Chapter 16 15 Warlock - II

Name:Aetherborne Chronicles Author:Aria
The sun rose on the following day, signaling the team to gather once again in the communal area of their base. Ishmael's condition had visibly improved since the previous day, with his injuries showing signs of healing. The air was charged with a mixture of tension and determination as everyone grasped the importance of their mission.

Taking his position at the head of the table, Ishmael projected a composed demeanor as he addressed the team. "Our objective remains unchanged-the 19th Street, Preetart Avenue hideout. Our strike must be swift and resolute. Keep in mind, the element of surprise is on our side; they won't anticipate two assaults in a span of a single day."

Ishmael's voice resonated with authority as he concluded, "In one hour, we advance. Maintain focus, and remain vigilant. The success of our mission hinges on seamless coordination and flawless execution."

Boyd initiated remote contact with the demon twins to confirm their readiness, while the other team members meticulously readied themselves. The room resounded with the clatter of armor adjustments as Brutus amplified his already imposing presence, and Adam and Chris meticulously inspected their enchanted equipment.

As the preparations continued, Ishmael delved into further details about the hideout's layout, the estimated number of guards, and potential escape paths. The team absorbed this information, each member mentally rehearsing their roles in the upcoming operation.

With the final hour approaching, the team's anticipation and readiness became increasingly palpable. Boyd confirmed the twins' status, ensuring their alignment with the plan. Ishmael's voice rang out once more, concise and commanding, "Our time has come. Move out." With those words, the team sprang into action, executing their maneuvers with calculated precision.

Amidst the bustling city, the team's approach was a masterclass in stealth and coordination. Ishmael, leading the way alongside the demon twins, directed their focus towards the 19th Street, Preetart Avenue hideout. Simultaneously, Adam and Chris took their positions at the 3rd Street, Cleard Road hideout, their vigilant gaze fixed on the potential escape route-the hallway leading from the concealed door to the outer entrance.

Inside the 19th Street, Preetart Avenue hideout, Ishmael's group moved with swift precision, incapacitating guards and neutralizing threats with calculated efficiency. "In the third room, fifth shelf, nineteenth book. Take that book out, and a hidden door to the basement will open," Ishmael directed. After entering the basement, Brutus accompanies me. The rest of you, eliminate any guards you encounter. Ensure our battle is undisturbed."

Upon entering the basement, the team encountered a defensive line of guards, well-prepared for their arrival. "Seems I underestimated them; they're truly ready for us. Lycus, Carey, Zara, and Zephyr, handle them," Ishmael commanded.

Reacting swiftly, the designated team members moved into action as soon as Ishmael's command was issued. Lycus, known for his close-quarters combat expertise, utilized specially crafted knuckles that emitted lightning upon contact. Each strike immobilized enemies temporarily, rendering them unable to move for a brief period.

Carey, a skilled sharpshooter, possessed a diverse arsenal of over 20 guns, each tailored for various battle scenarios and terrains. Each bullet she fired carried a unique effect, making her a versatile force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, Zara and Zephyr were both adept swordsmen. Zara's style was characterized by rapid, precise strikes with her rapier, focusing on offensive maneuvers. On the other hand, Zephyr assumed a defensive role, wielding his shield adeptly to protect himself and his sister from incoming attacks.

As the confrontation erupted, Lycus charged forward with his electrified knuckles, his movements a blur as he closed the gap between him and the guards. His lightning-charged strikes connected with precision, rendering his opponents momentarily incapacitated as they convulsed under the electrical shock. The guards' attempts to retaliate were thwarted by Carey's sharpshooting skills.

Carey maintained a calculated distance from her targets, her shots finding their marks with unerring accuracy. With each pull of the trigger, a different bullet was unleashed, each one causing diverse effects. Some bullets caused disorientation, while others emitted blinding flashes of light or released tranquilizing agents. The guards' formation quickly crumbled as confusion and panic spread among their ranks.

Zara and Zephyr moved in tandem, their swordplay a graceful dance of offense and defense. Zara's rapid strikes kept the guards on their toes, her rapier slicing through their defenses and leaving them vulnerable. Meanwhile, Zephyr's shield was a formidable barrier, intercepting incoming attacks and deflecting them with practiced skill. His vigilant stance protected his sister and himself, ensuring they were shielded from harm.

Despite the guards' initial readiness, they found themselves overwhelmed by the combined prowess of Lycus, Carey, Zara, and Zephyr. The clash was brief but intense, ending with the guards subdued and incapacitated on the ground.

"Well done," Ishmael commended, his gaze sweeping over the subdued guards. "Continue to handle them while we pursue the warlock."

He and Brutus left to jump deep downwards into the abyss while the quartet decided to move down the stair unlike those two who can survive any kind of fall.

On the other side, Adam and Chris remained on high alert, their weapons at the ready. The basement remained ominously quiet, devoid of any signs of activity from below.

Meanwhile, as Brutus and Ishmael descended, they plummeted through the depths for over ten seconds before reaching the ground level. The space was considerably more expansive than the upper levels, yet it was dimly lit, adding to its eerie ambiance.

"So, you've chosen to return once more, even after the humiliating defeat of yesterday," a harsh voice suddenly reverberated throughout the space. "Ah, it seems you've brought along some vermin for assistance. Yet, the ultimate outcome remains unchanged-I shall eliminate you all." The horrid voice echoed, dripping with malice.

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