She realized that she must have been showing the curve of her body when she moved with her back facing Yang Mu as she arranged the bedding.

This kid, humph!

After drinking the water, Scarlett sat on the mattress on the other side and covered her legs with the blanket. Just like Yang Mu, she was also leaning against the pillow and half lying down.

They were separated by a kang table, causing Yang Mu to lose the angle to look at the scenery.

Yang Mu frowned. He felt slightly regretful.

As a man, Yang Mu had a strong desire to be able to move around without any preparation.

Just now, he had even thought of directly pouncing on her, pressing her down on the mattress and taking off her woolen pants. That must have been the most wonderful scene.

It was a pity that he didn't have enough strength left in him. His body was sweating and he probably didn't have the strength to do such a thing.

"I'm telling you something, but you're so disrespectful …"

"Ah?" "Why aren't you being serious?"

"What have you been looking at?"

"Sijia …"

Yang Mu's voice sounded rather formal.

Scarlett did not react as she thought he was going to start another topic.


"If I were to say that I was looking at your woolen pants just now, would you believe me?"

Sijia was stunned. She did not know whether to laugh or cry after that!

He must have been looking at the pants, but the problem was that she was wearing the pants that revealed her size!

He really didn't know how to reply. Even if he said that he didn't believe it, he didn't think that it was possible.

Staring angrily at Yang Mu for a moment, she eventually fell silent.

He tilted his head and burst out laughing.

F * ck!

Wen Sijia?

Are you sick?

Scarlett could not understand her own state of mind.

He tried his best to control his emotions and put on a serious face again. He decided not to talk about these things and continued to tell stories.

"I'll tell you one more super surprise."

"Mm, you speak, I'll listen."

"What happened to her? Does this even have anything to do with her? "

"Didn't you arrange for her to receive the big bearded man from Wild Waves Academy yesterday?"

"What's wrong?"

"Big Beard brought his team to gather supplies early in the morning. Fang He has been promoting in the camp for the entire day."

"Propaganda what?"

"She said that she slept with Big Beard last night. The two of them are going to get married, have the ceremony officially start, and have you be the witness. Afterwards, she sent everyone from the Beast Squadron to attend the wedding."

"F * ck!"

This time, it was Yang Mu's turn to be confused. He had only asked Fang He to receive him, how could he sleep with him?

Yang Mu didn't believe that Fang He was being passive. He knew the story of Fang He.

A woman who didn't know the difference between love and love had chosen a man purely because she wanted to get married. What did a big bearded man mean to her? And so, this was the conclusion …

"Don't be surprised, I woke up after noon to hear about this matter. I went to chat with Big Beard, and he's a pretty good man, rather honest, and his beard is quite handsome with a cut. He also has a warm uncle's image, furthermore, he's so powerful, the attack power of the red tornado has long been spread around, and it's worthy of the He …" More importantly, with Fang He's character, he needs a warm uncle to take care of him. "

"Alright then …" What else could he do? "Later on, you can tell Fang He to wait until spring for them to get married. We can get along for now, but we don't have the energy for ceremonies right now. Every day is precious."

"Yeah, that's what I said as well. This is not the point, let's continue with Lu Wan's matter."

Wen Sijia lay down and faced Yang Mu as she continued:

"Big Beard and Brother Weng came back with a lot of supplies, but Lu Wan didn't come back, so they went to investigate." At that time, the people over there also discovered that Lu Wan had disappeared and was searching everywhere. It was very late when they finally found her in a room, where there were eight or nine corpses, all civilians that we went to look for food on our way there. Lu Wan was wearing only her underwear hanging on the ceiling lamp in the living room, her ten fingers were cut off, her entire body was bruised and bruised, her eyes were bloodshot. She told the whole story to Big Beard, and when I sent someone to get the information, Big Beard told me about it. From what Lu Wan had said, the child who called himself Meng Changsheng had intentionally let her go. When he left, he would lie beside Lu Wan and say, "You are my pet, I will always follow you!" I am like a shadow, sneaking into a crowd of people. You think that I am not here anymore, but in fact, I am right by your side! "

"Ah?" "It seems like this kid thinks that this is a fun game?"

"Un, a twelve to thirteen year old child, his thoughts are already extreme. He must have obtained the ore at the beginning, then killed someone, and he must have been infatuated with the feeling of murder. This may have something to do with some game that kills humans and distorts the values of children. "

"Tsk, are you saying that to let the online games take over?"

Yang Mu didn't quite agree with Wen Sijia's point of view. He frowned and pondered for a moment before giving his opinion away.

"He seems to be listening to him. Mom's words … Or him. Mother is strict, he said two months ago his mother did not let him kill people, there is a time period problem here. "

"Two months ago was a time point. He didn't stay with his mother at the first part, so he killed a lot of people. He met his mother at the time point, and from then on, he stopped killing people."

