Lu Qianling suddenly slowed down. She threw her heavy bag onto her back and walked towards Meng Chuyuan.

She asked curiously, “Why are you alone? Where are they?”

Meng Chuyuan shrugged and said lightly, “Maybe they went to rest.”

Lu Qianling felt that they were definitely not resting. Perhaps they did not want to see her.

She sat down dejectedly and collapsed on the sofa in exhaustion.

“Are you hungry?” Meng Chuyuan put down the book in her hand and looked up at her. “Shall I cook supper for you?”

When Lu Qianling heard this, she immediately sat up and nodded like a chick pecking at rice. Her eyes were filled with joy. “Okay..”