Chapter 5 4

Name:Aetherborne Chronicles Author:Aria
Departing from Riddle's, Adam promptly directed his driver to steer a direct course toward the official military base. As the car drove through the expanse of the base, Adam gazed out of the window, absorbing every detail with unwavering attention.

Nestled within a sprawling expanse, the military base stood as a bastion of technological marvels and strategic prowess. Commanding attention with its imposing architecture, the base seamlessly fused utilitarian efficiency with futuristic innovation. Rows of sleek spaceships, each an epitome of advanced engineering, stood poised in their berths, their polished hulls gleaming under the watchful gaze of vigilant sentinels.

The air crackled with electrifying energy as personnel bustled about, engaged in meticulous preparations. Officers, adorned in their resplendent uniforms, moved with a sense of purpose, orchestrating the ballet of operations that defined this celestial stronghold. The rhythmic hum of power generators, intermingled with the occasional roar of engines being primed, reverberated through the atmosphere-a symphony of ambition and readiness.

In the hangars, teams of engineers and technicians swarmed over starfighters and colossal battleships alike, ensuring every component was calibrated to perfection. Arcing beams of energy emanated from diagnostic tools, revealing the intricate dance of circuitry that powered the behemoth vessels. The scent of ozone and the echo of metal clanging against metal pervaded the air, a testament to the ceaseless dedication.

Adam strode purposefully toward the headquarters building, his steps resolute and unwavering. He bypassed any distractions along the way, making a beeline for the commander's office. Stepping into the room, an unexpected chill grazed the back of his neck as a blade pressed against his skin. Swiftly, he identified the familiar presence responsible for this abrupt intrusion.

"It's me, Anthony," he calmly assured, prompting the cold edge to retreat as quickly as it had materialized.

The commander, Fletcher, remained engrossed in his documents, seemingly absorbed in the flurry of administrative tasks. Without looking up, he remarked, "Anthony does have a penchant for drama when it comes to unscheduled visits."

Taking a seat across from the commander's desk, Adam forged ahead with his purpose. "Important matters demand our attention," he intoned, his tone betraying the gravity of his words.

Before he could delve into the heart of the discussion, Fletcher pre-empted him, his focus squarely on the impending conflict with Eternity. "Your father already informed me about Eternity. Preparations are underway, with the protective ring's activation and fleet deployment scheduled for 2300. I'm in the middle of overseeing these operations."

However, Adam's agenda reached beyond the anticipated battle. His words grew frostier as he imparted a new development. "There's more, Fletcher. The 6th army is officially joining our ranks for this battle."

The mere mention of the 6th army ignited a visible reaction in Fletcher. His head snapped up, his pen finding a reprieve as he leaned back, contemplating the significance of the announcement. The weight of the moment settled between them before a chuckle erupted from Fletcher's lips, a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"They're finally on board, huh?" Fletcher mused, a triumphant grin forming. "Those traitors who aligned with Eternity are about to get their asses handed to them."

"Be patience till the ceremony," Adam chimed in, a knowing smile shared between him and the commander.


On the Ceremony of Freedom Day:-

The Ceremony of Freedom stood as a universal celebration, embraced by planets across the cosmos. It marked the monumental day when the tapestry of governance was woven anew. This vibrant festival radiated joy, color, and a palpable sense of unity.

Streets and plazas were adorned with a dazzling array of flags, each emblem representing the diverse planets that had come together for a common cause. Parades of all shapes and sizes meandered through the heart of every city, showcasing captivating floats and performers from different corners of the universe.

Laughter filled the air as vendors lined the pathways, offering an enticing array of intergalactic cuisine and exotic treats. Children's faces lit up with wonder as they indulged in sweet concoctions from distant realms. Musicians and dancers intermingled, their lively performances transforming the streets into a vibrant, living canvas of sound and motion.

As day transitioned into night, the sky ignited with a dazzling display of fireworks, each explosion painting the heavens with bursts of vibrant colors. Amid this cosmic spectacle, the grand centerpiece of the festival awaited-the ceremony itself.

In a magnificent amphitheater, people from every planet, resplendent in their traditional garb, converged. Dignitaries and citizens alike listened intently as the tale of unity and the birth of a new governing body was recounted. It was a narrative that transcended worlds, a reminder of the boundless potential when disparate voices harmonized toward a common vision.

As the event reached its crescendo, leaders ascended the stage. It was the expected script – praises for the council's efforts, anticipation for the upcoming year's ceremony, and expressions of unity. However, what unfolded next caught everyone off guard. A seismic shift rumbled through the gathering as a multitude of planet leaders, seemingly out of nowhere, declared their allegiance to 'Eternity' instead of the council.

The shockwave of this announcement rippled through the crowd, leaving jaws agape and minds reeling. Even the council's headquarters, known as "The Spectacle," wasn't spared from the tidal wave of unsettling news that swept across the universe. Within a mere day, the Alliance was hit with a devastating blow, losing the allegiance of a considerable number of planets – an unprecedented turn of events.

