Chapter 2: Eldmia Egga

Chapter 2: Eldmia Egga

“Fuck fuck what do we do? What do we do?”

Three of them remained. The ones behind me seemed already dead, and although the one that just now had his neck cut was flamboyantly spasming, seeing as the alive ones didn’t seem to have any thought about helping him, he’d probably die soon.

I pretended to rub my eyes with my bloodied hands and took a look at them.

Even though the things turned into “this”, they were neither running nor trying to rush and kill me. It was a clear proof that the thing called a devil sword had that much of a substantial value and that their skills were lacking.

I had no plan of letting them live. Fucking shit, you dared come to loot here, where there already was nothing left? Already in my eyes those things weren’t humans but sons of bitches less than animals.

“Fucking shut up alr...!”

As I loudly cried from the side and one guy was about to lose it from the chaos and shout, a guy at his side quickly stopped him.

“You fucking maniac! Don’t agitate him! Hey, hey! Kid. C, could you please put down that sword?”

The sight of the filthy-looking bastard forcibly smiling even while he gushed cold sweat was simply revolting. Yeah. Was about time they would think up the thought that it’d be fine if I put it down since shit happened from me holding it.

“Hick... hick... i, it’s not coming off.”

Now, for just this moment I was a pantomime in whole. Showing off a round of method acting to make it seem as if the sword wasn’t coming off even when I used all my strength, I then loudly wailed again.

“Huwuuung moooom.”

Mom! Dad! Please take a look from there at your son curb stomping those sons of bitches into the contorted hell! Your son would show you he could live on strongly in this harsh world!

There was still enough magic power. My body too was manageable due to having shoved in the magic power while expecting my joints to lacerate. I kept sobbing and tearing and walked towards the grave where I had rested my parents.

The sword I held was the sword my mom held. And dad too was holding an identical looking sword. If the bastards were eyeing the devil sword, then their eyes would flip the instant they saw it.

“Hey! Where you going!”


You should follow if you’re curious. As I thought, they, even while hesitating, in the end dragged along the slave and hesitantly walked up to see what I was doing.

“Fucking hell this is nu... eh?!”

With a Papack! sound, I heard one of them sprint out. When I quickly turned my head, his eyes were already turned to the longsword in dad’s hands, so I directly thrusted the sword towards his heart.

– Puuhk!


I nearly lost the sword from my hand at the resistance that differed from that of slashing, but I gritted my teeth and held on. I could feel all of my blisters popping, but it was better than dying. When I forcibly held back the body leaning towards me, with a plop sound it bent its knees and the bandit’s breath stopped.

In that second I pulled out and hid in my chest the dagger in his belt and then loudly wailed.



The other two panicked and flailed again without grasping the situation... but the leashed woman was calm as if she was on a different planet.

Looked like she noticed.

“Hueh, huuh, eh?”

Pretending to panic. Pretending to be confused, I let both my hands off the sword. At that sight, both their eyes opened wide.

“Heuuuh daaad!”

There were two swords either way. And in my chest there also was a dagger. I directly went to my dad’s corpse and gripped the sword while pretending to kneel down.

“Oi fuck pick that up quickly!”

When I actually distanced myself from the sword, both of them simultaneously ran up and crouched at the corpse of the guy called Mark.

Were they idiots? A tiny kid was murdering everyone that came close while holding it, but could they not think that the other one could die the instant one of them grabbed it? I wondered if they were perhaps instantly going into a fight for it, but even that wasn’t it.

They were just a friendly idiot duo. I immediately ran up with the sword and thrusted it into one’s neck.


“Eh? Eh?!”

There wasn’t even a need to pull it out again. I directly pulled out the dagger in my chest and thrusted up with all my strength from the bottom of the panicking guy’s chin at my side.


Having thrusted with all my magic power clawed together just in case considering it wasn’t a longsword, even the handle went through. Only after falling together with the guy that fell backwards to the ground, a deep sense of relief rushed in.

I did say I’d make a deal she couldn’t refuse, but I was afraid she would refuse. In the end, I kneeled down and even bowed my head begging and begging again.

“...can’t you just take me around as a slave for that, sir?”

“Eh? No, what are you talking about? What do you take me for?”

This sis talked some dangerous words. For an instant my mood soured so rancid even my face crinkled up.

“Do I look like a son of a puppy-fucker? A slave, really? I didn’t see you that way, but your thoughts are really violent. Do even elves perhaps have slavery?”

“No of course not!”

“Then why do you even say such a thing!”

She shamelessly got angry instead, so I shouted her down. The hell were you doing mentioning and yapping about a slave when you didn’t even have slavery!

“...are you really a human? You’re an 8-year old?”

She looked at me like I really couldn’t be even more disconcerting, but I disinterestedly replied.

“You should’ve already seen a lot of weirdos in your life, so just accept it as is. It’s the unchanging truth, after all.”

What more would I have to hide by acting young when I already killed up to six people? Though, there also was no reason to blabber “I actually reincarnated and whatnot” and have my sanity doubted.

Eyes weirdly full of suspicion but with the wariness gone stared at me for a long while.

“Alright. I’ll accept it.”


“Really. I swear on the name of mage Asileye Endelinia of Green Ivy. I will aid you for the next 8 years and help you survive by yourself.”

I lived! I nearly teared up from the elation, but I quickly stood up and untied the shackles on Asileye one by one.

It wasn’t very difficult since the bandit chief had the key. But Asileye, who for some reason formed a weird expression during the entire time I removed the shackles, opened her mouth.

“You just untied me like this?”


“No, eh, pact and whatnot...”


The hell was she saying...? Wait...?

“What are you going to do if I just take the goods and run? Normally you have to put your hand on the shackles and renew the contract when you unbind someone with a slave’s shackles on a condition.”


Instantly my thoughts bleached white and my eyes nearly rolled back.

“P, please! Help me sis! Please!”

I clung to her shins and flailed even as my tears almost filled up my eyes. I was fucked! Fucked! I thought I just need to free her!

“No, wait a sec! I’m not running! I have honor too, you know!”

Thankfully Asileye was an elf with honor and common sense. Calming me down from nearly falling into panic, Asileye brushed my head and spoke.

“Don’t worry. Whatever happens, you saved my life. Elves never repay kindness with betrayal.”

“Like how mages don’t lie?”

“Actually there are indecent ones among mages who lie.”


It... wasn’t a truth...!

“Puhp. No, of course it’s common not to lie. But it’s just not universal. So you shouldn’t blindly trust a mage to not lie too much.”

To think such diabolical bastards would be given the giant power called magic. This really was an unfair world.

But separate from that, Asileye held my shoulders with both her hands and looked straight at me as she spoke. Her two eyes shining with emerald light were brimming with clear life unlike at the first.

“But there are no elves who repay kindness with betrayal. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Huuh... thank you very much.”

I really thought I was gonna get fucked straight away, but it looked like I at least dodged a hardcore survival in a foreign world.