Chapter 1274 - A passerby in life (end of the book)

Xu Cheng walked into elder ye’s bedroom, and when he saw Xu Cheng, he said, ” “Push me outside for a walk. I don’t want to die in this house.”

Xu Cheng nodded, picked him up, put him on the wheelchair, and pushed him out of the yard. There was a rockery pond in the backyard.

The old and the young just walked like that.

“I can support you for a few more years,”Xu Cheng said.

“No, I won’t.” Elder ye waved his hand. ” I’ve lived enough. I was afraid of death before because our ye family’s Foundation wasn’t strong enough. I couldn’t see little Xiu’s stability with my own eyes, so I was worried. Now, with you here, I can go to the meeting with my brothers in peace. ”

Then, the old man looked at Xu Cheng and couldn’t help but say, ” “You’re a good man. I’ve never been right about you. Sometimes, when I see you jumping around in front of me, I feel like it’s unreal. I wonder how can there be such a fantasizing person in this world? I’ve never seen anyone succeed in what you’ve done. From ancient times to the present, those legendary figures who could change the world never changed when they were young. Instead, they changed the world with the passage of time. But you’re different. You’re a person who can truly change and push the world forward. The key is that you’re still alive.”

Xu Cheng also chuckled. ” Yeah, sometimes when I think about the path I’ve walked, I’m scared by myself. Thinking about it carefully, every step I took, if I was a little bit careless, I would already be dead. ”

” This is the most successful part. Many people have crazy ideas, but they don’t have the will to do so. You, on the other hand, not only put them into practice, but you also turned the world upside down and still survived. There was a period of time when I really didn’t want to see you because I was afraid that you were too outstanding and we couldn’t control you. But all these years, I really wanted to see you because I was afraid that this was a dream and you didn’t even exist in the dream. ” Old master ye said and smiled, ” “This might be the reason why you retired, right? Because someone like you shouldn’t be in our world.”

Xu Cheng nodded. ” ” You’re right. That’s why I gave up everything and went to a place where no one could find me. I knew that my existence would make the people of this world rely on me. I was also afraid that I would step into a situation where every great person’s integrity would be lost at an old age. I’m also a human. I have seven emotions and six desires, and I also have greed for power. During that period of time, I realized that I was becoming more and more evil. I was afraid that if I didn’t retire, with my strength, if I didn’t lead the world in a positive direction, it would be a disaster for this world! ”

Elder ye nodded.”So, that girl Lin chuxue knows you the best. She took you away, right?” This girl doesn’t have to do anything in her life, but as long as she can watch over you, that’s great enough. ”

“The only one who can keep an eye on me now is my precious daughter.” Xu Cheng laughed.

When elder ye mentioned his children, he asked curiously,””Why don’t you let your son and daughter walk the path of power?”

“Why bother?” Xu Cheng: “how many lives have died in my hands? those big shots who can cover the sky with one hand are all ambitious people born from power and desire. I just want them to live happily for the rest of their lives without any worries.”

Gramp ye: “that’s right, who asked you to be so powerful. Even if your descendants are mediocre, it can’t dim your glory and greatness. No matter how capable they are, they can’t be as successful as you. Instead of giving them so much pressure, it’s better to let them live a relaxed and happy life. You’re right.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled.”My daughter doesn’t care who I am. She only knows that I’m her father.”

Old master ye: “this is the greatest blessing. Look at my son, then look at my grandson. Which one of them doesn’t get scared when they see me?” Did this look like a family? Sometimes, I don’t want this kind of family life, it’s very boring. But why do we old guys like you so much? the reason is that in the second half of our lives, we won’t be able to come into contact with anyone who can open our hearts to us. You won’t understand the feeling of loneliness and solitude. ”

Xu Cheng took a deep breath and asked,””How is it? Did the old man like this world? Every newborn was endowed with powerful genetic abilities from the moment they were born, and every family was filled with the desire to explore and yearn for this world. In order to become stronger, humans no longer had to be lazy. Although there was chaos at various stages of society, this was the real active world. Did you see the news? New humans with diving abilities have begun to explore the New World in the ocean. The new humans are no longer limited to the mainland. The ocean will be a new home for humans. In the future, we can easily solve the land shortage caused by the expansion of the population. ”

“Many scientists are no longer afraid of not having enough energy and time in their lives to learn more knowledge,” he said heroically.”Now, the genetic lifespan of an average of 150 years old can allow more people to do more glorious things in their lives. In the future, once there are more new human beings who have integrated with gene bodies, their survival ability will be greatly improved, and they will be able to explore the mysteries of the universe with half the effort!”

Every time Xu Cheng said something, a yearning and happy smile would appear on elder ye’s face.

“In the future, mediocre and self-deprecating people will be eliminated. In the future, the development of new human beings will be pushed forward at full speed. Humans are the true rulers at the top of the food chain.”

“Alright!” Old master ye used his last breath for no reason and said loudly,””This b*stard’s acting so loud and clear that no one will come after him!”

But in the end, Xu Cheng’s smile gradually disappeared as he said dejectedly,””Lordmaster, I actually lost. No matter how I win the World, I’ve lost. I’ve helped the world, but I can’t help my family. I can’t save my parents!”

“Child, nothing is eternal. Even if there is, do you like it?” Gramp ye sighed.”Just like now, I’m about to die, but I’m not afraid at all, because the most complete thing in life is from birth to death. If a person doesn’t die, what’s the meaning of life? That’s not even complete, you know? Because they knew that they would die, many things were worth it! It was just a game. If they didn’t die, who would care about every step they took? What would I care about?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes started to turn red.

“Because I know I’ll die,” elder ye said,”that’s why I reminisce about the things I’ve done in my life. No matter if it’s right or wrong, I feel that it’s meaningful. What’s wrong with having regrets sometimes?” As long as a person has desires and greed, they will always have regrets that they are not satisfied with. But this is the true meaning of life. ”

Speaking of this, elder ye held Xu Cheng’s hand with both hands and gently patted the back of his hand as he said in a weak voice,””In this life, my greatest regret is not being able to watch you die! My poor child, there is nothing perfect in this world. There are gains and losses!”

Xu Cheng closed his eyes, and a teardrop fell.

The old man’s breath was already starting to get weak. He tightly grabbed Xu Cheng’s hand and said in a voice so weak that it was hard to hear,””You let go of everything because you don’t need them anymore. You’re willing to be with chuxue at all costs because you know that if you don’t cherish your time with her, you won’t have a chance in the future. You love your child and only want them to be happy because compared to life, power and other things are within your reach. I’ve seen the undying Duke. Child, you’re also undying, right?”

After elder ye finished speaking, his breathing stopped. He had a bitter smile on his face, showing his heartache for Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng held the wheelchair with both hands and stood there in the garden in the wind.

On the other side of the Lotus pond, Lin chuxue had already arrived and was standing there. She had a happy smile on her face as she said,””Don’t be afraid. Do you believe there’s a next life?”

Xu Cheng’s tears fell like rain. This was the biggest reason why he gave up everything to accompany Lin chuxue and her family!

He did not want to live like the Duke, but fate had determined that everyone would only be a passerby in his life …

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