Shen Tiantian was startled. After recovering, she quickly supported her belly and hurried over. She hadn’t reached the door yet when she heard heart-wrenching sounds of vomiting.

Manager Tian is pregnant?!!

Shen Tiantian blinked in disbelief, standing still at the doorway. Soon, another bout of vomiting echoed from inside. She had experienced morning sickness herself, but seeing Manager Tian like this, it seemed far more severe than her own early pregnancy.

Gently pushing the door open, she saw Manager Tian clutching her chest, her face pale, with one hand braced against the sink. Noticing someone entering, Tian Jing quickly turned around, not wanting her subordinate to see her in such a state. But standing upright only intensified the urge to vomit, and she had to cover her mouth again.

She had been doubtful a few days ago, but now she was sure. She was pregnant, and it was Shan Yue’s child. Tiantian was conceived after a few years of their relationship, but now she couldn’t understand how she got pregnant on the first try. She was troubled, unsure of what to do with this child. Raising Tiantian alone was already challenging. If she decided to have this baby, she’d need at least six months of maternity leave…

“Manager Tian!” Shen Tiantian couldn’t hold back anymore and called out.

Tian Jing stiffened at Shen Tiantian’s voice. Slowly turning around and seeing only her, the panic in her eyes subsided a bit. She took a deep breath and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Shen Tiantian replied, “I came to work with the CEO and decided to visit you all.”

Tian Jing nodded, licking her lips. She asked, “Did you see what happened just now?”

Shen Tiantian chuckled, “Would you believe me if I said I didn’t?”

Tian Jing lowered her eyes. She wouldn’t believe it.

Shen Tiantian asked, “Manager Tian, are you pregnant?”

At this point, Tian Jing didn’t think she could hide it any longer. She nodded, “I’ve been feeling unwell these past few days. I had some oatmeal earlier and ended up throwing up.”

“Was today the first time you threw up?”

Tian Jing hesitated and shook her head. She had been vomiting to varying degrees these past few days and felt an increasing desire to rely on Shan Yue. Her strong self-control had kept her from acting on this inexplicable craving. When she was first pregnant with Tiantian, she also longed for Shan Yue intensely, but after Shan Yue disappeared, she had to wean herself off that dependence. Now that Shan Yue appeared before her every day, the craving grew stronger.

“Does Auntie know?”

“No, she doesn’t,” Tian Jing whispered. “And please don’t tell her.”

Shen Tiantian looked at her, puzzled and a bit heartbroken. “Why? You clearly look very uncomfortable.”

Tian Jing replied, “I’m fine. I’ll tell her when the time comes.”


“Promise me, okay, Tiantian?”

Shen Tiantian gazed at her deeply and reluctantly nodded. “Alright, but have you gone to the hospital for a check-up? Is the baby healthy?”

“I haven’t had the chance to go yet.” Tian Jing’s face remained pale, looking as if she might faint at any moment.

Shen Tiantian glanced down at her shoes, frowning. “You shouldn’t wear high heels while pregnant; it can hurt the baby.”

“I know. I’ll switch to flats tomorrow.”

“How about I accompany you to the hospital for a check-up later?” Shen Tiantian offered with concern.

Tian Jing refused, “No need. I’m busy today.”

“But you can’t neglect your health just because you’re busy,” Shen Tiantian said, both frustrated and helpless. She knew Tian Jing was probably used to being strong and didn’t want to show any vulnerability. She scratched her head and said, “No, you must go to the hospital with me. Otherwise, I’ll have to get Auntie to come over and check on you.”

When Shen Tiantian mentioned Shan Yue, Tian Jing relented, “Alright.”

Shen Tiantian glanced at Tian Jing’s feet again, still worried. “I should go downstairs and buy you a pair of shoes. It looks really uncomfortable.”

“Better not. Your belly isn’t much better off than mine. If something happens to you, the CEO will definitely kill me.”

Shen Tiantian said, “Okay, then how about I help you back?”

“I’m fine, it’s just that the vomiting is severe. It’s not like I can’t walk,” Tian Jing reassured her. “You go find Xiaochun. I’ll give her a few minutes off.”

Shen Tiantian smiled, “Thank you, Manager Tian.”

Tian Jing returned a smile and said, “As long as the CEO’s wife doesn’t report me.”

The air fell silent for a moment before they both suddenly looked at each other and laughed, walking out of the bathroom together.

Everyone in the company knew about Shen Tiantian and Shan Yi’s marriage. When she entered the office where she had spent more than two years, she instantly became the center of attention. The stunned employees only regained their senses after Shen Tiantian and Tian Jing walked into Tian Jing’s office, sparking a flurry of discussions.

“Oh my god, I thought it was impressive she was with Manager Tian, but there’s something even more impressive…”

“Yeah, really can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Did you see how smug she looked just now? Isn’t she just a pheasant that flew onto a high branch?”

“Wow, the way you put it…”

Lu Xiaochun frowned, grinding her teeth in anger. She suddenly stood up and stormed over to the two gossiping women, shouting, “What the hell are you talking about?! The CEO and Tiantian fell in love freely!!”

The two women didn’t expect Lu Xiaochun to shout so loudly and were momentarily stunned, causing the entire office to fall silent.

“Even though they’re married, it doesn’t stop your filthy mouths. How miserable must your lives be to enjoy bad mouthing others? No matter what, Tiantian has risen to a high branch, and not just any branch but a phoenix’s. Even if you fly up, you’re just slightly higher-class hens.”

After finishing her tirade, Lu Xiaochun took a deep breath, only then realizing what she had said.