Yang Mu nodded with a gratified expression. He felt that Wen Sijia was Wen Sijia and had the same thoughts as him. Thus, Yang Mu continued,

"So the question at this time is, where did my mother go? If he has a way to easily kill someone else, then he should have a way to protect his mother. I think if we can find this mother, then we can solve this brat's problem. "

"I've already made arrangements for the entire Beast Team to cooperate with Xu Yan in their search. They've placed special emphasis on monitoring the area where Lu Wan lives. Since this kid is so extreme, he might really go and find her." "

"He must be a ore fighter. Otherwise, it's impossible for him to know that under the unconscious state of his master, the yellow and blue stones can be led away from the host through soul power. I don't even know that."

Yeah, even you don't know. I've asked a lot of people, but none of them do, so I guessed that he might have received some systematic training, and judging by his style of conduct, he shouldn't be someone from the Blizzard Academy. I heard that BlackBerry Academy isn't too far away from here.

"That's hard to say. He might have soul pet in his body. Anyway, be more careful. Lock up our defenses and ensure the safety of the whole beast team."

Yang Mu wasn't too worried. He was already used to all kinds of dangers along the way. If he couldn't face them calmly, he would be worried to death.

Danger was everywhere, as it was in the past and as it would be in the future. The best way to solve the problem was to make himself and the beast stronger.

Wen Sijia got up to drink some water. Seeing Yang Mu's eyes light up immediately, she quickly ran back to her bed after drinking the water.

Yang Mu felt dismal.

After a smile, Wen Sijia softly said:

"There is another important clue. The little boy said that he didn't kill anyone, but those people in the room still died. From the looks of it, they must have died fighting each other." There is another important clue, the little boy said that he didn't kill anyone, but those people in the room still died.

"Yeah, but he didn't kill Lu Wan on purpose and even said that he would always follow her. There's a possibility that will happen."

"This little boy is from the camp! That's why Lu Wan coincidentally met him and followed him into the house. After drinking the Enchanting Potion that he prepared earlier, he stole the ore and she was eventually let off because he was sure that Lu Wan would return here in the end! "

Yang Mu looked at Wen Sijia and laughed.

"My wife, we are too smart! If I were to sing along, I would definitely massacre everyone around me! "

Wen Sijia made a grimace towards Yang Mu. Then, with a frown, she pondered for a moment before softly speaking.

"But if that's really the case, then it's troublesome. He's paying attention to our every move. Who do you think will be the next person he'll attack?"

"This has never happened before. This person must have come from the refugees outside, and now the refugees have joined our team, so it's not easy to find them, but the parameters have been set!" This child is a twelve to thirteen-year-old boy, and he has a mother who is around thirty to forty years old. He might even be in the camp right now, and it's very likely that he's single parent without a father, so he's always mentioned the role of a mother in his conversations without a father. He told Xu Yan that if he followed this condition, he should be among the weak. "

"Yes, yes!" Your analysis is right! "

Wen Sijia was very excited and jumped off the brick bed. When she turned around, she saw Yang Mu sitting up and staring at her butt with wide eyes.

Wen Sijia hurriedly covered her butt and ran out like the wind, leaving behind two words that echoed in Yang Mu's ears.


Yang Mu smacked his lips, enjoying the taste.

No, he had to get a good night's sleep. He would try his best to recover his strength tonight. If Wen Sijia was still sleeping in this room, then it would be time for him to force himself on her!

Thinking this way, Yang Mu got ready to sleep and recharge his energy.

After a few minutes of not sleeping, he pulled open the curtain and a gust of cold air entered his body.

Yang Mu opened his eyes to see that Xiang Ru had returned!

"What's going on? I thought you wouldn't get sick! "

Xiuru got on the brick bed with concern and began to take it off. Soon, all that was left were the sweater and the string pants.

"Damn!" What are you doing? Don't tell me you want to kill me right here? "Darling, you don't have much strength!"

"You want to be crooked again? This shirt is cold, I can't bring you more cold!" Remember being trapped in the subway station? We all have a bad cold, and you're all alone! "

"How could I not understand? At that time, in order to cool you down, I used a wet towel to wipe your entire body."

The characters of Xiang Ru and Sijia were clearly different.

She took the initiative to hug Yang Mu, and lightly kissed him.

"Hey, you're so talkative again. Just now, when I came back and heard that you fainted, you scared me! "Yang Mu, don't scare me in the future. I don't even know how you will survive if I leave you!"

Facing Xiangru's confession, Yang Mu didn't know what to do.

After a moment's pause, he smiled and raised his head to kiss her lips.

Yang Mu was quite beautiful, and he felt that his life wasn't in vain.

However, her happiness only lasted for three seconds. At this moment, Wen Sijia returned and saw the scene of Xiangru and Yang Mu kissing on the brick bed …