Chapter 180


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It had been about thirty minutes since the attack of Lycopos. The intensifying sunset was setting the Holy Land ablaze with its vibrant hues. The crater, dyed in crimson, was personally explaining why it was called the puddle where light gathers.

However, despite such a beautiful scenery, the situation was dire. The scarlet contributing to staining the volcanic crater was not just from the sunset. Stains of crimson, formed by blood sprinkled over the snow, remained scattered throughout the Holy Land. Bodies lay among the dense grove of Sword Spirits. Darman spoke.

I will spare the lives of those who convert, even now. Deactivate your shield and discard your weapons.

Shut up.

If you accept our persuasion, not only will we spare you, but we will also promise much better treatment than you are receiving now. Youll even have a chance to be saved on the impending Day of Salvation. Both you and the Sword Saint are worthy of receiving wings.

Youre better at wagging your tongue than your sword.

Navirose growled. Despite being battered and bruised, her gaze fixed on Darman without a hint of backing down.

A translucent shield shimmered between the two of them. The dome-shaped shield encompassed not only Navirose but also all the remaining survivors. It was the Aura of Allogin, one of the Elders. Three Elders and fourteen participants stood in a defensive formation along the inner edge of the dome.

Why not just kill them? That bitch did this to me.

*Ajie leaned next to Darman, grumbling irritably. Her left elbow was neatly severed. It was the handiwork of Navirose, taking advantage of a gap where the Protection of the Stars didnt cover. Darman turned his head sideways.

[*Ajie will be changed to Ajie]

Endure it. Alivrihe can create limbs anyways.

Thats true, but Im pissed.

Ajie threw a dagger. Clang! The blade struck the shield, bouncing off harmlessly. Darman glanced over Naviroses shoulder, opening his mouth.

Its futile resistance. You must know that old man doesnt have much time left.N♡vεlB¡n: Your Escape into Infinite Tales.

Instead of replying, Navirose furrowed her brows. It was frustrating, but it wasnt a false statement. On the rock towering at the center of the dome, Zaifa and Allogin leaned against each other.

Zaifa stirred as if she was having a nightmare. Blood oozed from Allogins crimson-stained abdomen, a wound inflicted by Darman.

Im fine, Navirose. Please hold on a little longer.

Refrain from speaking. Your wound will worsen.

Hehe An Aura I never used in my life would come in handy like this Kuek, this is how it will help

Allogin chuckled weakly. Each exhalation seemed to carry the precarious laughter of a soul about to depart.

His Aura was a powerful shield erected using his own or surrounding mana. For someone like Allogin, who had lived a rough life similar to Navirose and Zaifa, this ability was a source of shame and ridicule.

How many times had he been told to hide behind the shield and take cover like a weakling? However, now that ability was becoming a lifeline for himself and innocent bystanders, life truly had its unexpected turns.

Its good in its own way Kugh.


Navirose gritted her teeth. Although she and other participants were providing mana, Allogins time was running out. Once the shield collapsed, most of the participants would likely be slaughtered on the spot.

Furthermore, there was uncertainty about any hope to cling to. The Elders, including Allogin, had mentioned that those who sensed the disturbance at the Holy Land would come to help, but seeing the thick smoke rising from below the mountain, she was halfway resigned. Tragedy had likely already struck below as well. However, there was another issue that shook her heart the most.


Thinking of her disciples face, Navirose twisted her lips. Ronan had disappeared after the deafening roar seemed to engulf the world. It seemed like he had fallen below due to the collapse of part of the crater, but there was no chance to go and rescue him. Navirose turned sharply as Shullifen sent a message.

[I will go.]

[Dont talk nonsense, Shullifen.]

[I can do it. After ensuring Ronans safety, I will return.]

[Even if you had two lives, I wouldnt allow it.]

Navirose firmly expressed her refusal. It was beyond bravery, into recklessness. If only Darman and Ajie were here, she might have attempted something, but unfortunately, the situation was not favorable. A man observing them from beyond the shield spoke with an angry voice.

Young Master of Garcia, pay attention. Dont pull such stunts when were in the middle of battle.

He wore a mask devoid of facial features. Sharp and deep slashes crossed the mans left clavicle to his right flank. It was a wound inflicted by Shullifens Storm Blade.

He was one of the fifteen assailants who had taken advantage of the fierce battle. Six men and women wearing identical masks were wandering around the shield. Likely members Nebula Claizer.