The two women were dumbfounded, staring at her for a few seconds before retorting.

“Who are you calling hens?!”

“What we say is none of your damn business! Oh, I get it. You’re just her friend, right? You attended her wedding, no wonder you’re defending her…”

The rest of the office, treating it like a spectacle, put down their work to watch, with no one intending to intervene.

The commotion outside made Tian Jing and Shen Tiantian exchange a look. Tian Jing said, “You sit here for a moment, I’ll go see what’s happening.”

Shen Tiantian nodded, not expecting her presence to stir such controversy.

“What’s all this noise?!”

Tian Jing’s shout made Shen Tiantian tense up. Knowing Tian Jing was also pregnant, she felt even more uneasy. What if the excitement hurt the baby?

But she underestimated Tian Jing. Her rise to her position wasn’t just by luck.

As expected, Tian Jing’s shout instantly quieted the office.

“Is this office a place for you to gossip? If you have such broad horizons, why not try being a paparazzi? If you don’t want to work here, pack up and get out,” Tian Jing reprimanded sternly.

The office buzzed with movement as everyone slowly returned to their seats and resumed their work.

“Lu Xiaochun, get in here.” Tian Jing ordered before striding back into her office.

Once inside, she took off her shoes.

Lu Xiaochun walked in, looking aggrieved, with her head down like a chastised child.

Tian Jing said blandly, “Close the door.”

Lu Xiaochun obediently closed the door and stood there, looking timid.

Shen Tiantian found it amusing. “Xiaochun, come sit down.”

“Sit down,” Tian Jing said as well.

Lu Xiaochun looked even more aggrieved, tears streaming down her face. “They’re too much. They don’t know anything and just love to gossip.”

Shen Tiantian and Tian Jing exchanged a glance, feeling a mix of amusement and gratitude.

“Thank you, but Xiaochun, you can never wake someone who is willfully blind. There’s no need to explain anything to them,” Shen Tiantian comforted her. “I don’t work here anymore, so they can say whatever they want. But you’re different, you still have to interact with them. It’s not worth it.”

“It is worth it,” Lu Xiaochun paused her hand from wiping her tears, slowly turned to look at Shen Tiantian, and took a deep breath. “But Tiantian, it seems like you’ve matured a lot.”

Shen Tiantian raised an eyebrow and said, “Well, I’m going to be a mom after all.”

Lu Xiaochun was immediately amused, laughing and crying at the same time. “You’re teasing me again.”

Shen Tiantian laughed, “Seriously, when are you and your boyfriend getting married?”

“He’s preparing for it. We might get married in the middle of next year,” Lu Xiaochun gradually calmed down and started chatting with Shen Tiantian.

Tian Jing remained silent, gently rubbing her abdomen with her right hand. She wasn’t sure if it was due to wearing high heels for too long or because she had shouted too loudly earlier, but her stomach was starting to ache slightly. Fortunately, it was only a mild pain, and she could endure it.

Shen Tiantian originally planned to invite Lu Xiaochun for dinner after work, but considering she still had to accompany Tian Jing to the hospital, she decided against it.

After a while, Lu Xiaochun sneaked a glance at Tian Jing and quietly said to Shen Tiantian, “I need to get back to work. I haven’t finished my proposal yet.”

Shen Tiantian found it amusing and nodded, “I’ll treat you to dinner next time.”

“Sure, after you have the baby, I’ll treat you to milk tea.”

After Lu Xiaochun left, Shen Tiantian took out her phone and said without looking up, “I’ll let the CEO know.”

“You think she’s okay with you being alone?” Tian Jing’s question made Shen Tiantian pause, realizing that Tian Jing was worried Shan Yi might tell Shan Yue.

“Shan Yue is the CEO’s aunt. Can you guarantee she won’t tell her?” Tian Jing said. “I don’t want to make it public yet…”

Tian Jing hesitated, then looked up at Shen Tiantian, her face flushing slightly. “I have an older daughter. She doesn’t know I’m pregnant, and I’m afraid she won’t accept it.”

Shen Tiantian nodded in understanding. Shan Yue had mentioned this before, so she wasn’t surprised, just a bit taken aback that Tian Jing would bring it up herself.

“Shan Yue told you?”

Shen Tiantian nodded. “Actually, Aunt Shan likes you a lot. Why did you break up?”

Tian Jing’s face darkened, and she pressed her lips tightly together.

Shen Tiantian quickly said, “If you don’t want to talk about it, you can ignore my question.”

Tian Jing smiled slightly. “It’s nothing. There was a third person between us.”

Shen Tiantian’s eyes widened in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her aunt was a cheater. She cautiously asked, “Isn’t there some misunderstanding? Aunt Shan clearly liked you a lot…”

Even if it was a misunderstanding, the fact that she disappeared couldn’t be ignored. Thinking about how hard Shan Yue tried to explain, Shen Tiantian’s heart wavered again, and she fell silent.

Shen Tiantian couldn’t intervene in their relationship, especially since Tian Jing didn’t want to talk about it. She could only keep it to herself, waiting for the day Tian Jing decided to open up, then Shan Yue would naturally know.

The office door suddenly opened, startling both women inside.

“Why have you been down here so long?”

“CEO?” Tian Jing’s face turned pale, worried that she had overheard their conversation. “At least knock before coming in!”

Shan Yi rubbed her nose apologetically. “Sorry.”

Shen Tiantian was surprised and asked, “Why are you here? Is your work done?”

“Yeah, we’re going to buy flowers.”

Shen Tiantian glanced at Tian Jing and whispered, “But… I don’t want to buy flowers right now.”