The fallout was more than just a series of defections. The renegades swiftly transformed from allies to aggressors, launching offensives against those who remained loyal to the council. The swift and coordinated nature of these attacks left no doubt that careful planning had gone into this betrayal.

In the wake of the Ceremony of Freedom, the council's dominion was eroded at an alarming rate. In just over a month, their territory suffered a significant contraction, shedding more than a tenth of its holdings. The impact was profound, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the council's ability to withstand this unforeseen storm.

As the council struggled to maintain its footing, an entirely different narrative was unfolding on planet Corth 5LU. Among the twenty-four neighboring planets, a staggering eighteen had aligned themselves with Eternity. Within the span of a single month, Eternity had managed to conquer every planet within five solar systems adjacent to Corth 5LU-every planet, that is, except Corth 5LU itself.

The planet's unique defensive measures proved formidable. They had swiftly activated protective rings and rallied their armed forces, rendering invasion attempts by the opposition a daunting task. Despite the intense pressure, Corth 5LU remained unconquered.

However, the situation teetered on the brink of change. A pivotal moment loomed as a massive fleet, three times the size of Corth 5LU's own, gathered just beyond their protective barriers. The tide of events was about to shift, for today marked a turning point-an unveiling of the planet's most formidable asset, the 6th army.

Amid the tense discussion, Chris's demeanor stood out as he lounged at the round table, sharing space with Sheila, Lacey, Eva, and the holographic projections of Adam and Commander Fletcher. With an air of detached disinterest, he appeared visibly uninvolved as the others debated over strategic plans. Gradually, he withdrew his phone from his pocket, succumbing to the allure of digital games.

Initially, his actions went unnoticed amid the intense focus of the group. The fervent exchange of ideas and proposals held their attention, overshadowing Chris's virtual pursuit. However, a shift in his demeanor became glaringly apparent as his casual gameplay devolved into muttered expletives. This abrupt change in tone jolted the room, causing heads to turn and gazes to narrow in his direction.

Caught off guard by Chris's sudden outburst, his companions momentarily ceased their deliberations, their expressions transforming into a blend of astonishment and irritation. All eyes converged on him, a unified stance of displeasure emanating from his colleagues. Amidst this stern tableau, a solitary figure remained immune to the unfolding spectacle-Adam, who, being a longtime acquaintance of Chris, found amusement in the situation, recognizing the idiosyncrasies of his friend's behavior.

"Chris, if you can't manage to pay attention here, at least have the courtesy to refrain from disrupting our work," Eva admonished, her voice tinged with a thinly veiled threat, her frustration palpable.

At the sound of his name, Chris looked up from his screen, his nonchalant expression unaffected. "What's the fuss? It's not as if they're formidable. I can make things plenty uncomfortable for them, paving the way for an efficient resolution. I'm fully capable of handling this solo."

"We're well aware of your capabilities, Chris. Yet, consider this: what if their ranks include a 4-star magician, much like yourself? You'd effectively become a target, a prime specimen for their spaceship practice." Lacey, a striking presence at the table, chimed in, her voice carrying a mix of caution and rationality. She was a woman of distinct elegance, her presence commanding attention. Her auburn hair cascaded gracefully over her shoulders, framing a countenance that exuded both intellect and strength. Her gaze held an unwavering determination, reflective of her role as a vital cog in this intricate machine. Her words bore the weight of strategic foresight, emphasizing the potential risks that Chris seemed to dismiss with his casual attitude.

"Not that I've sensed anyone exceeding 3-star within their fleet," Chris retorted, his confidence evident.

Commander's authoritative voice interjected, infusing the room with a sense of purpose. "True, Chris, but they boast Advanced-3 models, which surpass our Advanced-2 ships in terms of both speed and potency. This is a crucial detail you must not underestimate. Now, onto the finalized plan. Chris, you'll lead a team comprising 30 3-star and 200 2-star magicians. Your objective is to sow chaos, carefully maintaining a magic output resembling that of a 3-star magician. Are you following so far?"

"Yeah, I get it," Chris responded, his tone reflecting comprehension. "I'll be steering a bunch of babies, giving off the impression that I'm no different from any other 3-star magician. Once they unleash their heavy artillery to wipe us out, that's when I unveil my true power and obliterate their defenses. Afterward, I'll move swiftly, inflicting more damage before they mount any substantial retaliation and make a hasty retreat. After that, you will take over." He summarized the plan, infusing it with his analytical insight.

The Commander appeared momentarily lost for words, caught off guard by Chris's astute summation that aligned so closely with his thoughts. Adam, standing beside the Commander's holographic projection, couldn't help but chuckle at the Commander's brief speechlessness. The Commander swiftly regained his composure, addressing Chris with renewed determination. "Indeed, that's the plan. So, when can we expect the operation to commence?"

In response, Chris rose from his seat, tucking his phone back into his pocket. "Right now. When their guard is at its lowest."

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