While not as skilled as Darman or Ajie, they knew how to fight systematically, and quite a number of participants had lost their lives to their swords. Darman spoke.

How many people died at the hands of the Young Master?


Thats quite a toll. We must take these three with us, along with the Sword Saint.

Big sister?

Yeah. If Darman is your older brother, then Im your older sister.

Ajie giggled. Despite her playful demeanor, it was only superficial. Through the slit between her crescent-shaped eyes, she scrutinized Ronans vulnerable points meticulously.

Honestly, he doesnt seem like anything special. When it comes to speed, Darman is definitely superior.

Indeed, the mana emanating from his body was even less than average. As she prepared to leap forward, a sudden flash of light erupted from Ronans sword.


A crimson flash engulfed her. The light was so intense that Ajie instinctively closed her eyes for a moment. When she reopened them, she froze in place. Despite being fifty steps away just moments ago, Ronan was now standing right in front of her.


Ajies eyes widened. There was only about half a step of distance left between Ronan and herself. Despite boasting exceptional eyesight, Ajie had failed to detect Ronan leaping or rushing towards her. She couldnt comprehend what had happened. As if staring at an insect, Ronan uttered a single sentence.

Ive never had a sister like you.


Of course, this wasnt the most important thing at the moment. Ajie, hastily assuming her fighting stance, gripped her dagger. However, Ronans sword was already flying towards her.


Although Ajie, with her keen eyesight, could vaguely see the path of Ronans sword, it didnt mean much as her body couldnt keep up with his speed. Despite her best efforts, it was futile. The sword smoothly glided through her right arm and right thigh simultaneously. Then, it rose like a swallowtail butterfly, slicing through her left thigh as well.

She didnt even have time to activate the Protection of the Stars. She felt the sensation of skin, muscle, and bone being severed. Ajies face contorted in agony. A crimson line appeared where Ronans sword had passed. In the midst of her attempt to cry out


Swoosh! The severed limbs flew into the air. The body, with only the torso and head remaining, collapsed to the ground. The delayed pain tore through Ajies body. Her agonized screams echoed through the Holy Land.

Kyaaaaahh! Araaaggh!

It was a chilling scream that made everyone in the Holy Land recoil. Ronan, without a word, kicked her face aside forcefully. Thud! A sound that should not come from a human face rang out, simultaneously, six white teeth sprang out. Ajie, who had slumped to the ground, went limp.


Ronan kicked her away as if she were trash and continued walking. Darman, with a mixture of admiration and astonishment in his voice, muttered.

This is amazing. What on earth happened at the bottom of the mountain?

Ronan didnt respond. His silent and resolute demeanor exuded a sense of madness. Darman, raising an eyebrow in a witty provocation, attempted to say something, but in an instant, Ronans figure blurred and vanished from sight.


Reacting reflexively, Darman swung his sword, but at the same time, a fierce metallic sound resounded right in front of him. Clang! Despite exerting all his strength, he was pushed backward.


You managed to block it?

Ronan remarked dryly. His strength and speed were incomparable to before. He continued to wield his sword, and contrary to earlier, Darman found himself being pushed back relentlessly. Clang! Clang! Sparks flew as the harsh metallic sounds reverberated. Darmans lips twisted.

This is getting dangerous.

Cold sweat dripped down his temples. Whatever Ronan had done, he had completely transformed. Darman felt an overwhelming feeling, similar to the one he felt when he received his sword from the Leader during the initiation ceremony of Lycopos.

I need to assess the situation first.

Muttering to himself, Darman activated his power. Once again, a pair of wings unfolded behind him. Shwaaaah! A powerful gust of wind erupted, enveloping Ronan, and at the same time, Darmans body flew backwards. He spat out in an exasperated voice.

Ha, can you withstand even this?

However, Ronan didnt get pushed back. He stood firm with his sword plunged into the ground, resisting the gale. But it didnt matter. The objective was to create distance, and that had been achieved. At that moment, Lamanchas blade emitted a brilliant light once again.


It was a crimson flash reminiscent of a sunset. A cluster of light stretched out like a hand and wrapped around Darman. For a moment, Darman felt a powerful force pulling him from behind. A voice echoed in his ears.

Where do you think youre going? Older brother bastard.


Darmans eyes widened as he realized Ronan was standing right in front of him. Without giving him a chance to react, Lamancha flew in and pierced through his chest.

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